The Tao (Way) of

Peaceful Social Change


"The Tao of Peaceful Social Change" introduces a new way of bringing about beneficial social changes more quickly and effectively than the old way of "fighting for a cause".  Many people do not realize it but when we fight for or against anything, we are subtly sending out the vibrations of war and conflict.  This of course simply adds more destructive, violent, emotional vibrations into the atmosphere of our planet that subtly influence people to be even more antagonistic to each other.  For example, let's say that we're engaged in a cause in which we say that we're "fighting for peace".  As we start to awaken into the higher consciousness of the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness, we begin to see that this is a self-contradictory thing to say and feel, because we're saying that we want to achieve peace via the means of conflict.  Surely the irony of this paradoxical situation is apparent when we look at it with both our hearts & minds.


Anger - Our Worst Enemy


Some well-intentioned people say that they "need to get angry" in order to be motivated to actually do something to bring about various constructive social changes like improving human rights, social justice, and various kinds of social equality, protecting the environment, or working towards some other worthwhile constructive goal or cause.  But what they don't realize is how much harm they are doing by unconsciously spreading emotional violence which in turn can't help but to further polarize the situation.  Plus, it blinds them to the reality of the need to effectively bring together people from various segments of the population to work harmoniously together in unity, cooperation and peace to bring about constructive change.  And most importantly of all, anger creates powerful emotional thoughtforms that are the real but hidden underlying cause of all future wars.


This is not to say that people have not achieved impressive constructive goals by fighting for a various worthy causes or even being "motivated by anger".  But what they generally don't realize is how much unnecessary harm they have done along the way by staying stuck in this old war-like fighting consciousness.  Thus, we need a new way to achieve various important beneficial goals which will be a blessing for humanity and Mother Earth without all the negative consequences associated with the "fighting for a cause" mentality. This is what the Tao of Peaceful Social Change is all about.


There have been a number of outstanding leaders and individuals in the recent past who have been inspiring examples of this kind of energetic and yet peaceful means of bringing about global social change.  Martin Luther King & Coretta Scott King and Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi are two inspiring couples who come to mind.  Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, and Peace Pilgrim are three other great souls who also come to mind.


Working for Beneficial Changes


Fighting Against Bad Things


The Golden Age way of working for beneficial social change uses compassion, caring, love and hope to motivate us into action, instead of the old way of allowing anger against injustice to motivate us. Others who are still caught up in the old way of "fighting for a cause" can be blessed and prayed for to help accelerate their awakening into the way of peaceful change.


Some Negative Consequences of the Old, Outdated

"Fighting For a Cause" Consciousness:


1. Anger creates powerful emotional thoughtforms that are the true underlying hidden cause of all future wars.


2. Anger spreads the vibration of fear, irritation, hatred and resentment which simply fuels future social conflicts and injustices of one kind or another.


3. The powerful emotional-thoughtforms created by "righteous" anger actually are some of the same invisible forces which end up acting through school yard bullies (who think they are right to be bullying others).  So if we want to help stop bullying we need to shift from anger to peaceful change.


4. When we're angry we have a "chip on our shoulder". This makes us "combative" in our approach to social change. Wouldn't it better to inspire people to higher, more peaceful & effective ways of harmoniously working together with the spirit of teamwork to transform society?


5. Our "righteous anger" literally blinds us to the fact that some of the people on the "other side" might be really good people with some reasonable ideas.  And we that could work together with them to come up with mutually beneficial and satisfying solutions.


6. "Fighting against injustice" may solve one problem, but it introduces new problems because of the subtle violent emotions being felt and radiated outwards by those who are "fighting for a good cause".


7. The dangerous, destructive vibrations sent out through anger and resentment make Mother Nature, the Earth and society a little sicker and make it harder for the Nature Spirits to repair damaged ecosystems.


Positive Consequences of the Tao

of Peaceful Social Change


• We more easily achieve much needed, beneficial social changes without all the horrible negative side effects of anger-based change!


• We raise the vibration of our dear Mother Earth instead of making her sicker!


• We spread happiness, fairness and equality, instead of animosity, resentment and revenge (which only promote on-going conflict)!


• We set a wonderful example for our children and grandchildren as to how to successfully and harmoniously bring in the New Golden Age of Loving Kindness.


• We spread the spiritually uplifting, healing energy of peace, loving kindness and goodwill instead of war and conflict.


  • And of course:


“Love is the only force capable of transforming

an enemy into a friend.”

-  Martin Luther King, Jr.



It's Simple!


We all know that it's crucial to have a pleasant feeling of goodwill within our hearts in order to pour forth the life transforming feeling of loving kindness which is so badly needed on this planet.  And we can't be pouring out loving kindness to a thirsty world and be angry at the same time.  They're mutually incompatible states of consciousness.  This one's a no-brainer!



Blessings on exploring this new way of bringing about much needed healing and beneficial social change in our relationships, families and communities while healing our dear Mother Earth!


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