Favorite New Age Songs


by Various Artists


These are some of my favorite New Age type songs.  May God lead you to the ones that are the perfect ones for you.  (And don't forget, to save time, you might want to start out with the songs followed by the three asterisks {* * *} as they are particularly beautiful and uplifting. And of course the song titles are in alphabetical order to make it easier to find them.)




A Hundred Thousand Angels, sung by Bliss   * * *

All I Ask of You, sung by Rafe Pearlman

Anandamayi, sung by Brenda McMorrow   * * *

Ardas Bhaee, sung by Mirabai Ceiba

Be Still Thy Soul, sung by Bradfield, Anael & Nathalie Beaulieu

Brother Sun Sister Moon, sung by Buddy Comfort

Brother Warrior, sung by Shaina Noll   * * *

By Your Side/Jaya Gurudev (feat. David Newman), arranged by Ben Leinbach

Climb Every Mountain, sung by Aria Clemente

Dance of the One, composed and sung by John Astin

Desiderata, sung by Daniel O'Donnell

Dreamers, sung by Mary-Kathryn

Earth, sung by David Roth

Fairy Nightsongs, sung by Gary Stadler, Lisa Lynne & Stephannie  * * *

Ganesha Om, sung by Brenda McMorrow   * * *

Give Light, Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie

Go In Beauty, sung by Mirabai Ceiba

Heart of the Mother, sung by Michael Stillwater   * * *

Heaven In A Wild Flower, arranged by Bill Douglas

Hold the World, sung by John Astin

I Am Love, sung by Ariah Firefly

I Offer Myself to Thee, sung by Kathryn Crosweller

Kyrie Eleison, sung by Anael

Last Song, sung by Daniel Nahmod

Let the Heaven be reflected by the Earth, sung by Hagara Feinbier

Let the Way of the Heart, sung by Karnamrita Dasi   * * *

Let There Be Peace On Earth, sung by Honolulu Children's Opera


Light, sung by Mary-Kathryn

Light One Candle, sung by Peter, Paul & Mary   * * *

Listen, Listen, Listen, arranged by Robert Gass & On Wings of Song

Love, Serve & Remember, sung by John Astin

May I Awaken /Govinda Bolo, sung by Brenda McMorrow

May the Light of Love, sung by David Roth

May the Love, sung by Circle of Friends

Mungu Akipenda, "GOD Willing", sung by Hagara Feinbier & Friends

singing in Swahili

Nella Fantasia, sung by Chloe Agnew

Ocean, sung by Mirabai Ceiba

On This Lovely Day, sung by Buddy Comfort

ONE, sung by Susan Kay Wyatt   * * *

One World, sung by Celtic Woman

Opening, sung by John Astin

Pie Jesu, sung by Celtic Woman   * * *

Panis Angelicus, sung by Celtic Woman

Sat Narayan Waheguru, arranged by Ben Leinbach, feat. Snatam Kaur

Someday, sung by Chloe Agnew

Songlines, sung by Shaina Noll

Start the Day With Love, sung by Circle of Friends

Stone By Stone, sung by Buddy Comfort   * * *

Surrender, sung by John Astin

Take Me Away, sung by Kathryn Crosweller

The Angels Voice, sung by Diane Arkenstone

The Cloud, arranged by Bill Douglas   * * *

The Flower That Shattered the Stone, sung by Shaina Noll

The Prayer of Saint Francis, sung by Buddy Comfort

The Prayer, sung by Chloe Agnew

There Is a Light, sung by John Astin

There Is Only Love, sung by Karen Drucker

The Spirit Is Calling, sung by Circle of Friends

Water, sung by Daniel Nahmod

We Are Opening Up, sung by Rebecca Trujillo

When You Believe, sung by Celtic Woman   * * *

Where I Sit Is Holy, sung by Shaina Noll

Wings of Breath, sung by John Astin

You'll Never Walk Alone, sung by Celtic Woman

You Raise Me Up, sung by Celtic Woman


*   *   *


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