Live Simply, Live Happily!


The goal of living more frugally is simply to live a happier, more productive and more spiritually uplifting life on less money.  This way we don't have to spend as much time earning money.  Or, if we are living on savings, then we can go a lot longer on what we already have in the bank.  There is the old saying, "time is money", which meant that we had better not waste our time, when we could be earning money.  If we were truly "wasting" our time then that might be a good idea.  But what if time was one of the most precious gifts that GOD had given us?   And what if there were spiritual teachings that could enable us to help make this planet a more beautiful, peaceful, loving place for our children and grandchildren?  And what if the same spiritual teachings enabled us to progress spiritually in important and valuable ways and all it took was a little more free time so that we could sincerely and happily apply these teachings in all aspects of our lives?  And since this website is all about sharing these precise kinds of teachings, then in one sense you could say, "money is time". In other words, why waste time earning money when we could be spending that same time making our planet a better place while we're progressing spiritually?


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