Divine Grace:

Various Kinds of

Marvelous Divine Assistance


Grace is simply any form of divine assistance that seemingly comes out of "no where", but which in actuality we're really earned through past thoughts, feelings, words and actions of devotion, loving kindness and selfless living.  Since we may have earned this divine assistance as a result of our actions and behavior in previous lives, and thus be completely unaware of it, we tend to think of it as somehow being just a "gift", bestowed upon us from above.  But in reality it's always been earned.  On rare occasions it can be given in advance, but then we're expected to pay it back through obedience to the higher teachings.  Additionally, we can give and receive grace by praying for others and when others pray for us.


What Are Some Different Kinds of Grace?


Divine Guidance:  Divine guidance is a wonderfully helpful form of Divine Grace.  And often we pray something like: "Dear GOD, please guide us with your grace" or "Dear GOD, please show me what to do?" or Please, GOD, help me to make the right decision" and so on.   But what is divine guidance?  And how can we be sure it's the real thing and we're "getting it" accurately?  Please click here to explore the realm of "Divine Guidance".


Angelic Assistance:  There are many true stories of people's lives being saved by a timely stranger who in retrospect, they realize couldn't have been a human being.  Who were they?  Go here to read some amazing and incredibly inspiring true "Angel Stories"!


Near Death Experiences: Near Death Experiences (NDE's) occur when some one dies for a few minutes or hours, and in the intervening time experiences being in a Higher Spiritual Realm while meeting reassuring spiritual beings such as deceased relatives, friends, angels, Ascended Masters, or a Loving Presence of Light.  Click here to read NDE stories that are absolutely fascinating and give wonderful proof of life after "death".


Miracles, Including Divine Healings:  Click here to read various kinds of inspiring heart touching "Miracle Stories".


GOD's Grace Blessing Us Through Kind People: Click here to read uplifting, heart melting "Stories of Loving Kindness".


Answers to Prayers:  Sometimes our Prayers to GOD are answered in extraordinary ways:  "Prayers Answered".


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