The Dangers of Thought-Forms


Part 1 of 2


This article explains how we human beings often unintentionally create dangerous, powerful emotional-thoughtforms that have a life of their own and how they try to get us to feel the same discordant emotions that they were created with so they can absorb it and become more powerful.  It also explains how we human beings created the sinister force on this planet and why it pressures us to be angry, mean and to cause other self-inflicted problems.  Then Part 2 explains how these thoughtforms can trick us into destroying friendships, marriages and other precious relationships.  It is a fascinating, crucial topic.


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The following is an excerpt on this subject from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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As Pearl studied the I AM Teachings, she was gradually learning not only about how the “sinister force” was created, but also how it has continually influenced humanity throughout the ages.


She understood that since each one of us is made in the “image and likeness” of GOD, we have been endowed with certain divine creative powers.  She also knew that everything that our Mother-Father GOD (the Infinite Buddha Nature, the Divine Mother, the Paramatma, the Infinite I AM or whatever is your favorite term for GOD), creates is alive.  And of all the things she learned pertaining to this subject, the most astonishing of all was that we human beings, through our creative power of thinking and feeling, also create living things – “thought-forms!”


How does this happen?  Whether we are waking or sleeping, our Mother-Father GOD is continually pouring its divine “life force” into us by funneling it through our Higher Self, (Individualized I AM Presence, our Atma), and thence into the top of our heads.  From there it fills our hearts, minds, and bodies, with the consciousness, substance, and activity of “Life.”  Then this powerful energy radiates out from us to affect the world about us in important ways.  And because we have been endowed with “free will” we have the freedom to “qualify” this divine energy (“Christ Light”, Shakti Power, etc) however we choose.  As has been mentioned, this means that if we are having kind, happy feelings and thoughts, we are “qualifying” the Light pouring through us with these particular attributes and thus are expanding the life force of happiness and goodness on the earth.  But if we are having irritated, angry, self-destructive thoughts, even though we are still using the very same divine life force, we are now misqualifying it into dark, discordant energy that causes severe problems for ourselves, as well as for the rest of humanity.


Pearl was also surprised to learn that as this life force flows out from us, it takes the shape of an invisible, three-dimensional “thought-form” that becomes a living being or “entity,” which can now act independently of us – its creator.  Actually it would be more accurate to call this “entity” a “feeling/thought-form” or “emotional/thought-form,” because our Ascended Sisters and Brothers explain that it is our feelings or emotions which give this thought-form its independent life.  It is also our feeling that determines whether the “thought-form” will be a constructive or destructive one.  Kind, happy, selfless feelings and thoughts create beautiful, joyous, “feeling/thought-forms” which are a blessing to humanity.  But self-destructive thoughts and emotions such as irritation, jealousy, anger, hatred, revenge, meanness, etc, create ugly, sinister entities that not only embody these destructive energies, but also create terrible problems for us human beings.  And the size and strength of these humanly created entities are determined by the intensity of the feeling we are experiencing when we create them.  Naturally, the more intense the feeling, the larger and more powerful they are.  These living thought-forms then go to whoever we were thinking about when we created them, and depending on the nature of the entity, either bless them or bring pain and suffering into their lives.  Then these same thought-forms return to us, their creator, and either bless us or cause even more troubles in our lives.


After this activity is completed, the beneficial “feeling/thought-forms” are then used by the “Angelic Kingdom” in their blissful activity of blessing the earth.  But, after the destructive “emotional/thought forms” have accomplished their immediate tasks, they do quite a different thing.  They go wandering off into the atmosphere of the earth looking for human beings who will “feed” them with the same the dark, discordant energy of which they are made.  Thus, these “stray” destructive “emotional/thought-forms” seek out people who express similar irritated, upset emotions.  The Great Ones explain that the densest part of the vibratory realm in which these discordant thought-forms dwell, reaches from the earth’s surface to approximately 7,000 feet above the earth.  And since it is we human beings who have created these violent, vicious entities, they belong to us.  Thus, we are constantly living, working, playing and literally wading through this invisible mess which we have all created.  This is why our Arisen Friends urge us to visualize the pillar or “Tube of White Light of Divine Protection” projecting down from our Higher Self (our I AM Presence, Atma, etc) and surrounding us at all times.  This invincible “White Light” provides a natural, sacred force field which prevents us from being unduly influenced by these dark energies as we progress on our pathway to mastery and true spiritual happiness.  As stated earlier, our Arisen Friends refer to this unhappy realm which coexists around us, as the “astral-psychic plane,” the “psychic-astral realm,” the “astral plane,” or the “psychic realm.”


The Ascended Lady Master, Beloved Mary, explains that the “astral plane” is the same realm that the Catholic Church refers to as “purgatory.”  And while Sai Baba and the Great Ones assure us that “hell” does not exist, and that no one is “damned to eternal punishment,” they do caution us to be very careful of the destructive influences that come from the astral-psychic realm.  Our Arisen Friends explain that there is absolutely nothing good in this dark realm and that we must be very careful to see that it does not influence us in its deceitful, treacherous ways.  Fortunately, they also assure us that this humanly created astral-psychic realm will not be with us much longer.  This is because its low, discordant vibration can not be a part of the coming Permanent Golden Age on this planet.  And as it ceases to exist, people everywhere will become kind, relaxed, friendly, full of goodwill and happy!


Pearl eventually discovered another interesting fact.  Every life-form thrives on the very same kind of energy from which it is created.  Thus, since we human beings are created by our Divine Mother-Father, the Infinite I AM, out of the energy, substance and vibration of divine love, we thrive on love.  This why we like to be with friendly, warm-hearted people, and even more importantly, it is why we always feel best when we are being loving and kind to others!  But unfortunately the dark emotional/thought-forms within the “astral/psychic realm” were created by human beings as a result of their emotions and thoughts of jealousy, greed, cruelty, hatred, revenge, condemnation, intolerance, rage and so on – all of which stem from the consciousness of fear and doubt.  Consequently these dark, negative entities thrive on this very same wrathful, repugnant energy.  In fact, they want us human beings to feel and express as much of these self-destructive emotions as possible so that they can absorb these discordant energies and become even stronger.  And unfortunately, these emotional/thought forms can be extremely persuasive, hypnotic, intoxicating, and compelling as they influence humanity – especially when they trick people into being full of self-justification for their angry, violent emotions.


This is why we often feel such powerful pressures to feel, think, say and do things that we know are not a good idea to be feeling, thinking, saying or doing.  In fact, because of this subtle negative influence, we sometimes find it extremely difficult to refrain from thinking, feeling, saying or doing these things – even when we know that it is only going to bring us pain and suffering in the long run.  These discordant emotional/thought-forms hover around us, especially when we are likely to be depressed, irritated, or otherwise misqualifying the divine light flowing through us, so that they can pressure us to create and release even more of this self-defeating energy.  And if we do get upset, then of course, these psychic entities absorb the discordant energy released by us and become larger and ever more potent as they “feed” on it.


Unfortunately the larger thought-forms can also absorb some of the smaller ones into themselves and thus continue to increase in size and power.  In fact the Great Ones tell us that some of these thought-forms of mass consciousness have become so large that they cover entire continents!  Over millions of years we human beings have created literally billions and billions of various sized, destructive emotional/thought-forms, which inhabit the astral-psychic realm within the earth’s atmosphere.  This is one of the reasons why it's extremely important not to be influenced by people who try to persuade us to be angry in order to be motivated to correct various social injustices.  The anger blinds us to the fact that we're simultaneously creating all these dangerous destructive violent, hateful thought-forms that are the true underlying, but hidden cause of all future wars.  Anger hurts not only the one feeling it, but also severely damages the feeling world of all those around them.




Discarnate Entities


As if all this were not bad enough, Pearl learned that there are also “discarnate entities.”  As has been explained, these are simply human beings who have lived such destructive lives, that when they “die” they are not permitted to enter the heavenly “Etheric Realms.”  Instead, as they leave behind their physical bodies, they enter into the dark, astral-psychic plane where they dwell until their next embodiment.  Once they are in this very unhappy realm they are now the victims of the very same angry, hateful destructive energies which they previously helped to create, and for the time being, are controlled to a large extent by them.  Within this realm, each of these discarnate entities now live in their “astral body,” which is made up of the substance of their own discordant emotions.  This astral body is usually invisible to the physical sight of those of us who are still in physical embodiment, which is fortunate, because unless they were deliberately disguising themselves, they would look pretty horrible.




The good news is that our Arisen Friends assure us that we never need to fear any of these discarnate individuals or the various dark emotional/thought-forms and destructive energies which come from the psychic realm.  In fact Pearl was well aware that fear and doubt are the main weapons which this terrible realm uses!  However, even though the Great Ones do not want us to be afraid of these things, they do want us to be aware of their existence and how they try to influence us.  This is because once we have a basic understanding of their destructive aims and tactics, we can more easily and successfully protect ourselves from their subtle and often unnoticed, dangerous tricks.


One of the ways they use feelings of fear and thoughts of doubt is by projecting them into us in order to trick us into feeling and thinking that we are not strong enough to resist “giving-in” to harmful, self-destructive thoughts, feelings, and desires.  In this way, little by little, they try to weaken our resolve so that they can get us to do things that we know are only going to cause trouble for ourselves in the long run.  So we sometimes end up complying with these ruinous ideas or desires when, with a little more alertness, we could have recognized what was happening and protected ourselves.  They are also continually trying, in innumerable ways to cause discord in our lives, and chaos in society, by instigating inharmony in our in our relationships with others.  In general, the more successful we are in resisting these negative influences, the more “saintly” we become.


The humanly created emotional/thought-forms, as well as the destructive discarnate human beings, can also temporarily “possess” people still living on the earth.  This is more common than is often realized.  Some of the emotionally and mentally disturbed people who are “hearing voices” telling them to do horrible things, fall into this category.  There are many instances in the New Testament of the Bible, which show Jesus “casting” these “demons” out of people.  Similarly, Sai Baba has freed many people from demonic possession.  Fortunately, Jesus and our other Arisen Sisters and Brothers have now given us certain techniques which we can use not only to shield ourselves from these destructive disembodied individuals, but to also dissolve and consume the dark energies which they wield.  Thus, we do not need to be affected by their adverse influences.  One of these protective techniques is the “Tube of White Light” which has already been mentioned.  The other is the “Violet Consuming Flame.”  Both of these will be more fully explained in a later chapter.


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For more enlightening insights on this topic, including how thoughtforms can trick us into destroying friendships and other precious relationships, please go to Part 2: Stray Thoughtforms


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