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Our Funny Animal Photos!


"Dear Readers, we thought it might be fun for all of you who love us spiritually advanced, highly educated and very distinguished animals to be able to find our sweet photos more easily.  Just click on the links below to find us!  By the way, more marvelous animals are on their way to join our team!  So we're happy to say that this list will be expanding in the future!

Yours truly,

Daisy the Squirrel"


Animal Photo Links:



  • The Squirrel couple, Sandy & Dave are hiding Easter eggs for the kids on our Christian Jokes page, (with Bartholomew the Squirrel further on down the page.)



  • "Perky Doodle the Squirrel" announces the arrival of New Articles!



  • Barney the Squirrel is doing a photo shoot of his sweetheart's piano performance on the intro to our Uplifting Spiritual Music section.







  • Go to our "Prayers" section and pray for Harvey the Squirrel!  He's going to attempt some dangerous skiing!  Be sure to see his photo-finish at the bottom of the page!  (Barney's the intrepid photographer.)



  • Checkout Harvey & Petunia's sweet convertible! And notice that  they always say prayers and affirmations for a safe road trip!



  • Hmmm, our sweet 'Power Nap' Yoga Dog seems to be getting some zzzzz's.  (Scroll down towards end of page.)



  • What a pair of clowns!  I wonder why these 2 Doggies don't get more respect?  Check it out. (Scroll down towards end of page.)



  • Do we have freewill?  Join the inquiry with Prof Basset (Hound), Prof Snorkle the Guinea Pig and Dr Oppenhounder.


  • Hope we aren't sleeping on the job (like "Tony the Terrier") instead of moving closer to Self-Realization.


More photos will be added

as our animal team enlarges.