We hope you love these are beautiful lullabyes as much as we do.


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"A Child's Gift of Lullabyes"

sung by Tanya Goodman


Tanya Goodman has one of those super sweet, soothing, dreamy voices perfect for lullabyes.  If you can only buy one lullaby album, this is it!


From their webpage: "Lullabies and love songs with a positive message of love, comfort, and the hope of a bright and wonderful tomorrow. Join the millions of families that have enjoyed A Child’s Gift of Lullabyes®. This unique collection of original music has earned rave reviews from parents, caregivers, and educators around the globe. These recordings have won two Grammy® Awards and eight Grammy® nominations, plus honors from Parents' Choice and the American Library Association. Most of all we are grateful to families around the world who have shared our lullabies, and have made this music The World’s Favorite Gift for Baby."  The album includes soothing instrumental versions of each lullabye.


Some favorite songs from: "A Child's Gift of Lullabyes"


Playing a Lullaby

Someday Baby

Hushabye Street


Appalachian Lullaby

I L.o.v.e. Y.o.u.

Lullaby for Teddy


"The Rock-A-Bye Collection"


Another sweet, soothing album of lullabies sung by Tanya Goodman.




Rock-A-Bye (Mallory's Song)

Walzing Down Lullaby Lane

Lullaby and Goodnight

May All Your Dreams Come True



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Lullabies Sung by

Barbara Bailey Hutchison


Barbara Bailey Hutchison's soothing, reassuring, magical voice has a natural calming effect.  Here's 3 of her very popular albums.



Snuggle Up




Little Sleepy Eyes




Rockabye Collection, Vol. 2




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