Positive Parenting Tips


By Cheryl


Parenting can be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences that one can have.  There's a unique bond of love between parents and children that is unlike any other relationship.   And in the process of parenting we grow spiritually in many ways.  We learn to be selfless, empathetic, compassionate, patient and responsible, as well as learning to put others first.


At the same time parenting can be difficult and uniquely challenging.  Here are a few suggestions to help with parenting.  This list is not exhaustive and there are plenty of good websites on parenting tips that we encourage you to check.  These are just some ideas and techniques that I have found to be particularly helpful.


  • Show That You Care:  Show and tell your children that you love them and that you care about them.


  • Be Patient:   Children do things and say things in their own way.  They are not little adults.  So we need to learn to appreciate and love their childlike ways and be patient with them.  And don't forget it will take time for them to develop self discipline and personal responsibility.


  • Listen:  Listen to what your child has to say and acknowledge that you understand where they are coming from. Remember everyone has their own point of view.


  • Compromise:  Sometimes we need to compromise and let them do things in their own way even if they make mistakes. That is how they learn.


  • Be Kind & Supportive:  Children's hearts are often very tender and easily hurt or confused.  So if anyone is feeling disappointed or discouraged, try to be supportive by showing empathy, compassion and understanding.


  • Be a Good Role Model:  By setting a good example in the way we live our lives we are providing our children with the positive skill sets they need to lead happy  and healthy lives.


  • Respect:  Always show respect.  If you do not respect your children, they will not respect you.


  • Think Before You Speak:   Before we react to a situation, it's good to take a deep breath.   This gives us a chance  to reflect on what really happened and at the same time it helps to diffuse any  negative emotions that could cause outbursts or trigger something worse.  Plus, it helps us to eliminate any anger or frustration that we may be feeling.


Re-Direction:   If the kids are doing something that you don't want them to do,  try to provide them with various alternative activities so they don't feel boxed in.


  • Changing Behavior:    When you're correcting a child, it is important to focus your disapproval on their bad behaviors or bad attitudes, rather then on the child themselves.  We never want to say, "You're bad."  We don’t want them to feel ashamed or feel we are verbally attacking them. We want to increase their self-esteem, not lower it.  Also, it can be helpful to provide alternative choices.


  • Forgiveness:  We all make mistakes, so we can't expect anyone else to be perfect.   So be quick to show forgiveness and acceptance.


  • Create Balance:  Everyone needs balance in life, especially between work and play.  We need to take time out to enjoy our children and enjoy our lives. Working is a necessity of life, but it is also important to play.  Everyone will benefit from it.


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