Heavenly Realms


Each of the world's great spiritual paths describe future heavenly realms that we can go to when our physical bodies "pass on" or die.  In fact, every night when we fall asleep, we leave our physical bodies and travel forth in a higher body and enter into some of these realms where we absorb the soothing divine energies and are taught by spiritual beings more advanced than ourselves.  Then we bring back the feeling of this new awareness and inspiration into our normal consciousness as we awaken in the morning.  We may not be aware of it in a conscious way when we awaken, but it is there nonetheless.


Two Different Kinds of Heavenly Realms


The Ascended Masters teach us that there are many, many of these finer heavenly realms stretching throughout the Cosmos.  But they generally fall into two basic categories: the "temporary" Heavenly Realms and the much, much higher and permanent "Ascended Realms".


Temporary Heavenly Realms


The "temporary" heavenly realms are the wonderful soothing, healing, beautiful, transcendent realms that most religions describe in their sacred texts as "Heaven".  The reason why they are only "temporary" is because we go into them when we are in between physical lifetimes or embodiments.  In other words, we go there after our physical bodies have "passed on" or died.  And then later, after we have been in those Heavenly Realms for awhile, when the time is right, we re-embody again (are born as a baby) at a denser vibratory level, perhaps at the physical density.  There we can to learn more of life's lessons in these denser more difficult, challenging realms and in the process we increase our "Soul Strength".


Upon entering these temporary Heavenly Realms, different people will experience different things depending on what is best for their own spiritual growth. But overall we would experience being in exquisitely beautiful realms with other people of similar spiritual growth and vibration.  It is in these heavenly realms that we assimilate the lessons we have learned from the previous physical lifetime we just left.  And if it was a particularly difficult lifetime, then we now have a chance to be bathed in the spiritually healing energies that sooth our finer energy fields so that we will be in better shape for our next lifetime.


In these Higher Realms, we also learn from spiritual beings who are much, much more advanced than ourselves.  Sometimes these teachers include the great Ascended Masters, or what in Mahayana Buddhism is referred to as the Celestial Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.  (The Celestial Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are also Ascended Beings.)   Plus, there are an almost infinite variety of beautiful realms to explore, transcendent ethereal music to uplift our souls, and opportunities to grow in various spiritual ways including the creative artistic and musical sides of our soul.  Additionally we often can help people who are currently in physical embodiment by pouring rays of light and love down to them to inspire them to make the right decisions in life and to sooth them when things get exceptionally rough.  So we're actually very, very busy when we're in the Heavenly Realms in between lifetimes.


The Ascended Realms


But believe it or not, there are much, much, much, much, much higher realms than the heavenly realms that we can attain to!  And they are the Ascended Realms!  The Ascended Realms are far more exquisite, divine, transcendent, amazing and blissful than the temporary Heavenly Realms and they are permanent!  Once we are Ascended, we never again need to re-embody as a physical being in a physical or denser world. From that point on we are eternally blissful beings of pure Christ-Atmic-Buddhic Light like Jesus, Blessed Mary, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) - the Goddess of Mercy, Saint Germain, the Goddess of Wisdom, and so many others of the Ascended Host.


And even once we become incredible Ascended Beings, we never stop evolving spiritually! Forever, throughout all infinity, we will be growing ever more blissful, ever wiser, ever more incredible. That means that Jesus, the Buddha, and Saint Germain are continually expanding in their own divine qualities, consciousness and cosmic abilities. Growth goes on for forever -  which is pretty sweet!  We never stop becoming ever more Cosmic!!!  Of course those who are more evolved than us, like Jesus and the Buddha will continue to remain more advanced than us, because they are continually evolving at Cosmic Levels as well.


So how do we graduate out of the great reincarnation cycle of birth, death, temporary heavenly realms, and then birth again?  And how do we move permanently into the exquisite, transcendent Ascended Realms?  All we need to do is to sincerely follow the teachings of the great Ascended Masters and Sathya Sai Baba and literally give it everything we have.


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