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Acquiring wise discernment on the spiritual path is one of the most crucial things we can do. It can make the difference between a happy successful spiritual life and an absolute disaster.  The following describes many of the so called "spiritual activities" which actually involve lower astral deceptions or at the very least misguided attempts at becoming more spiritual. These include: the dangers of many forms of astral travel; most modern versions of "Tantra"; trying to awaken one's Kundalini; unnecessary feelings of self-condemnation, guilt or grief; inviting "walk-ins" or lower astral beings to "possess" us - (that's really dangerous!); seeking all sorts of magical powers instead of greater humility and self-discipline; getting too concerned over who we might have been in former lives; giving our power and money away to crystal-ball gazers, psychics, aura readers, trance mediums, and so on; and giving our power away to “tarot” or other forms of “prophetic” cards, Ouija boards, runes, pendulums, and so on.  So you can see it's quite a mixture!  Shall we begin?


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Pearly Learns the

“Hard Way”


Like the rest of us, Pearl had to learn some of her lessons the “hard way.”  One of her more interesting “educational” experiences occurred when she was a member of the Saint Germain Foundation in the late 1930’s.


Our Elder Sisters and Brothers make it very clear that we should never try to enter the astral-psychic realm for any reason under any circumstances.  But Pearl was relatively new to the Teachings and did not realize the dangers associated with such an endeavor.  She had heard from Godfre and Lotus Ray King how psychic influences cause lots of problems for humanity, and thought that maybe she could be of greater help to the Ascended Host, if she knew more about the astral plane through direct experience.  So while attending a several day class which Godfre and Lotus were holding in Los Angeles, she foolishly made the call to her I AM Presence to be taken into the psychic-astral realm so that she could see what it was like.


Quite rapidly, she found herself out of her body and in the astral realm over the city.  She later explained to us that the psychic plane over large cities is particularly dense because of the enormous number of people concentrated in a relatively small area, who are often feeling, thinking, speaking, or acting in discordant ways – even if it is just worrying.  So she could now see Los Angeles stretched our far below her, and as she looked around, she noticed darkish, gray, blob-like things in the far distance starting to slowly move towards her.  As they approached, she could see that they were ugly, psychic emotional/thought-forms that were intent on “getting her.”  Not knowing what to do, she immediately started calling to her I AM Presence and the Great Ones to protect her.  As a result, a barrier of Light quickly formed around her that prevented the blob-like thought-forms from getting any closer than perhaps a hundred feet or so.  Understandably, she did not like being in this position, since they looked pretty mean and they were still trying to get in.  So she began calling to her I AM Presence and Saint Germain to return her safely to her physical body.  Nothing seemed to be happening.  Then, from the far distance, she saw two brilliant streaks of Light moving swiftly towards her.  It was Godfre and Lotus in their Higher Bodies!  Stopping right above her, they faced the thought-forms, and each began pouring a Ray of Light out from their hearts towards the sinister looking blobs.  As this Light contacted them, the astral entities simply melted away one by one, as they were dissolved into nothingness by the purifying power of the Light.  Finishing their task, Lotus looking down at Pearl, said, “You are not developed enough yet to do this kind of work.  Now go back to your physical body.”  Then they both disappeared as they zoomed off into the distance.  Needless to say, Pearly was tremendously relieved as the result of this divine assistance, but there was one small problem – she was still in the astral-psychic realm and did not know how to get back to her physical body!


As she made some more calls, something caused her to look up.  She was now able to see high up into another realm where she observed a beautiful temple of light.  It was quite tall and narrow, and seemed to be made out of some sort of crystalline light substance.  As one would imagine, she was extremely happy when she saw Saint Germain coming out of its entrance.  Pouring a Ray of Light down to her, he enabled her to return to her physical body and re-enter it.  Along with his compassionate, loving energy, came an Arisen Master “scolding,” in which she was told to never do such a thing again.  There was no anger in the scolding – only Love, but she said there was no mistaking its seriousness.


The next day, Lotus was thrilled as Pearl shared the experience with her.  Lotus had not retained the memory of this particular experience once she had returned to her own physical body.  So she asked Pearl to share it with her several times.  Our Ascended Friends tell us that while our physical bodies are asleep, oftentimes we are in higher realms helping others, but we generally do not remember it.  Likewise, even though we may be quite wide awake and active in our physical bodies, we may also be able to move forth in our Etheric bodies in order to help others.  In either case, during these kinds of experiences we rarely bring back the memory of it – thus we are not even aware that they have happened.  This is what occurred when Pearl assisted the hospitalized woman in Denver while Pearl was simultaneously working in her physical body back in San Francisco.  Needless to say, after this “out of body” experience in the astral realm over Los Angeles, Pearl had an even greater appreciation for Godfre, Lotus, and Saint Germain.  She also now knew the dangerous reality of the astral-psychic realm.


In general, Pearly and the Arisen Host teach us that it is not “getting out of our body” that we should be striving for.  Rather it is living so purely, humbly, and selflessly while in our physical body that we can attain the Ascension and thus never have to re-embody again.  Once we are Ascended Beings, free of the “wheel of rebirth,” we can then help humanity in ways that are so transcendent that they are beyond our current ability to imagine.


But unfortunately, this understanding is not yet widespread within the New Age community.  Thus, one of the most frequently mentioned “abilities” that “new age” people often desire to have is that of “astral traveling,” or some other kind of “out of body experience.”  Not surprisingly, Pearl always advised against seeking this sort of thing.  In the years since her experience in the 1930’s over Los Angeles, she had gained a much deeper appreciation for the dangers of the psychic.  Here are some of her insights in this regard.


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