“Inspired Novels"


These books seem to fall into a category most easily labeled “inspired novels.”  The reader must decide for herself or himself how much, if any, of the book is based on actual historical fact, and how much, if any, is fiction. All of the books are absolutely fascinating to read!


Myriam and the Mystic Brotherhood, by Maude Lesseuer Howard. ISBN: 0895401053.  An interesting account of a secret spiritual brotherhood located in the Death Valley region of the USA during the 1800’s.  It's hard to tell how much, if any, of the story is factual, but the metaphysical teachings are genuine, helpful and deeply insightful.  It seems to start out as a simple “cowboy story,” but within a few pages it becomes fascinating metaphysical novel.


Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta, by Eugene Thomas, ISBN: 0895400677.  A fascinating spiritual novel about a young man who stumbles upon an non-physical spiritual community on the slopes of Mount Shasta in Northern California. Interestingly, the “flash backs” of his former lifetimes seem to be genuine, because as I read them to Pearl, she could see them in the akashic records and would sometimes fill in missing details (- Bill).  But the “present day” part of the book, especially the geological descriptions and explanations, is at least partly fictional.


A Dweller On Two Planets, by Phylos the Thibetan. ISBN: 0875050883.  The all-time best book on the lost civilization of Atlantis.  It seems to be an accurate retelling of the author’s true experiences during a former lifetime on Atlantis, as well a subsequent lifetime in Northern California in the 1800’s involving Mount Shasta.  If the first 4 chapters seem uninteresting, then jump right to chapter 5 where things become quite intriguing.


The Prince of the House of David, by J. H. Ingraham. ISBN: 0898410037 or ISBN: 0848212002.  (Might be out-of-print.)  A collection of 39 letters by a young Jewish woman named, Adina, written to her father who lived in Egypt at the time of Jesus.  They give a eyewitness account of the life of Jesus by someone who was a follower of Jesus during his ministry.  Many members of the Saint Germain Foundation believe that Adina was a former embodiment of their 20th century leader, Lotus Ray King.  And Lotus says that these letters portray a genuine eyewitness account of the life of Jesus by someone who was actually a follower of Jesus during his ministry.  It's a fascinating book that contains many helpful insights into the ministry of Jesus.  And the last chapter contains a beautiful, description of the Ascension of Jesus.


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