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Spiritual Chants and Songs


These beautiful songs are sung by Native Americans or people who have a deep love for the Native American Spiritual culture.  There are also a few Hawaiian songs at the bottom of the page.  I hope to add more later.  Have fun exploring all the songs.


Native American Songs


A-La-Ke, sung by Sacred

Spirit  * * *

Amazing Grace, (Cherokee / Cree Words) sung by Qua Ti Si

Brother Warrior, sung by Shaina Noll   * * *

Cherokee Amazing Grace, sung by Lanice Margo

Cherokee Morning Song, sung by Robbie Robertson

Dancing Under the Moon, by the Mohicans

Earthsong, sung by Karunesh   * * *

Four Winds, by Mystic Rhythms Band

Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance), Sacred Spirit

Medicine Power, sung by Oliver Shanti & Friends (featuring Juan Manuel Vasquez)

Medicine Wheel, sung by Kate Wolf

Mohicans, sung by Mato Grosso   * * *

North Wind, sung by Cherokee National Children's Choir   * * *

Peace and Power, sung by Joanne Shenandoah

Prophecy Song, sung by Joanne Shenadoah & Lawrence Laughing

Sun Circle, sung by Ah*Nee*Mah  ***

The Last of the Mohicans, sung by Indians

Tsel-Mö-ah, "Butterfly Song" sung by Robert Mirabal   * * *

Water - Four Circles of Life, sung by Oliver Shanti & Friends

Windayaho, "Cherokee Morning Song" sung by Dennis Gaumond


Well Balanced, sung by Oliver Shanti & Friends

Yane-Heja-Hee, sung by Sacred Spirit   * * *

Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity), sung by Sacred

Spirit  * * *




Hawai'i Aloha, sung by Nā Leo

Kanaka Waiwai, sung by Mark Yamanaka

Hawaiian Lullaby, by Sunday Manoa   * * *


*   *   *


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