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The spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, affirmations, "calls" and decrees, as well as a deep feeling of grateful devotion to our Mother-Father GOD - are all very closely interrelated activities.  Meditation tends to focus on a quiet awareness of inner peace and various inner levels of divine consciousness.  Whereas prayer tends to focus on asking our Mother-Father GOD, (the Infinite Buddha Nature, the Divine Mother, the Great Spirit, or whatever is our favorite term for "GOD"), for various kinds of divine assistance in our lives.  Likewise, affirmations, "calls" and decrees utilize our inherent divine creative abilities of thought, feeling, visualization and spoken word, to gradually bring into being in our lives the divine qualities we want to have (affirmations); the material and spiritual things we need to better succeed on the spiritual path and in life generally (calls); as well as giving us the ability to bring forth various blessings for others or for our planet (decrees).  And of course, there is no better way of opening our heart chakra, than a deep feeling of gratitude and love towards our Mother-Father GOD.  And as our heart opens, GOD can then fill us with the soothing peace, love and feeling of well-being that previously couldn't get into us very well, because our hearts had been temporarily closed by dwelling on the hurries and worries of life.


Can We Blend These Similar Divine Activities Together?


Yes, all of these sacred activities can easily blend into one another. For instance, once we have quieted the mind through meditation and moved into a feeling of greater inner peace, it is often a very good time to begin our prayers and affirmations.  Conversely, when we are praying and we feel very uplifted, we may want to take some time in the middle of our prayers to become more meditatively aware of the peace within our heart area and let it quietly expand to fill our entire consciousness.  This in turn helps us to move into even higher levels of devotion and gratitude to our Mother-Father GOD, which in turn further opens our Heart Chakra to the Divine Light, Love and Inspiration pouring into us.


So in a sense, meditation, devotion, prayer and affirmations-calls-decrees are various aspects of the same great activity of attuning to our Mother-Father GOD for divine assistance and a feeling of Divine Oneness.  For convenience sake, in this website we will have separate sections on meditation, prayer, grateful devotion, and "affirmations, calls & decrees", but please keep in mind that it is often a wonderful thing to blend them all together in our spiritual practice.


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