An Angel Escorts a Pet to Heaven


by Cara


Two days before my beloved pet Pekingese named, Bandit, passed away unexpectedly, (while he was at the vet overnight for tests), an angel came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up and sat up and saw her coming towards me in a ball of light and as she got closer to me, I realized she was real, NO DREAM. She had dark hair and was smiling so big and had a white robe on. She came closer and looked to be a young child angel. She turned and bypassed my bed and disappeared as I tried to speak to her.


Two days later my Pekingese that was at the vet for tests died unexpectedly from a reaction to the dye of a myelogram.


I NEVER saw anything so real in my life and I realized she was going to get Bandit. He was only five years old and we found out he had a disease and we would have had to put him down. He saved us from that heartache. He died this past Valentine's Day 2006.


I now know for a fact that animals go to heaven. That question will never cross my mind again.


*    *    *


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