Evolution & The Teachings of Jesus


Jesus & the Bible's Teaching Regarding Evolution


Believe it or not, Jesus never taught anything that would contradict the scientific truth of evolution.  In fact, he never taught about anything even remotely related to this topic.  So, if you're basing your spiritual life on Jesus' teachings, there's no problem accepting the modern scientific truth of evolution.  In other words, it's perfectly valid to say that billions of years ago GOD said, "Let there be Light" and then of course the "Big Bang" happened; and then over billions of years, stars, galaxies, planets, and life gradually evolved according to the scientific laws and principles that GOD had established.  So the wonderful scientific facts concerning evolution do not contradict Jesus teachings in anyway, shape or form.  In fact, they only magnify the magnificence of GOD's Creation and the inherent creative wisdom of GOD's scientific laws and principles.


In the Beginning: Genesis


Some people may say, "But, the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) says that GOD created the earth in only 7 days.  What about that?"  Well, who's to say how long one of GOD's days lasts?   When you study the universe through a telescope, you soon realize that GOD tends to work on a very big scale!  So maybe the length of one of GOD's days is much longer than one of our days.  After all, the length of a "day" is simply how long it takes for a planet to complete one revolution on it's axis and it varies greatly from planet to planet.  For example the length of a day on the planet Venus is 243 "earth days".  In fact, our Milky Way Galaxy takes approximately 250 million years to complete just one rotation - a Galactic Day!  Interestingly, if one of GOD's days lasts two billion years - which is nothing to GOD - then it only took GOD 7 days to create the universe as it is today!


So it is silly to argue over such things.  Instead, it is of much greater value to put into practice Jesus' wonderful teachings on pouring love to GOD and allowing GOD's loving kindness, tolerance, compassion, and helpfulness to pour through us to others, in everything we think, feel, say and do.  Then once we are Ascended (like Jesus is) we will have an perfect cosmic understanding of all these topics.


And now we can move on to another interesting idea.


We're Spiritual Beings

Temporarily Inhabiting Physical Bodies:


One of the main concerns of sincere "Born Again" Christians, is fighting the idea that we're nothing more than overgrown apes or monkeys.  This concern melts away when we realize that our souls are eternal and created by GOD, and during the vast majority of our time we live in beautiful higher spiritual realms.  We only incarnate down here in physical homo sapien bodies (which evolved according to the scientific theory of evolution) for brief periods of time to develop various spiritual strengths such as compassion, forgiveness, selflessness (by lovingly raising children and sharing with others limited resources) and so on.  So the scientific theory of "evolution" only describes the evolution of the short-lived physical bodies that we temporarily use for each physical lifetime.  It doesn't refer to our eternal Souls and Spiritual Light Bodies or our spiritual evolution in Higher Realms.  So it is important to remember that while we are currently inhabiting these temporarily, short-lived physical bodies, we are actually Divine Beings who spend most of our time in much higher, finer realms.  In fact, the Ascended Ones tell us that we're actually Divine Beings who are much older than the solar system itself.


Spiritual Lessons on the Physical Plane


So then, why do we come down here to this dense physical planet to inhabit these short-lived physical hominid bodies?  As was just alluded to, in part it's because spiritual growth on this planet comes from the effort we need to make in order to rise above the animalistic drives and impulses (including strong "fight or flight" impulses, that arise at inappropriate times) in our temporary physical homo sapien bodies. These powerful impulses and drives, that helped ensured survival for hominids in the past, often try to take us in a different direction than our Higher Divine Conscience wants us to go.  Plus, as a result of the scarcity of resources on this physical planet, we are tempted by our fear based ego/lower self to live selfishly and arrogantly.  But, gradually over many lifetimes at the physical level as we make a sincere, steadfast effort to follow our Higher Conscience, we acquire compassion, loving kindness, and learn how to unselfishly share scarce resources in caring and fair ways.  Thus, we're increasing our soul strength and gradually growing in Self-Mastery.


So, When Did We First Start Incarnating on This Planet?


One might ask, "Well, when did human souls start incarnating on this planet in these hominid bodies?  That's an interesting question and here's a possible answer.  For over 1.5 million years, since Homo habilis times, the "tool kit" of the hominid changed little.  It consisted mostly of the same simple "hand axe", a few simple stone scrapers, and later a primitive spear point used for a simple thrusting spear.  And it stayed this same way for Homo Sapiens Sapiens too, from 195,000 years ago all the way down to about 40,000 years ago.  Then suddenly around 40,000 years ago there was an explosion of innovation!  There were not just hand axes whose stones you held in your hand, but now genuine stone axes with wooden handles, much more sophisticated spear points, fine stone blades, (not just primitive scrapers), woven baskets, fish hooks, eyed needles, and so on.  But most dramatic of all was the appearance of music and extremely sophisticated art!!!!  Literally out of nowhere, came wonderful bone flutes and beautifully carved antler, bone and ivory, and the most striking of all: breathtakingly gorgeous, artistically sophisticated cave art that even today only a trained artist could duplicate!  And, what's more, from this time on came the development of all sorts of innovative, adaptive lifestyles which lead right on up to the beginning of civilization and eventually to our own modern times.


Why this sudden explosion of innovation of technology, music and beautiful art 40,000 years ago - after almost no changes in the previous simple primitive tool kit for over the last 1.5 million years?  Could it be that this is when we human souls first started incarnating on this physical planet?  Perhaps it was because of natural changes in the anatomically modern Homo sapien sapiens' brain (which allowed more sophisticated language skills and abstract thinking), that it was now possible for divine souls to incarnate into a homo sapien body and begin exploring the physical dimension and in the process gradually begin increasing in spiritual soul strength?  I believe that it is a distinct possibility that deserves further consideration.


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