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Our Most Recently Added Articles


This page makes it easy for you to find our latest articles as soon as they become available.  They are posted below in chronological order with the most recent ones on top.  Just click on the article's title to go right to the page.


New Articles:



Please check out our new guided "Oneness Meditation" to directly experience a greater feeling of Self-Realization.



Parents & Grandparents please checkout our new Children's Books section:

Kindness Books

Books with a Spiritual Message

Inspiring Stories for Children

Nature Appreciation Books

 Separation Anxiety Books

 Learning to Be Responsible Books

Developing Self-Confidence Books

Books that Nurture Family Fun & Affection

Anti-Bullying Books



Sack Lunches: An encouraging true story of Loving Kindness to soldiers on a plane



Carl's Garden: A true story about how returning kindness for meanness eventually transformed a bully's life.



A Walk with the Lord and A Husband's Love are the latest inspiring additions to our "Feel Good Stories".



"Team Compassion" is our latest heart melting Loving Kindness Story.



"Information Please" is a new heartwarming addition to our "Feel Good Stories".  You'll love it!



Cheryl blesses us with some of her insights (which she has learned through direct experience) on the particular Nature Spirits known as Pixies, Leprechauns and Elves.



Cheryl shares some of her Insights on Angels (which she has learned through direct experience) as well as an amazing encounter with a sweet feminine Fire Elemental.



Experience a heartfelt reverence for the Great Spirit, Mother Earth and the Wisdom of the Elders in our new Native American Spiritual Paths section.



James Dillet Freeman's beloved poem "I AM There" gives us a reassuring feeling for GOD's presence in our lives.



Here's a beautiful re-telling of the Christmas Story from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ to remind us of the real reason for Christmas.




An Angel Helps a Runaway.  An amazing true story of an angelic woman who gives a runaway boy a magic letter.  Quite unique!




A Letter From Heaven.  A sweet poem of reassurance from a loved one who's gone to heaven.



A Letter From GOD. A sweet, touching true story of a child (who's beloved pet dog had just died) receiving a reassuring "Letter From GOD".




The Wisdom of A Child.  An inspiring story about doing what we can to help others, even though we can't help everyone.




Do Unto Others.  Did a child's kindness to a fawn save their farm?  You decide.



What Goes Around, Comes Around.  A feel good story about helping others - a sweet ending.





Stopping to Help.  By stopping to help a stranger in an airport a man gains new insight into caring about others.




A Whale of a Rescue!  Another heart touching true animal story.




Angel Saves Exhausted Moose from Drowning: Another one of Cheryl's inspiring true Angel experiences.




The Happiness Bank, is a sweet true story about the blessing of consciously storing away pleasant memories so that we can access them later in our lives.




A Christmas Angel to the Rescue! One of Cheryl's inspiring true Angel experiences.




We're pleased to have a new article by Cheryl in our "Positive Living" section:  The Art of Listening – So We Don't Hurt the Ones We Love.



Spreading Kindness in Simple WaysA short, sweet, helpful article by Cheryl about spreading loving kindness in easy, every day ways.




It's an honor to welcome a new book to our website.  In "Roadmaps to Self-Realization", Jack Hawley has turned the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita into a spiritual self-diagnostic manual using only the words of Krishna.  With careful reading anyone can figure out for themselves where they are on the path of Self-Realization and what they need to work on next.  Click here to read the entire workbook free of charge: "Roadmaps to Self-Realization"




Yay! Some more true Nature Spirit Stories from Cheryl:

Cheryl and her Wizard friend, "Ninian", Part 2

"A Day in the Life of a Fae"




We've just added a beautiful touching prayer from Christian Larson that affirms our Oneness with GOD and GOD's Divine Qualities:

A Soul's Prayer




We are very pleased to announce a major expansion of our "Positive Living" section with the following articles by Cheryl:

Positive Living Intro

Creating More Joy in Our Lives

Reducing Stress

Simplifying Our Lives

Positive Parenting

Finding Our Purpose

Handling Difficult People




The following inspiring new additions are now in our Quotes, Insights, Stories & Poems section:

Christian Larson's 12 Spiritual Insights,

Christian Larson's "Optimist's Creed",




Funny Animal Photos!  click here if you love funny animals like Perky Doodle the Squirrel on this page!




Uplifting Music, our song lists are greatly expanded with 100's of newly added sweet, inspiring spiritual songs in easy to explore categories including New Age, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Children's and Meditative.




The Star of the Heart, a sweet allegory about how we can forget the difference between right and wrong when we ignore our heart too many times.




Here's another one of Cheryl's True Experiences with Nature Spirits and Angels:

Cheryl Visits Her Wizard Friend, by Cheryl




Here's a new "True Angel Story":

Guardian Angels, by Gale




Here's someone's idea of a sweet reunion between a pet owner and their beloved pet when they enter the Higher Realms:

The Rainbow Bridge, by anonymous




Here's some more of Cheryl's Experiences with Nature Spirits and Angels:

Cheryl: A Fae Surprise Party, by Cheryl

Cheryl Helps a Unicorn, by Cheryl

Cheryl: A Unicorn Heals a Fae Girl, by Cheryl

Cheryl: A Unicorn Cleans a Stream after a Natural Disaster, by Cheryl

Cheryl: My Flight on a Pegasus!, by Cheryl




How To Create More Happiness in Your Life, by Cheryl




Here's some more of Cheryl's Experiences with Nature Spirits and Angels:

Cheryl: Advice From the Angels,

Cheryl: How a Water Faery Saved a Dolphin's Life,

Cheryl: Angel of Happiness: A Rabbit "Tale"

Cheryl: An Angel of Mercy

Cheryl's Reassuring Angel

Cheryl: The Roles of Angels & Wee Folk

Cheryl: An Angel, the Elders & Two Fae - A Lesson Learned

Cheryl: How "Bert" the Sprite Gets a Name

Cheryl: Two Comforting Angels




Here's a new section of the Website:

Nature Spirits!

Cheryl's Fae Stories!



Here's some new children's books that have been added to the Recommended Reading List:

"Brother Eagle, Sister Sky", by Susan Jeffers.

"Old Turtle", Author: Douglas Wood; Illustrator: Cheng-Khee Chee.

"Dear Children of the Earth", by Schim Schimmel.


Here's a couple of new poems:

"If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking", by Emily Dickinson

"If", by Rudyard Kipling


Here's a new "Kindness Story":

A Kind Taxi Driver


Here's some new "True Angel Stories":

Protecting Angel

The Angel of Peace

Underwater Angel

Angel With A Sword

Soothing Angel

Angel of Hope

The Cherub

A Changed Life