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This section is all about nurturing our "Inner Spirit" through "Conscious Living" so that our lives become easier, happier, more spiritually uplifting, fulfilling, serene, abundant and relaxing.  So as you are reading through these various articles, if you find something that appeals to you, maybe consider adding it to your current lifestyle in whatever way works best for you.  Plus, as we begin entering the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness, we will need to create whole new lifestyles that are much more conducive to spiritual living, than our present "hurry-worry" lifestyles.  We need to start thinking "out of the box" so to speak, and coming up with creative, inspiring, practical, livable, happier new ways of living. So, please use the articles in this section as a starting point for creating your own fulfilling personal spiritual lifestyle in whatever way works best for you. That's what "Spiritual Lifestyles" is all about!




Here You Will Find Helpful, Practical Articles About:




Nurturing Our Spirit

How to "Nurture Our Spirit" - especially in the early stages of our spiritual awakening.



Spiritual Friends

How to find "Spiritual Friends" who nurture our spiritual life and consciousness.





Why it's spiritually helpful to "Meditate".  How to do various kinds of

Meditations.  And other helpful information about Meditating:

A Super Easy & Effective Meditation!

Saint Germain's Blissful Light Meditation

Sai Baba’s Blissful Light Meditation

An Simple, Blissful, Easy & Effective "Blended Meditation"




The crucial role that "Grateful Devotion" can play in our lives.





Learn how to Pray and read some inspiring "Prayers";






How to use "Affirmations" and

Create Your Own:




The Art of Positive Living


The Art of Positive Living, helpful, inspiring articles

on the following topics:

Simplifying our Lives (So We Have More Time for Spiritual Pursuits)

Positive Parenting

Finding Our Purpose in Life

How to Handle Difficult People




Angel Colors


The blessings of using more "Angel Colors"  in our lives

 - especially for clothes and interior design.



Inspiring Spiritual Music


Some beautiful, soothing, "Uplifting Spiritual Music" you might like:



Inspiring Books


Here's a helpful "Recommended Reading List" that will help you sort

through the maze of spiritual books out there:

Inspired Novels

Ascended Master Teachings Books

Books By or About Sathya Sai Baba

Books for Young People

Books for Practical Living




Plus Some Free Books!


Here's some inspiring "Free Books" which can be read for free

in this website or on other websites on the web:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda
  • The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, by Levi



Ceiling on



Why it is wise to set some "Ceilings on Our Desires", and how

to do it.




 Vegetarian Diet


The blessings of a "Vegetarian Diet".



 Gardening for Inner Peace


Gardening for Inner Peace can be for some people a way of

getting in touch with that quiet place inside our hearts

and relaxing for a bit in nature.



The Spiritual Advantages of Frugal Living


Some good ideas on learning how to "Live More Frugally",

so we can spend less time earning money

and more time in our spiritual pursuits;





Yoga & Tai Chi


The blessings of Yoga, Tai Chi, or some other form of spiritually based form of relaxation-exercise.







Heart-Centered Businesses


Some suggested guidelines for

Creating Businesses that are more Heart-Centered,

compassionate and focused on making

the world a better place.



The Tao of Peaceful Social Change


"The Tao of Peaceful Change"

introduces a new way of bringing

about needed, beneficial social

changes in our world more quickly

and effectively than the old way

of "fighting" for a cause.




And over time, new articles

will be added describing

additional appealing spiritual

lifestyles and ideas.



I hope you will find some practical new ideas here to

incorporate into your life to make your life simpler, more

joyous, light filled, GOD centered and relaxing.











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