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Just imagine if everyone on earth were kind!  The world would be so different!  It would be a paradise!  There would be no more wars; no more crime; no more unhappiness; no more spiritual conflicts; no more selfishness; no more family discord; no more racial conflicts; no more conflicts of any kind!  Taxes would be much, much lower, because there would be little need for defense spending, police forces, or a criminal-justice system.  In fact, eventually there would be no more poverty, because people would kindly show each other how to produce needed goods and services which would happily provide an income.  Selfishness, and all the problems it creates, would fade away as if it had never existed on this earth!  There would be no more violent movies, TV shows or video games, simply because no one will want to look at them anymore.


Almost all of the world's problems would be solved!  For instance, it would only be a matter of time before medical researchers found the ways of preventing or curing most diseases; scientists would eventually discover new, safer forms of energy; and business people would be coming up with new ways of creating wealth that could be used to help everyone out.


Given this obvious reality, is there anything more important than spreading kindness on this planet!  It doesn't seem like it!  It seems that sharing kindness is one of the most crucial ways to bring this planet as soon as possible into the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness!  So let's get with it!


So how do we start?  It's obvious!  Each one of us just needs to start being kinder and kinder in all that we do.  Being kinder in the way we think; the way we feel; the way we react to seemingly negative circumstances; the way we speak; and the way we act.  In fact, one of the most fun activities of the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness will be discovering new ways of becoming ever kinder!  And since being kind fills us with a special kind of joy, inner peace and contentment, we don't need to wait until our neighbors start being kind.  We can start the ball rolling on our own.  In fact, it's up to us to get the ball rolling!  And the sooner we start, the sooner it will spread.  It's like a smile.  Usually it doesn't cost anything to be kind.  And being kind does so much good!  It softens the hearts of those around us.  It makes people smile.  It lowers blood pressure.  It diffuses arguments and conflicts.  It does all manner of good.  Plus, when we're kind, we're now radiating healing energy into the atmosphere of the earth, rather than destructive fearful energy.  And as other people see how much fun it is in being kind, they will want to join the fun!


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May Your Life Be Filled With the Bliss of Loving Kindness and

May You Spread It Far and Wide!!!


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