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The Life and Teachings of Jesus


Jesus' life is a marvelous living example of deep devotion to GOD, as well as always being kind and caring towards others.  In fact, if one had to simplify Jesus' teachings down to just two basic concepts, it would be:


Pour blissful, loving gratitude and devotion to GOD as much as possible throughout the day through heartfelt thoughts, feelings, prayer and song; and by having an "attitude of gratitude".




Always Be Kind & Caring to Others. In other words, treat others the way you would like them to treat you.  ("The Golden Rule")



Thus, the following two quotes of Jesus sum up

his teachings beautifully:


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.'  The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."

- Holy Bible: Mark 12:30-32 (NIV)




"So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."  ("The Golden Rule")

- Holy Bible: Matt 7:12 (NIV)


Our Approach To Jesus' Life & Teachings


Since Jesus' life and teachings are well known and are beautifully described in such books as the "New Testament" and the "Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ", this section will mainly focus on bringing some light to various misunderstandings about Jesus' life and teachings.


Ready to Begin Exploring Jesus' Life & Teachings?


Perhaps the best way to start exploring is for you to simply start clicking on those topics below that your heart pulls you to first.  And then you can come back later and checkout the others at your leisure.  Some of the topics such as loving kindness, forgiveness, compassion, are already covered in other parts of the website so links to those articles will be given where appropriate, rather than re-writing a similar article here.  Happy reading and blessings as you learn about the Blessed Master Jesus!


The Missing Years:  Did you know that there are 18 years of Jesus' life missing from the Bible?  This is not a joke!  This is real!  You will be astounded to learn where he was and the amazing things he was doing from ages 12 to 30 years!!!


The Ascension:  Did you know that each one of us is some day going to Ascend, too - just like Jesus?  It might not be in this lifetime, but eventually we too will Ascend.  That's why Jesus said: "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father."  (John 14:12 NLT)  (This is sometimes summarized as: ""All these things that I do, you too shall do, and even greater things than these shall you do.")  This link leads to the universal explanation of the Ascension that is relevant to people from all spiritual paths.


Blessed Mary Ascended, too!  Did you know that Blessed Mary (the Mother of Jesus) Ascended at the end of her lifetime as Jesus' mother?


•  Was Jesus a Man?  Or Was He GOD?  This a vast and tremendously important topic that is full of misunderstandings.  Believe it or not, who and what Jesus really is, is a wonderfully, hopeful, inspiring message and of extreme importance to understanding our own true natures as sons and daughters of GOD.  So please click on the four related links below to get started:


Was Jesus a Man?  Or Was He GOD?


Jesus as a Man.


Council of Nicaea


Jesus: One In Consciousness With GOD.


The "Spirit of the Law" or the "Letter of the Law"?  Which Do We Want to Follow?


Baptism of the Holy Spirit - The deeper meaning of "Baptism".


The Last Supper & Communion: What is the real significance of the Last Supper & Communion?


Higher Christ Self:  Did Jesus teach us that we each have a "Higher Christ Self"?  Is this what he meant by our "angel in heaven" when he said, "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven." Matt 18:10 (NIV)  Click here to learn more about the Universal concept of the "Higher Christ Self"


Self-Mastery: Jesus's teachings were all about "Self-Mastery", including his famous words: "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48).  Remarkably enough, "Self-Mastery" is actually a universal concept shared by the teachings of the Buddha, the Ascended Masters, as well as in various Hindu paths.  Click here to learn more about the Universal approach to Self-Mastery.


Evolution: Did Jesus ever teach about evolution?  This explains how Christians are being tricked by the sinister force into an indefensible corner to destroy their credibility, and how evolution and belief in GOD are not incompatible if understood in the correct spiritual and scientific ways.  (Basically, our souls are eternal and created by GOD and during the vast majority of our lifetimes we live in beautiful higher realms and we only incarnate down here in physical bodies (which evolved according to the scientific theory of evolution) for brief periods of time to learn compassion, loving kindness, and how to unselfishly and fairly share scarce resources, and as a result we increase our soul strength.) So, should Christians be opposed to the scientific doctrine of evolution?  Click here and come find out!  Evolution


The Law of Karma - Did you know that Jesus taught about the "Law of Karma"?


Loving Kindness: Jesus' teachings on Kindness & Compassion make up the core of the Sermon on the Mount.  Again, these are universal teachings shared by many spiritual paths.  Click here to learn more about the Universal Approach to Loving Kindness.

Forgiveness: Jesus taught that we can only be forgiven as we forgive others.  Click here to learn more about this Universal Divine Quality: "Forgiveness".


Meditation, Devotion & Prayer: Jesus was filled with devotion and often went into solitary places to pray and meditate.  Click here to learn more about various forms of Meditation, Devotion & Prayer found in different spiritual paths.


Reincarnation:  What did Jesus mean when he  told his disciples that John the Baptist had been “Elijah”?  (Matthew 11:14, Matthew 17:11-13, NIV).  Was Jesus referring to this natural process of reincarnation?  Please go here to learn more about the Universal Concept of "Reincarnation".


Buddhist Influences on Christianity:  Did you know that Buddhist monks living in Egypt and Ethiopia at the time of Jesus' ministry, might have been responsible for establishing early Christian monastic practices?


Modern Day Miracles:  Reading about genuine miracles can be one of the most inspiring things for people on spiritual paths.  These particular miracle stories all involve people's heartfelt faith Jesus.


Being a Peacemaker:  In the Beatitudes Jesus said: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."  (Matthew 5:9, NIV)  And Jesus was the "Man of Peace".  Please go here to learn more about Peacemaking.


How Do Religions Become Distorted?:  Have you ever wondered how the teachings of various religions have become so distorted from the original simple pure teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, etc?  It's fascinating and very helpful to understand!


Popular Christian Praise and Worship Songs:  Go here to find a long list of especially beautiful and inspiring Christian Praise and Worship Songs which is a part of our Uplifting Music Section.


Christian Humor: If you would like an extra smile on your face today, please checkout our Christian Humor section for sweet, kind, innocent and genuinely funny jokes and stories.



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Happy reading and blessings on your remarkable journey!


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