Oneness Meditation


by Bill Gaum


I created this guided Oneness Meditation several years ago when I wanted to feel a greater sense of Oneness with GOD, the Ascended Ones and all Life.


*     *     *


If possible, please sit or lie down in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the meditation.


Now focus your attention on your heart area and breathe nice and deep and easy.  Once you feel that you're in a quiet, centered place then gently imagine that you are aware of a peaceful soothing energy pouring into you through the top of your head into your Heart Chakra from your Higher Self (your Atma, I AM Presence, Christ Self, Tathagatagarba, Eternal Soul or whatever you prefer to call it). And then gently turn your attention to your Higher Self and visualize it 12 to 15 feet or so above you as a  beautiful Being of Light.  Imagine how beautiful Jesus, Blessed Mary, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Guan Yin) or one of the Great Ones are now – that's how beautiful our Higher Self is too!  Just feel a sweet feeling of love and gratitude and devotion flowing towards your Higher Self as it pours GOD's love down into you.


Now imagine a Ray of Light pouring from the Heart of your Higher Self down through the top of your head into your heart and expanding a beautiful golden white light through your entire body and radiating out from you as an oval of golden white light. And then, moving your focus back to your Higher Self, visualize the other end of its Ray of Light extending upwards from its Heart and Head up into the Center of the Universe into the Very Heart of Our Mother-Father GOD (the Infinite Buddha Nature, the Divine Mother; the Tao; the Great Spirit; the Great I AM; Paramatma; or whatever is your favorite term for GOD). You can visualize GOD any way you want – perhaps it could be like a Great Central Sun, the Heart of a Great Divine Being, an immense Cloud of Golden White Light – whatever feels right to you. Now move your awareness from your own heart up through the Ray of Light that is connecting you to your Higher Self and become more aware of its love, goodness, kindness and caring, and then continue following your awareness up that Ray of Light all the way into the Heart of GOD and become aware of how you've always have been connected to GOD's own heart – never separate for even a moment.  Slowly become aware of a gentle feeling of GOD's love filling your entire being like a nurturing Divine Mother as you become aware of a sweet feeling of reassuring Eternal Oneness with GOD.


Just dwell within that beautiful feeling for a while and then gently become aware that through your Ray of Light from your own Heart, your awareness is now resting within the Heart of GOD.  You're literally in the Heart of GOD and that's currently the Center of your Awareness. Now gently become aware that your Ray of Light is not the only Ray of Light coming into GOD's Heart - there are myriad Rays of Light.  In fact there are an infinite number of Rays of Light coming into GOD's Heart and at the other end of each of those infinite number of Rays of Light are other human beings, Angels, Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, and other Divine Beings.  In fact, every being in the universe is connected to GOD thru their own Ray of Light and these Rays of Light are actually an Extension of GOD's Own Heart.


And now, since you are in the Heart of GOD where all these other Rays of Light come in together, imagine you find the Ray of Light belonging to one of your favorite Divine Beings. Perhaps it is Jesus, Blessed Mary, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Guan Yin), Saint Germain, the Goddess of Loving Charity, an Angel or Archangel, etc.  And now allow your Awareness to gently flow up that Ray into the very Heart of Jesus (or whichever Divine Being you've chosen to connect with). And feel yourself coming into the Awareness of that particular Divine Being's Heart and becoming Aware of all of that Being's Consciousness that they are allowing you to become aware of. And now you feel a sweeter, more transcendent feeling of Oneness with Jesus, (Quan Yin or whoever) than you've ever felt before, and you know without a doubt you're One with Him (or Her) through your own Ray of Light that flows into GOD's Own Heart and then out through Jesus' Personal Ray into His (or whoever's) Divine Heart.  Now gently feel their awareness of you, their sweet love for you and their joy in you becoming consciously One with their consciousness.  Just feel very loved and nurtured by them.  Then when it feels right, let your awareness flow back down Jesus' Ray of Light and return back into the Heart of GOD – just resting in the Heart of GOD again.


And now gently become aware that there are actually an infinite number of Rays of Light radiating out of GOD's Heart each one ending in a Divine Being that GOD has projected into Being.   And now let your awareness  expand or flow simultaneously out through all those Rays of Light all the way out into the Hearts of all those Divine Beings - Ascended Lady Masters and Masters, Angels & Archangels, Human Beings (not yet Ascended), etc – and gently become aware of your Oneness with them all as well as with your Oneness with all Life in the Universe.  Just feel your love and gratitude pouring out to all those wonderful Infinite Beings and feel their love in return pouring back to you.  Become fully aware of your Loving Oneness with all Life in the Universe and just rest in that transcendent peaceful feeling of Loving Oneness. And feel a deep feeling of gratitude to GOD for giving you this sweet, marvelous experience of Infinite Oneness.


Now when you're ready, allow your Awareness to come back down all these Rays of Light and back into the Heart of GOD and just thank GOD for this wonderful feeling of Divine Oneness GOD has given you and ask for it to be sustained.  Then allow your Awareness to come back down your own individual Ray of Light all the way back down to your own Higher Self (your Atma, I AM Presence, etc.) and then through your Higher Self down into the top of your head and then into your own Heart Chakra.  Now take a little time to just dwell in this sweet feeling of Oneness with GOD and All Life and know you can do this Oneness Meditation anytime you want to feel a greater feeling of Oneness.  Then once again thank GOD and thank all the Great Ones for this marvelous feeling and experience.  Then gently close this meditation with a deep feeling of gratitude to GOD as you slowly and quietly become aware of your surroundings in the physical world and after a little while gently begin the next part of your spiritual practice or daily activities.


With time and practice you will gradually be able to carry this feeling of Oneness with you more and more throughout the day.


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‘Gate of Heaven’, Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda in Bao Loc City, Vietnam.


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