"Marshmallow Angel"


by Karen


About 3 years ago, my son, Nicholas was about 5 months old, my daughter, Katie about 3 & 1/2. Katie was in the back seat of our car. Nick was in his "pumpkin" seat buckled up in the front next to me. I was trading our old Chevy in on a new car and as I was exiting the highway, Nicholas dropped his pacifier. As I reached down to grab it to put it back in his mouth, I looked up and there was no stopping distance between me and the car in front of me. I kid you not...I SAW MY GUARDIAN ANGEL. For a brief minute there appeared in front of me a golden glowing figure with these "wings" and gorgeous gown. And I SHOULD have hit the guy in front of me. But, it felt like I hit a giant "marshmallow" or a big "fluffy pillow". And my daughter, Katie saw her, too. "Mommy - did you see the angel?" she said. "You saw her, too - right?" I asked.


Well - they say angels and spirits give off more energy than you can imagine . . .


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