It's Cool to Be Kind!


Everyone wants to be cool.  The problem is that what the media presents as "cool" is very often in some way sarcastic, insulting, unkind, selfish or down right mean and hurtful.  So without even realizing it, we and our children and the rest of society are often getting a very mixed message about what it means to be "cool".  But if those sarcastic people could see the harm that they're doing from the inner perspective to themselves and those they care about, they wouldn't do it.


And we all know in our heart of hearts that our Mother-Father GOD (the Infinite Buddha Nature, Our Divine Mother, the Great Spirit, etc.)  doesn't want us to be sarcastic, cruel, insulting or mean.  It just isn't cool to be insulting or mean.  So what can we do to help change society's viewpoint as to what is cool?  We can spread the basic self-evident truth that kindness is cool.


Spreading the Message


So how do we spread the message that, "It's Cool to Be Kind!"?  Well, there are lots of different ways.  For starters, we can feel the truth of it so deeply in our hearts that it comes out in everything we think, feel, do and say, including in our conversations with others, our writings, e-mails, texts, songs, music, movies, stories, art, and so on.


Plus, there's some fun things we can do!


T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers


It's easy to make our own printed inexpensive T-shirts and bumper stickers now by ordering them from websites. We can just type in what we want our T-shirt or bumper stickers to say, choose the color of the text we want, and even include a graphic of some sort if we like. Within a week or so the T-shirt or bumper stickers will arrive at our house. It's that easy!


So what can these T-shirts and bumper stickers say?

Here's some ideas:


It's cool to be kind!


Kindness is our future.  Let's start now!


Never underestimate the power of kindness!


Everyone loves kindness!


Kindness is an idea whose time has come!


It's time to be kind!


Kindness is cool!


It's fun to be kind!


I'm kind!


Let's be kind!


- and so on.


Spreading Happiness

and Abundance


Life can be full of abundance, joy, peace and goodwill between everyone everywhere.  Let's start spreading it by being embodiments of loving kindness, and consciously and intentionally spreading the message that, "It's Cool to Be Kind!".


A little goes a long way – more than we dream, because it is actually our Mother-Father GOD expanding it through us.




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May Your Life Be Filled With the Bliss of Loving Kindness and

May You Spread It Far and Wide!!!


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