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How You Can Help:


Perhaps you have been touched by something in this website and you wonder how you can help spread the message.  Well, here are some ways:


First is the obvious one:


The very best way to help spread the message is simply by joyfully putting the teachings that ring true for you into practice in your everyday life.  That's the whole point of the website!  Especially the practice of pouring love to GOD, while being an outpouring of loving kindness to all life everywhere.  In this way, we will all naturally be humble and inspiring examples to others and the message can spread in a loving and natural way.


And second:


Here's an easy one: Pray for a peaceful, loving world filled with devotion to GOD and loving kindness to all.  Thanks!


Are there any other ways to help?


Tell other people about this website!  The principle way people are going to find out about this website is by word-of-mouth.  So, if you know anyone who might be blessed by this website, please let them know about it!


What Do You Like About This Website?


Believe it or not, one of the best ways you can help me is simply by letting me know what you like best about my website.  Without your feedback I don't have any way of evaluating how well I am doing!  Plus, it gives me valuable encouragement.  So how am I doing?  Please let me know what articles, sections, ideas or topics you find most inspiring, informative, or helpful.  You can give me feedback here: "Contact Me".


Do You Want to Share Any Helpful Ideas that You Might Have?


Are there any topics that you would like to see me cover that currently aren't being addressed?  And if you know about any ideas that might help people live simpler, healthier, more spiritually productive lives, please let me know.  I may not create an article on that topic right away, but at least you'll be planting a seed within my consciousness that just might sprout a few weeks, months or years later! Who knows?  Share your ideas with me: "Contact Me".


Sorry, I Don't Publish Third Party Articles


I only use articles written by myself, Bill Gaum, and later, articles by my brother, Doug Gaum, after he retires and has time to write.  I don't publish third party articles, so no submissions, please.


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