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The Nature Spirits


The Nature Spirits are wonderful Etheric Beings who expand spiritual energy within the Nature Kingdom on our planet.  They work under the direction of the Angels and deeply love what they do. They come in all shapes and sizes, which vary according to the type of work they do. They range in size from the larger sylphs of the air, to the medium-sized tree spirits who inhabit the trees, to the smaller sized elves, gnomes, and fairies.  Usually the only people who can see into this realm are those who have an almost childlike innocence and spiritual purity and whom have worked closely with the Nature Spirits in previous lives.


How the Nature Spirits Work Under the Direction of the Angels


To really appreciate the Divine Role that these marvelous Little Divine Beings play in the Nature Kingdom, it is helpful to start with the Angels.  In their discourses, the Ascended Masters have explained to us that all the Light, Love and Divine Energy which pours into the Nature Kingdom first flows through the body and being of the great Ascended Master known as the Maha Chohan.  The Maha Chohan in turn pours this Great Light down to the Great Gods of the Mountains.  And as he does this, he knows and understands the requirements that the Gods of the Mountains face in their regions of responsibility and thus qualifies and amplifies the Light with the Divine Qualities that are most needful for those particular regions of the earth.   Along with the Light comes specific instruction as to the Divine Goals to be achieved.  The Gods of the Mountains then in turn pour this Light in beautiful glowing streams down to wondrous Angel Devas who have charge of maintaining the balance of the Etheric Light in nature for large parts of the earth.  The Gods of the Mountains know the needs of each of the Angel Devas who work under their direction and thus qualify and amplify the Light with the Divine Qualities that they're going to need.   These awe-inspiring Angelic Beings then do the same thing as they pour their Angelic Light down to lesser Angels who have charge of smaller sections of the Earth.  Again these loving, caring Angels pour their glowing etheric streams of Light down to still lesser Angels, until finally it is poured down to a sweet, caring Angel who has charge of maybe several square miles of forests and meadows, or whatever.  This loving Angel in turn pours their Angelic Light, Love & Etheric Energy down into the individual Nature Spirits for that area of the forest and meadows - all of whom work under the Angel's direction.


For instance, the fairies (fae) work with the smaller plants like the flowers and take great joy in their work.  An individual fairy will spend a few minutes balancing the etheric energy currents of a particular flower in their part of the woods.  The angel pours the light into the heart center of the fairy.  (The fairy's heart center looks like a glowing golden light or spark).  Then this beautiful glowing golden etheric Light flows from the fairy's heart through their arms and out of their little hands into the plant as they move their hands up and down the stem and leaves.  When they get the etheric currents of the plant glowing with vibrant health and vitality, they step back, admire their handiwork and then maybe do a few joyous somersaults or express their happiness in some other way, then go play with their little friends for a little bit.  Then after some time of happy play, they choose another flower or plant to work with.  The elves work with larger plants as well as larger areas of woodlands, the gnomes work to balance the etheric currents in the rocks and crystalline structure of the Earth, and the Tree Spirits pour peace and other divine qualities into the Earth and surrounding forest.  This is one reason why so many people love being out in Nature and find such a special kind of inner peace there.  The Nature Spirits absolutely adore "their" Angel and look up to them as we might look up to Jesus, Mary, the Buddha, Kuan Yin, or some other of the Great Ones to whom we love to pray.


Why Do Fairies, Elves and Gnomes Wear Human-like Clothing?


People sometimes wonder, “Why in the world do the fairies, elves, gnomes, and some of the other Nature Spirits, sometimes appear to be “dressed” like we humans?  Since they live in the Etheric Realm and their bodies are made out of 'Etheric Light substance', they certainly do not have any need of shoes, hats, or clothing of any kind to protect them."  The Ascended Master Saint Germain has explained that it is their innocent, childlike habit of mimicking us, which has temporarily given some of them their human-like “clothing.”  It turns out that during earlier ages in the earth’s unfoldment, there were long periods when we humans were much more aware of the Nature Spirits, and lovingly helped them as they expanded the spiritual energies throughout nature.  And it was during this time that some of these little beings choose – by delightfully mimicking us – to “dress” like we do, even though they did not need clothing to protect their Light Bodies.  They "get dressed" simply by visualizing the style and color of the clothing they want to wear and "poof" - they are instantly wearing it!  And some of this mode of “dressing” has come down to this present day.


They Can Change the Density of their Bodies To Better Interact With Us Humans


To better understand some of the following true stories about these marvelous Nature Spirits it is helpful to know that these little Etheric Beings can change the density of their bodies and beings to suit the spiritual needs of the moment.  For instance, if they are working on balancing the etheric energy currents in the flowers and do not need to be seen by a human observer, they might be in a higher vibration Etheric Body that would appear as simply a glowing energy form of light without any bodily details.  But on the other hand, if it is the divine plan to be seen by a human being, such as a small child, they might densify themselves a little bit more so they can be seen in the classic fairy or elven appearance.  In this case, if it was appropriate, they could communicate with the child via telepathy.  For first encounters with a human being who doesn't yet know about telepathic thought communication with these little beings, they (if the Fae, Elf or Sprite are spiritually advanced enough to do this) might even densify to the degree that they can actually speak out loud to the human observer.  In these most dense - but still etheric forms - they can actually move physical objects or play tag with a child.  In fact, in these densest forms they can even "eat" or "drink" physical food such as  some cookies that a child might bring to them.  But they actually don't eat them in the normal sense.  They absorb the etheric essence of the food and then simply dematerialize the physical part of the cookie in their mouths.  But as the human learns to communicate using telepathy, these little beings usually go back to being the more ethereal version of their classic elf or fairy selves again, unless a more tangible interaction is appropriate on a given day.


I hope you enjoy the following true spiritual experiences of human beings seeing, hearing or playing with the fairies, elves, sprites and other sweet, playful Nature Spirits.  Have fun!

Cheryl's Experiences

with Angels and the Nature Spirits


Currently, this Nature Spirits section contains a series of true eyewitness accounts of these little Etheric Beings of the Nature Kingdom by a woman named Cheryl who lives in British Columbia, Canada.  She began seeing them when she was a small child of about 3 years old and still observes them to this day.  Of all the magnificent variety of Nature Spirits, she most often watches the fairies, elves and sprites in their work and play.  It is helpful to know that the fairies, sprites and many elves are actually quite joyful and enjoy playing just like small children - especially  when taking a break from their appointed tasks of balancing the Etheric Energy Currents within Nature.  Cheryl has also had a number of uplifting experiences with Angels which will also be included here, (instead of in the "Inspiring True Angel Stories" section of the website) so we can keep her stories together.  We'll start off with one of her first encounters with an Angel and then move on to some of her early experiences with the Nature Spirits.  Pseudonyms will sometimes be used for the names of loved ones in order to respect their privacy.  The photos of various girls and women used to illustrate her stories are not of Cheryl, but are from various online stockphoto sites.  I hope you enjoy her delightful sharing of these actual events in her life:

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Cheryl's Nature Spirit & Angel Stories


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