Cooking for Several Days at a Time


As has been mentioned in the introduction to the "Lifestyles" section, in order to start creating whole new lifestyles that are more conducive to spiritual living than our present "hurry - worry" lifestyles, we need to start thinking "out of the box" so to speak.  This includes new, more efficient ways of doing things in order to save time.


One nice way to free up precious time is instead of cooking just one main meal for one day – triple or quadruple the batch size so you cook enough food for several days.  In other words, instead of cooking just one day of food, cook for 3, 4, 5, 6 or more days at one time, and freeze the extra in "one serving" containers or whatever is convenient for your family size.  That way it can just be taken out of the freezer, re-heated, and served without any additional work.  Cooking for 5-6 days doesn't take that much longer than cooking for one, because you have all the ingredients out already and you're cooking anyway.  Plus you only need to clean up once instead of 5-6 times. And if you do this several days in a row - each day cooking a large batch of some different variety of dinner, (or even cook everything all in one day), then now you have a nice variety of meals for the rest of the week or month, without having to cook any more major meals for the entire month!  Breakfasts and lunches can be be something simple that everyone can easily get or make for themselves such as granola or sandwiches.


Where Can I Find Vegetarian Recipes?


For new recipe ideas, just type "vegetarian recipes" or "vegetarian meals" into your search engine and choose from the hundreds of options. Plus don't forget to support your local natural food stores, health food stores, food co-ops, and the natural food aisle of the larger chain stores.  Also, when you see an interesting looking new pre-packaged product, try it, and if you like it, figure out the ingredients and start making it yourself at a fraction of the cost.


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