Meditative & Instrumental Music


There's a lot of beautiful meditative music out there. The following albums and songs are just a few.  And even though some of these songs may not have specific "spiritual" names, they have a wonderfully soothing, uplifting effect on our subtle spiritual energy fields which is quite a blessing for us. I hope you like them and find them to be a blessing for you.  And of course I hope to add a lot more in the future.


Deuter's Soothing New Age Albums:


Album: Buddha Nature, by


Album: Earth Blue, by

Deuter   * * *

Song: Earth Blue  * * *

Song: Earth Light  * * *

Album: Reiki Hands Of Light, by Deuter

Album: Sun Spirit, by Deuter

Album: Sea & Silence, by Deuter


*     *     *


Dan Gibson's Solitudes Albums


The following Dan Gibson's "Solitudes" Albums contain a unique blend of soothing instrumental music blended with sensitively recorded nature sounds, especially various bird songs.  If you like nature and relaxing music, you will probably love these:


Album: Angel's Embrace   * * *

Album: Island Retreat

Album: Dolphin Dreams   * * *

Album: Forest Guitar

Album: Gentle World

Album: Land Of The Loon

Album: Mountain Sunrise

Album: Tranquil Cove   * * *

Album: Whispering Woods

Album: Woodland Flute

Album: T'ai Chi (Music for Wellness)

Album: Angelsong: Choral Classics By The Sea, various classical pieces sung by operatic soprano April MacKenzie, blended with nature sounds.


*     *     *


The only place I know to get the following music is from  These albums are exceptionally soothing:


Album: When It's Time For Letting Go, Vol. 1,

(Music to Heal the Heart)

Favorite Songs:

Connie's Butterfly, composed by Rohani Shardad   * * *

Eternity, composed by Rohani Shardad   * * *


Album: When It's Time For Letting Go, Vol. 2,

(Music to Heal the Heart)


Album: Feather on the Breath of God,

by Erin Jacobsen


Album: Empty Hands - Full of Grace,

by Erin Jacobsen with Rob Whitesides-Woo


*     *     *


Lullabies Sung by Shaina Noll: "Songs for the Inner Child"


While singing her little daughter to sleep one night, Shaina Noll was inspired to create an album of relaxing lullabies for adults which has become a New Age classic. And as the years went by she created additional albums of soothing, healing songs which promote self-acceptance and inner peace.  They're very sweet!


"Songs for the Inner Child"


  How Could Anyone

  It's a Joy to Get to Know


  Return Again   * * *

  Everything Possible

  You Can Relax Now   * * *

  Peace Be With You

  All Through the Night

  Lullabye and Goodnight

  Lullabye "Like Ship in the


  Deep Peace



*   *   *


More Lullaby-Like Songs by Other Artists:


These are beautiful lullabies or songs that have a soothing lullaby-like effect.  Try listening to these soothing songs when you feel frazzled after a tough day and see if you don't feel at least a little happier, more relaxed, and optimistic. We hope you love them as much as we do.


Fairy Nightsongs, by Gary Stadler,

& sung Lisa Lynne & Stephannie  * * *

Garden Lullaby, instrumental version by Gary Stadler

Garden of Dreams, sung by Gary Stadler & Stephannie  * * *

Good Night, sung by Julie Hammarback

Goodnight My Angel, sung by Celtic Woman   * * *

Hawaiian Lullaby, by Sunday Manoa   ***

Invocation, Gary Stadler and Wendy Rule

Jesus we adore You,

sung by Choir Queen of Peace Medjugorje ***

Lokah Lullabye, sung by Haris Lender

Swimming with Dolphins, sung by Juliana

When All Is Forgiven, sung by Ashana  * * *

Ye Dharma, sung by Anael & Anael & Bradfield

Laura's Hill, by Gary Stadler

& sung by Singh Kaur

Spark In the Night, sung by Singh Kaur

Suddenly Yours, by "2002"

The Angels Voice, Diane Arkenstone  * * *

Fairy Ring, by Gary Stadler

& sung by Singh Kaur


*   *   *


Miscellaneous Artists:


Bruce Mitchell: Album: Earth Heal


*   *   *


Miscellaneous Compositions:


Gaelic Morn, composed and performed by Bruce Mitchell

Nightingale ( sLive), composed by Yanni & sung by Lauren Jelencovich



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