A Heaven-Sent Collie Dog:


"Furry Angel"


by Karen


My parents had died when I was 3, each within 6 months of the other. I was so sure that I had done something very wrong for this to have happened and that God was very angry with me. Every night when I went to bed, I said my prayers as I had been taught to by my deceased parents. The only thing I added was. "And please dear God if you really love me, send me a dog like Lassie".


It was Thanksgiving and we were sitting at the dinner table when there was a scratch at the front door. My adopted Dad went to the door and scared a dog away, or so he thought. He just about had time to sit down and tell us what was happening and the scratching started again. So, he repeated what he had done before and came back to enjoy his dinner when the scratching started again. This time he got the broom and thought he had taught the dog a thing or two. As he sat down ready to tell the family what he had finally accomplished, the scratching started again. This time he figured he would let the dog in, call the neighbors and find out who the dog belonged to. He opened the door and in walked a very sad and hungry and frozen collie.


We tried to find out who he belonged to, but I knew. He was a dog that would help me through the difficult times when I felt so alone.


He was my angel that looked like Lassie.


*    *    *


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