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Pearl taught us that there are many constructive ways in which each one of us can help Sai Baba and our Arisen Sisters and Brothers to bring this planet into the permanent Golden Age. One of the most important is simply learning to maintain greater harmony within our “feeling world,” regardless of the challenges we may be facing each day. Another is by becoming kinder and more forgiving to each other. As a matter of fact, the Great Ones tell us that it is crucial for us to achieve this, so that our planet can make a relatively smooth and peaceful transition into the coming Golden Age. We know that we can become more serene, loving, and patient by using “I AM” affirmations to affirm and expand these divine qualities through us. And we are aware that we can continue to build and strengthen these qualities within us by sincerely striving to feel, think, and express ourselves in more peaceful, loving ways. But is there something more we can do?

Pearl understood from personal experience that if we wish to develop these divine attributes in the most efficient, powerful manner, then we must learn to “intune” to our Higher Divine Self and our Mother-Father GOD in a special way. What is this special way? It is through meditation. It results in numerous benefits, including greater inner peace, contentment, happiness, health, patience, kindness, courage, and clarity of mind; a deeper, more insightful understanding of any divine teaching; and of course a clearer feeling of Oneness with our Divine Source. And so Pearl encouraged all her students to use a “Devotional Light Meditation” every day, and she assisted us in this process by holding group meditations in her home at least twice a week. We students loved these so much that we rarely missed one. Why Light?


Saint Germain says:


Remember always - One becomes that upon which [they] meditate - and since all things have come forth from the Light - Light is the Supreme Perfection and Control of all things.1


And the Ascended Master, the Great Divine Director, reveals the doorway to this light:


In the center of your being is a Great Light, and you are That Light. This is the Truth of your being. You shall know This Truth and this truth shall make you Free. This is the Truth Jesus spoke, the truth for . . . [everyone], that all . . . can know.


And how can you know this Truth? By direct experience. The Light that Lighteth every man that cometh into the world is a Reality – as a Reality it can be experienced.


As the wind can not be seen, only its effect seen, only its pressure felt, so too can the effect of the Light Within You be seen, Its pressure felt. And that pressure is a power far beyond the human mind to comprehend. If you would see that Light then you must go to the Light; and that Light is within you – within, around and above. And all things are composed of that Light, and that Light is within all things. There is no thing, no person, that is not of the Light.


But before the Light can be seen, it is felt; and to feel, you must first develop the ability to feel. And the source of that ability to feel is in the Heart. Your heart is the very center of your Being; it is the center of your feelings, the center where the pressure of the Light can first be felt – then seen – and it can be seen!


It takes practice. Do you know of anything worth attaining that does not take practice? Persevere – for the Light of GOD stands above all the world. And You are that Light! The more that you dwell on that Truth the more certain of it you will become, and the stronger will the truth of It be within you. Whatsoever your attention is upon, that shall you become. Your Attention is a great lens by which you focus your energy and control your being.


In all, is that Power of Attention active at all times – whether consciously or unconsciously. What you are, what you experience at any given moment, is simply the result of what you have allowed your attention to be focused upon. If you allow your attention to be attracted by things of the senses, you will live in a world of the senses, a captive; while if you direct your attention to the Light within, you will find freedom, and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You have within you every moment the choice.


In the center of your Being you have a Divine Director – the Consciousness of the Real You – that will guide and direct you in your choice at every moment if you will turn your attention to it. And It is a Great Blazing Sun Within You.


- From: "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta, p 1.


Pearl taught us that it is through meditation that we can become more aware of this great blazing sun of love within our hearts. And the Arisen Master Sanat Kumara speaks to us about the importance of this love:


True Love is selfless; it wants nothing for itself. It is already Full. And out of That Fullness, out of Its Own Joy and Happiness, it wishes to share, to give Itself, to expand and embrace All in the Wonder Of Itself. This is the nature of GOD – to give Love.


It is only the human, the [human] mind, that “wants” love; for it is material, Love is Spiritual. The human is transitory, Love is Eternal. The human is arrogant; Love is humble. And in always looking outside of itself for that Love, in its self-concern and pride, it misses that very Love it so much wants, the Love that is waiting so patiently, flickering ever so faintly within the Heart of every Individual.


“But” you may say, “I have already looked there.” Then, look again. And again. And again, until you find It, and It is yours; for It is there and there alone . . . Could you not try, dear ones, even for a moment . . . ?


First, you must be still. Relax, as serenely I enfold you in the same Love that I plant within each human Heart – a Love which passeth all human understanding, so do not try to understand: feel.


- From: "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta, p 42.


The Great Divine Director gives us another important key in learning to feel GOD’s light and love within us:


You must learn to relax. You must learn to let that delicate, ever present Light from within the very Center of your Being come out and have full sway – until It slowly fills your whole Being, Mind and World with Its Pure Love, Wisdom and Radiance Divine.4


Sai Baba gives us a hint as to the source of this peaceful relaxation:


Peace is what everyone seeks; but it can never be secured from the outside world. . . . Peace can come only from the fountain of peace within.5


And since meditation opens us to this fountain of inner peace, Baba strongly encourages us to meditate:


I do not say this in just a quiet tone; I declare this loud enough for all the quarters to hear. . . Meditate and Advance! Do [meditation] and Progress! Realize the Atma!6


And he goes on to say:


Meditation is a function of the inner [person]; it involves deep subjective quiet, the emptying of the mind and filling oneself with the Light that emerges from the Divine Spark within.7


And that:


Correct meditation is the merging of all thoughts and feelings in GOD. Persons adept in this meditation are very rare – most people go through external exercises only. So they are unable to win Grace.8


This quieting of the mind, and the resulting spiritual awareness which comes from “merging of all thoughts and feelings in GOD,” is beautifully and succinctly expressed in Psalm 46:10 of the Bible as:


"Be still, and know that I AM GOD."


The Bible also says that when meditating upon GOD - the Great I AM, the more sweetness we put into it, the happier we will be:


My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the Lord. (Psalm.104:34, NIV)


And if we do this on a consistent basis, then the following hope will be realized:


May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD . . . (Psalm.19:14).


Saint Germain similarly emphasizes the importance of adoration and devotion in our light meditations:


Contemplation and adoration of the ‘Light’ compels: Illumination to take place in the mind; health, strength, and order to come into the body; and peace, harmony, and success, to manifest in the affairs of every individual who will really do it, and seeks to maintain it.9


Likewise, Sai Baba stresses the importance of devotion:


Only love for GOD is perfect. Gather your love from all aspects of your life and let it flow as one strong, deep river of love to GOD. Nothing else is needed. No other [spiritual discipline] is necessary. Happiness and peace will be yours.10


The object of devotion should be to realize GOD in your heart and allow [GOD] to fill in all parts of your being with [GOD’s] Light and power. This done, your hearts will be overflowing with Divine Love towards all beings in the world. Your eyes will see only GOD everywhere. Your hands will work only for the good of everybody and you will ultimately become the very embodiments of GOD, filled with bliss and ever surcharged with ecstasy.11


So how do we do this? Just like the Great Divine Director, Sai Baba also tells us that the secret is within our very own hearts:


The heart represents the Atma. It is Self-Effulgent. The Light from the heart illumines the mind and enables it to see the external world. Without this illumination the mind can not comprehend the world . . . The Atma is the basis of everything.12


And that:


The only light [in] this world, which does not get extinguished, is the Light of the Self, the Atma Jyothi [Atmic Flame].13


Sai Baba and our Ascended Friends, point out the importance of pouring our love in worshipful devotion to our I AM Presence – our Atma – our Higher Christ Self - as we meditate.


We see that the Ultimate Source, which illumines everything, is the Atma. It is the main switch. Therefore, it is the Atma you should worship.14


Baba teaches the importance of learning to visualize the Atma (our I AM Presence - our Higher Christ Self) so that we can get the most out of our worshipful, devotional meditations:


The body is but an instrument to discover the Indweller. Withdraw from the outer to the inner and learn to visualize the Motivator, the Atma – that is the lesson which the seers and scriptures teach.15


And how often should we meditate? Anandamayi Ma (a remarkable woman saint of 20th Century India) says:


Meditation should be practiced every day of one’s life.16


To neglect contemplation of Reality, means to take the road of death. . . So many times have you undertaken the pilgrimage to death; over and over again have you experienced [worldly] happiness and pain. Now become a pilgrim to Immortality; retrace your steps and proceed to your real Home. . . take the pilgrimage to the Highest – the pilgrimage by which all traveling comes to an end. Time must not be wasted in idle pursuits. At every moment remain engaged in the meditation on your True Self. Do not allow your mind to dwell on the ephemeral.17


So what form of meditation do Saint Germain and Sai Baba recommend?


Godfre Ray King describes, on page eleven of his book, Unveiled Mysteries, a very simple “Light Meditation” which was given to him by Saint Germain. It is remarkably similar to the “Light Meditation” which Sai Baba teaches.


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And click here for a guided meditation that blends these two meditations together which emphasizes the naturalness of visualizing the Light of our I AM Presence - our Higher Christ Self - our Atma, while feeling its peace, love, and subtle divine energy pouring into us. It is the one that I, (Bill) used while living with Pearl:


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