Divine Guidance:


Basic & Advanced


Dear Reader, if you have just read the "Dangers on the Path" section, you're probably thinking, "I wonder whether there's a safe way to intune to Divine Guidance these days without being tricked by the Darkside?"  Fortunately there is a way and of course it is very practical and down to earth and uses common sense.  I've divided the explanation into two sections: "Basic Divine Guidance" and "Advanced Divine Guidance".  (Of course the word "advanced" is a relative one and we can always get more advanced.)  Please start with:


Basic Divine Guidance:


Basic Divine Guidance: This is a brief introduction of how we can gradually learn to intune to the feelings of our heart and thus determine if something feels right or not.


Then move on to:


Advanced Divine Guidance:


This 4 part article explains how to develop greater discernment so that we don't get fooled by lower astral impostors and tricks:


Part 1: Advanced Divine Guidance

Part 2: Advanced Divine Guidance

Part 3: Advanced Divine Guidance

Part 4: Advanced Divine Guidance


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