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Inspiring True Near Death Experiences


This is one of the most inspiring sections of this website.  A "Near-Death Experience" or "NDE", is a divine experience that occurs after someone is clinically dead. Usually they have died on the operating table, or perhaps in an accident of some kind - and later they are revived and brought back to life. But, in the intervening time, while the heart wasn't beating and their brain waves were flat, they were having an extraordinary "inner" spiritual experience usually involving meeting higher divine beings; deceased relatives and friends; or a warm loving Intelligent Light. And at the end of their experience they are often lovingly told that is not yet time for them to enter the Heavenly Realms and that they must go back to their physical bodies and complete their divine mission on the earth.


The very fact that there are literally thousands and thousands of these stories from throughout the world, which share virtually identical spiritual elements, provides extremely strong evidence that there is life after death - especially if we blend the scientific inductive method of logic with common sense and our heartfelt intuition.


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