Blessed are the Peacemakers


Inner Peace - the Way of the Peacemaker


In order to bring this planet into the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness we all need to become peacemakers. Peacemakers in our homes, peacemakers in our communities, peacemakers at work, and peacemakers on a global scale. Being a peacemaker is one of the greatest things we can do. It's no wonder that Jesus said,


"Blessed are the peacemakers."


Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Sathya Sai Baba all taught the way of peace.  There is even an Ascended Lady Master known as the great, "Goddess of Peace", who pours forth an endless river of peace into the feeling world of humanity.   All we have to do is tune into our hearts and ask her to help us become peacemakers and she will help us from the "Inner" in extraordinary ways.


There Are Many Kinds of Peacemakers


As has been mentioned there are many kinds of peacemakers. Here are just a few:


Global Peacemakers: We may ask ourselves, "How in the world can I become a global peacemaker?"   it's actually very easy! In this modern world with the rise of the Internet it's actually quite simple to spread the message of peace through blogs, websites and social media. It also allows us to link up with our global brothers and sisters who are of like heart and mind. Little by little as we start working together we can gradually bring this planet into peace.


Family Peacemakers: Perhaps there's no more crucial place for us to begin as peacemakers than in our own families and friendships.  Oh,  how much happier families and friendships will be when we embrace the real meaning and purpose of loving kindness and divine peace. And begin to live it in everything they think feel say and do!


Community Peacemakers:  What in the world is a community peacemaker? It is someone who takes the time to help resolve the circumstances that lead to conflict in their own communities. It is not for everyone.  For some sensitive souls, they would be too damaged trying to interact with community members who were upset.  But they can pray and meditate and send out the vibrations of peace into their communities.   But for those who have a natural divine protection, as well as a knack for being a peacemaker, then being a peacemaker in one's own community brings its own reward of a happier more peaceful neighborhood or larger community.


A Prayerful or Meditative Peacemakers: This is the kind of peacemaker who spreads peace throughout their communities and the world by praying for peace or by sending out the soothing feelings and vibrations of peace from their heart to the whole world as they meditate and go through life.  It does an enormous amount of good!  Far more than most of the individuals doing it usually realize. These blessed ones might want to call to the great Goddess of Peace and ask her to pour her soothing feeling and energy of Divine Peace through them to the world.


Peace Pilgrim:  Click here to read about an extraordinary woman who walked over 25,000 miles while spreading her message of peaceful living: "Peace Pilgrim".


Working for Peace


"Fighting" for Peace?


It may seem strange to even bring up this aspect of peacemaking. But it's a very important one. Some people who deeply desire peace sometimes don't understand we have to be peaceful in order to achieve it. We have to become peace itself.  By the way, peace is a powerful activity. It's not laziness. It's not lying around doing nothing. It's an extremely important activity in and of it's self.


Sometimes people who are social activists think they can bring about important social change by "fighting" various kinds of injustice. Or even "fighting" for "peace".  But if we think about it, "fighting" for "peace" is a logical contradiction. We don't want to fight.  We want to sincerely work really, really hard for peace in peaceful ways.


But, some social activists may say, "But, if I get angry about injustice, and want to fight against it - it motivates me to do something constructive and to remove the injustice from our society.  Isn't that a good thing?" Being motivated to remove injustices from our society is a very, very good thing, but being motivated by anger is not the best way of being motivated - in fact it's spiritually self-destructive. We have only to look at the great souls Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King to see what can be achieved through nonviolence.   Gandhi taught that it is best to not harbor feelings of anger or revenge when were working to bring about social justice. Otherwise, we're  partially defeating the very thing were trying to achieve.  Click here for more insights on bringing about Peaceful Social Change.


In Summary


So, the secret to successfully working for peace is by becoming peaceful ourselves and spreading peace in all that we think, feel, say and do. And by praying for peace, sending out peace through meditation, and working hard within our families, friendships, communities and throughout the world for peace, including through blogs, websites, and social media.


Spreading Peace is Blissful.  Enjoy the Peace!


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