Guardian Angels


by Gale from Rockland, Maine, USA


One of the first memories of my guardian angel was when I was a baby in my crib. I was around two years old. I had woken from a nap and a very beautiful woman with long red hair stood watching over me, but she was not my mother. She was not a part of my family. No one but me could see her. I believe today that she was my Guardian Angel.


I had decided to climb out of my crib and go downstairs to my mother this one afternoon. The Angel told me that this would be dangerous. She asked me to call for my mother instead. I listened to her and did this.


When I was about four years old I had a very harrowing experience. It was a dark, rainy night and I woke up from a nightmare. I called for my mother but she did not answer. I got out of bed and started looking frantically through the empty house for her. No one was home. I was alone and very frightened. I went downstairs and ran into the kitchen. I was too frightened to turn on the lights. I sat in the dark in the big armchair in the corner and tried to hide. Terrible thoughts about my nightmare went through my mind. I began to cry. Suddenly the figure of a man appeared in the doorway next to me. He looked like an ancient soldier, with clothes made of rainbow colored lights. He stood very still yet it appeared as if he was looking in four directions at once. The light from this being completely lit up the area of the kitchen where I was sitting. I was not afraid of him at all. Instead, I felt very safe and protected. He did not speak to me audibly, but I could hear words in my head. He said, "Do not be afraid. I am here to protect you." I felt surrounded by his love.


After a while I saw the lights of my mother’s car coming down the driveway. As the car came closer to the house the angel began to fade and finally disappeared.


Later during the same year I had to have my tonsils out. I was not frightened of the operation for I had no idea what to expect. In the operating room I was given ether to put me to sleep. I started to fall asleep and suddenly felt myself floating on the ceiling of the operating room. I could see everyone bent over my little body on the operating table. It was frightening. Then two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen appeared, floating next to me. They asked me if I wanted to go to a wonderful place. I said "yes" and hand in hand we started floating up into a deep blue sky with huge white clouds floating like islands in a sea. The Angels that held my hands were clothed in long feather-like garments that appeared to be made of rainbow colored lights. As we glided together they brought me close to one cloud and I noticed a meadow of green grass filled with the colors of a million wild flowers. They took me down to the meadow where it was warm and soft and smelled of the flowers. Butterflies and birds flew over my head. A white horse ran in the field next to me. At the end of the field I saw a little town with a golden arch. It was enchanting. I could here beautiful singing and I wanted to go in but the Angels said it was time for me to go back to my body. They told me that someday I would come back here, but it wasn't time yet. I began to cry because I did not want to leave this beautiful place. I could feel love from the two Angels as they gently lifted me up and guided me home to my body. I woke up on the operating table crying.


Over the years these experiences continued. In many of my dreams I would have what I understood later to be termed "out-of-body" experiences. In these experiences I always had a guarding, guiding presence with me. Sometimes the experiences were frightening. I would fight or avoid some frightening creature but always, when the moment of great danger presented itself, the guardian would step in. Sometimes he would have a sword and shield in his hand. Sometimes he would radiate white light. Always I would be protected. This did not make the nightmares go away, but it did help knowing my guardian would intercede.


When I was about eight years old I was playing with my dog in the woods behind my home. I always played here. There were a series of fields bordered by an unused dirt road and woods. On this day the guardian suddenly told me to get off the dirt road and run up into the woods. I did not question the instructions, but ran as quickly and quietly as possible into the woods. There, safely hidden behind an outcropping of rocks, I waited and watched. A strange man came walking down the road. I had never seen him before, nor would I ever see him again, yet I knew intuitively there was danger present and that I had to remain hidden until he left.


One day a few years ago, I was getting ready to hang some clothes outside to dry. Just as I was about to go out with the basket of laundry, I saw a vision of my dog running out behind me and knocking me off the steps. I then heard the familiar voice telling me not to go out the door. I made a mental note to be very careful. As I walked out the door the events unfolded in slow motion. Just as I had been shown, my dog ran out the door behind me, hit me squarely in the back of my knees and jumped off the stairs. My knees buckled and I lost my balance falling off the side of the staircase. Though the Guardian lovingly interceded, cushioning my fall with a pillow of air while telling me exactly how to fall to cause the least harm, by not heeding the initial warning I ended up in considerable pain, with a hairline fracture in my left foot.


One Easter I was told that my two year old daughter was going to fall down the stairs in my house. I hesitated to respond, knowing I had a safety gate at the top of the stairs which she could not get through. It was all the time that was needed for a friend to go up the stairs and leave the gate accidentally open. Hearing the person ascending the stairs, I rushed to the bottom, knowing what was to come. As I stood there helplessly, events began to unfold slowly. I could feel the Guardian interceding. There at the top of the stairs was my child, toddling over to the threshold. She took her first airborne step and shot head first down the entire flight of stairs. My Guardian told me not to worry, that she would not hit one stair. I was told to catch her like a football! I did this and the only part of her body that touched the floor were her little feet as I scooped her up. A cushion of air had protected her down the entire flight.


When my son was about twelve years old he walked out of our friend’s home on to a quiet country road on a dark, very foggy night. The rest of my family followed behind. My Guardian told me to quickly grab him and pull him back off the road. This time I did not hesitate, but ran up to him and pulled him off the road by his jacket. If I had not done this, a pickup truck that we could not hear nor see coming because of the thick, dark fog, would have run him over.


One of the most dramatic events in my life was when I was determined to buy a loaf of bread. I was a young, very busy working mom rushing to buy some bread before going to work. I jumped into my car with my baby son and headed out. Before I reached the end of the drive God started telling my to turn back, that this was not safe. In one of my more stubborn moods, because I was much too busy, I started debating with God, saying all I would do is get gas and bread and come home. After all, my driveway was on the middle of the hill, the gas station was at the top, and the store was at the bottom, less than a mile in all. I turned out of the driveway and drove up to the gas station with a sense of foreboding hanging over me. After buying the gas I turned down the hill toward the store. About half way down the hill I was told by God to go into my driveway. Again I argued, saying I first needed to buy the bread from the corner store at the bottom of the hill and then I promised to go right home. Right after I passed my driveway my car started to pick up a little speed so I applied my brakes. The brakes went right to the floor but nothing happened. I attempted to use my emergency brake to slow down. Once again there was nothing. No brakes in my car were functioning. Now my car was definitely picking up speed and there was a four way intersection at the bottom of the hill with a lot of traffic. I also had a red light. There was no where to drive off the road because the road ran directly through a rock outcropping with a twenty foot rock face wall on both sides. There was only a two foot shoulder on either side, not enough to pull the car entirely off the road. The store was next to the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Just before the store, on my side of the road, was a huge oak tree. There was no where to go.


Everything moved in slow motion now. I was told to turn up a dirt road just before the oak tree. I did not know how I would avoid hitting the tree and I could not even see the dirt road but by this time I wasn’t questioning. I felt hands on the steering wheel alongside mine. My car made a 90 degree turn off the road going forty five miles an hour (I looked at the speedometer) and it shot up a steep dirt road. At the top of the small road was an old car parked by a little house. I was told to graze the back of the bumper to slow my car down. I did this and the impact slowed my speeding car down to a stop. (If I had not done this my car would have gone over a 25 foot cliff I did not know was there.) Because I had no breaks the hill pulled me back down the drive. The car rolled slowly enough that when I reached the bottom of the hill, I was able to turn my tires into the curb at the edge of the road and stop the vehicle from rolling. I shakily took my son out and then walked up the hill to the little house. An older man came out and said there was hardly any damage to his car, and that $200 should cover it. I thanked him gratefully. Then I walked back to the bottom of the hill where a policeman came to make out a report. He told me, "That was some fancy driving." I left my car for the tow truck, and took my son in my arms and walked up the hill to my driveway. Now I was wondering where I would get the $200 to pay for the damages. I was told to look in my mailbox. There was a letter from a relative with a check for $200.


Yes, if I had listened in the first place I would have been $200 richer and a lot less shaken up, but I thanked God for the unconditional love and patience given, and for my Guardian.


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