Golden Age Businesses


The purpose of a "Golden Age Business" is to help make the world a better, kinder, happier, safer, more equal place to live.  In other words, to inspire people to higher, kinder ways of living.


There's Nothing Wrong with Making a Profit, As Long as Humanity's & Mother Nature's Well-Being is Put First


Just like we need to breathe in order to live, every business needs to make a profit in order to pay it's employees, it's bills, and to survive.  But, the purpose of living is much more than just breathing.  We exist because we have a divine purpose to fulfill.  It's the same way with Golden Age businesses.  We need to make a profit in order to stay in business, but it's not why we exist.  We exist as a business to create needed beneficial goods and services which are a blessing to humanity, and to provide an uplifting place of employment for like-minded selfless individuals who want to serve the light within humanity.  We exist to spread light & love all over the world.  We exist to be an outpouring of GOD's loving kindness, helpfulness & compassion.


Three Business "Bottom Lines", Instead of Just One:


1) To provide a good or service that truly helps to make the world a kinder, better, more equal and more spiritually uplifting place in an ethically & environmentally responsible manner.


2) Genuinely care about one's employees, and bend over backwards to help make their lives better.  (Maybe include some sort of profit-sharing, too).


3) And of course, make a profit so the company can pay employees; stay in business; and so that the kind, caring owners can be rewarded for all of their careful planning; investment of their precious time,  money & resources; their hard work & dedication; and their sincerity & goodness.


In other words, Golden Age Businesses try to do what is best for humanity and their clients/customers, while at the same time realizing that they have to make enough money to pay their employee's and their own salary and bills.  So the emphasis is on rendering a service to humanity, rather than just making a profit.


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