The Coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness


Most of the world's great spiritual teachings talk about the coming Golden Age of Universal Peace and Loving Kindness. The Ascended Masters teach us that we are even now beginning the early stages of transition into this wonderful coming Golden Age. And this is despite all of the wars and conflicts going on throughout the world.


So What Is This Coming Golden Age?


So what do we know about this coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness? We know that all the world will be at peace and everyone will be friendly, caring, compassionate, forgiving, and so on. Children will grow up happy, peaceful, and gentle.  Everyone will be kind. Everyone will be joyously working to make the world a more beautiful happier place. We will have a new reverence for our Mother-Father GOD (the Infinite Buddha Nature, the Divine Mother, the Tao, the Great Spirit, or whatever is our favorite term for "GOD".)  Plus, we will all have a deep reverence for all life, and a renewed sense of oneness with nature and the Angelic World.


When Will We Enter this New Golden Age?


Even though, this coming Golden Age of goodness, pure intention, and bliss has been foretold by most of the world's religions.  The exact timing of the transition into it, has not been revealed and to some degree it seems to be up to us.  In fact, the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the other Ascended Ones are are working night and day to convince enough of humanity to be kind and caring and filled with devotion to GOD, so that we can safely enter the coming Golden Age of Loving Kindness.  But it is up to us.  The more of us who are kind and caring and filled with devotion to GOD, the smoother will be the transition into the Golden Age.


Let us pray that it comes in as smoothly as the unfolding of a rose.


*    *    *


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