The Blessings of a Pleasant Disposition


A Delightful Message on Pleasantness


The following are some happy insights on the incredible blessings that come from simply smiling and developing a pleasant disposition.  They are given by a wise, kind-hearted anonymous woman we simply know as "Frances":


"Meditations on the

Good Life"


by Frances


"My first message is of such simplicity that many of you will no doubt laugh, but this is exactly what I want you to do, for my words concern the great value of a smile in all human relationships.  In short, I want to talk to you tonight about pleasantness of disposition.  My friends, you must never under-rate the inestimable power for good in a pleasant manner towards all creatures, circumstances, and life in general.  A charming smile, a pleasant word or two, will instantly dispel the anger or hard feelings of those ill-disposed towards you, for a genuine smile is a positive radiation of light in which the shadow of negativity can not exist.  We can not emphasize strongly enough the vital importance of a pleasant disposition, for it is the Golden Key to a happy, healthy life.  Did you know that if you cultivate a pleasant disposition, if you smile and laugh a lot, your physical body can not be assailed by many diseases, which are caused by purely mental depression and unnatural anxiety?


This is the Divine Law, my friend, and if you desire the two greatest blessings of life, health and happiness, they can be yours by means of the Christ-Rule, which is the simple act of being pleasant to both yourself and to all others.  It is even the secret of acquiring peace on . . . earth.  Does not [the] Bible speak of "Peace on earth and goodwill towards men of good will?"  This of course, is nothing new to you.  You have been told about it many times, in many ways, by many people.  Why is it that . . . people . . . can not learn so simple a lesson with such happy results?  . . . so many of you [are] going about your daily lives with grim expressions on your faces.  Some of you will immediately say that life on earth is grim, but dear ones, can't you realize that you are only adding to its grimness by this negative attitude?  If you want brighter conditions on earth, all of you have it in your power to bring about this happier state of affairs by development of a cheerful outlook.  A pleasant manner and a glowing smile; it is so simple as that.  Surely you know that a smile is the most contagious thing on earth; give one and it will be multiplied many times.


Some of you may ask, what exactly is pleasantness?  It is a precious jewel indeed, for pleasantness is a many faceted diamond, with many forms of expression.  In essence, it is the simple act of extending goodwill to yourself and to others, and particularly those who hate you. For you see, it is also a form of self protection, because the light you thus emanate can not be penetrated by the forces of darkness.  A pleasant personality entails an optimistic outlook on life, always looking for the good and beautiful which exists everywhere - as [the] Bible says; "Seek, and ye shall find."


Pleasantness should be reflected in your every thought, word and deed.  It will add an irresistible charm to your personality, bringing inner joy to yourself and happiness to others.  Since pleasantness is such an attractive quality, why is it that . . . people do not include it among the avowedly important elements of character building?  [I] watch, with great admiration, many of you teaching your children to be honest, truthful, and unselfish, but is not pleasantness the highest form of unselfishness?  Of course it is - for it is a positive outpouring of goodwill which brings joy to others and immediately puts them at ease, and furthermore, it brings the reciprocal reward of returned pleasantness.  In short, it makes everyone happy.


How then can . . . people, . . . weighed down by fears and anxieties, develop this gracious art of pleasantness?  Well, to break the acquired habits of many years, brought about by the incomplete understanding of the true meaning of life, is not, I realize, an easy task.  So may I, with love in my heart, suggest a few steps to develop a pleasant personality and urge those of you who are parents or teachers to pass on this invaluable knowledge to your little children:


1. Practice the art of smiling sincerely, (not pretending), at work, at play and particularly in your contacts with others.  Be generous with your smiles.  They cost you nothing but a slight movement of your facial muscles, and you will be amazed at what you receive in return.


2. When you talk to others, smile at them and make pleasant remarks.  Never miss an opportunity to pass on a genuine compliment.  This is valuable therapeutic psychology, for it not only gives pleasure, but encourages the recipient to live up to the compliment.


3. To be "easy to get on with" is the description of a notable characteristic.  To please, it is not necessary to have youth or beauty, or even manners. Charm is something in voice or expression, which makes you feel better disposed to your . . . [fellow human beings] . . .  We need not care whether pleasant people are highly educated, [because] they do something far greater; they practically demonstrate the great theorem of "the livableness of life".


4. How many well meaning folk need warning, to not let "their good be evil spoken of", and your principles discredited, because the religion you profess seems, in your practice of it, unlivable, unlovable.  You wish people to read something of faithful character in your example - take care that they do not take you for a hypocrite.


5. To induce an admiring love for what is good, by your conduct, is an aim you will never reach, if you are unpleasant, ungracious, [or] unkind.  Remember what Christ said, "Judge not; forgive men; give to him that asketh of the;, blessed are the peacemakers; do good to them that hate you."


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