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This is a continuation of a four part article that helps us to acquire greater spiritual discernment so we don't fall prey to all sorts of assorted nonsense.

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Out of Body Experiences


Pearl explained to us that there are basically two kinds of “out of body experiences,” or “OBE”s as they are often called – genuinely divine ones, and misleading psychic ones.  An example of a reliable form of OBE is that which has become known as the “near death experience” or “NDE.”  As most people now know, this occurs when someone’s physical body dies for some reason, but the doctors are able to revive them a short while later.  During the intervening time they frequently find themselves floating in the atmosphere above their physical body.  From this unusual vantage point they can serenely watch the medical staff frantically working to revive them.  Then something causes them to look upwards as a powerful force pulls them up though a tunnel, towards a beautiful, brilliant, loving Light.  The “tunnel” part of the voyage is experienced as they are traveling through the psychic-astral realm.  And upon reaching the “Light” within the Etheric Realm they are often given helpful spiritual insights by either the Light itself, or by a transcendent Being of Light such as Jesus.  Afterwards they are lovingly informed that it is not yet time for them to come into the Higher Realms.  They must now return to their physical body to fulfill their life’s responsibilities and learn their appropriate lessons.


Not surprisingly many of them would rather not have to return to their physical bodies.  Yet, not a single person who has ever had a “near death experience” has ever tried to commit suicide after the experience, in order to accelerate their entrance into the Higher Realms.  This occurs even with those who were suicidal before their NDE.  This is simply because as a result of their experience in the Higher Realms, they now know that we must patiently work through our life’s challenges for our own spiritual growth, and allow the wisdom of our Divine Mother-Father’s Infinite Mind to make the decision when it is time for us to leave this earthly life behind.  Another example of a truly sacred form of “out of body experience’ is when Godfre was assisted by Saint Germain to leave his physical body behind in order to travel in a finer Light-Body to other parts of the earth to be shown spiritually illumining things.  This type of OBE is naturally perfectly safe.  But one would never want to attempt it without the instruction and assistance of an Arisen Master or an Angelic Being.


Unfortunately, there is no shortage of self-appointed “experts” in the “new age community” who for a fee will teach us how to leave our bodies and go “astral traveling.”  Even though they make it sound quite exciting, Pearl warned that this form of “out-of-body experience” is extremely dangerous.  This is because since we are “seeking manifestation” we end up being in our “astral body” immediately upon exiting our physical body and thus we enter the astral-psychic realm.  She explained that our “astral body” is made up of our destructive emotional energies, and the last place we want to be is in the psychic realm in this discordant energy body.  The blind guides who claim to be “experts” may say that they can take us into Higher Realms which are safe, but Pearl assured us that nonetheless the entire experience would actually take place in the psychic realm, which would cleverly use its powers of deception to create the illusion that we are having a divine experience.  Another problem of course is that sometimes people have a hard time getting back into their physical bodies afterwards.


What are some of the other stumbling blocks encountered by sincere spiritual aspirants?


Tantra and Kundalini


Pearl warned us to avoid most of the so-called “tantra paths.”  Originally “tantra” taught spiritual aspirants to overcome their fear-based selfish desires through the constructive use of mantras  and self-discipline.  This purifying activity naturally had a beneficial effect that brought about great happiness.  This type of tantra is now known as "Right Hand Tantra".  Unfortunately, there are many so-called "Left Hand Tantric” paths today which teach just the opposite (Some of which masquerade as Right-Hand Paths).  Therefore, the seeker unwisely becomes more solidly enmeshed in the control of sneaky psychic forces, which ultimately bring about great anguish in the lives of these sincere, but misguided ones.  So one must use careful discernment in order to avoid the versions of tantra that promote selfishness and how to control other people, rather than the path of spiritual innocence and inner peace.  Also, one needs to be careful because most of those who claim to be teaching "Right Hand Tantra" are secretly practitioners of "Left Hand Tantra" and are subtly trying to gain control over their trusting students.


Pearl also warned that the “kundalini” yoga path is filled with similar hazards.  She stressed that no one at any time should consciously concentrate their spiritual energies in just their lower chakras, other than as a part of purifying and bringing all spiritual centers into balance while focusing on the heart chakra.  Those who focus on the lower chakras for the supposed purpose of awakening their “kundalini energy” usually instead open themselves to the dangerous astral forces that can be contacted through an unbalanced focus on the lower chakras.  It is helpful to remember that humbleness, purity of heart, and self-discipline are the prerequisites for being given the use of advanced spiritual powers.  Sai Baba also warns about the hazards of kundalini yoga.  And Godfre was told by the Ascended Master Victory that as we begin to enter the New Age:


 . . . the discipline for the neophyte will be the focusing and maintaining of [their] attention entirely upon the three highest centers of the body . . .


He further states that we will do all our work at these three points:


 . . . Only the centers in the heart, throat, and head will receive conscious consideration and attention.


The entire effort of the aspirant will be to hold his [or her] attention upon these . . .  The center at the top of the head is the highest focus in the human body, and there the Silver Cord of “Liquid White Light” from the Great Source of Creation enters.


When the attention of the mind is held steadfast upon this, the Door of the Soul is opened and the Three Fold Activity of the Pure White Light encircles the waist just below the solar plexus . . .  This permits his soul to leap forth into its Complete Divine activity, united once more with the Perfection of Its Source, and Eternally thereafter Master of all human creation (which means the discords of earth).  Sincere students should meditate frequently upon the Perfect Action of the “Golden Light” within the head, for It will illumine and teach the outer mind all good things.  This is the “Light of the God Within.”  One should feel It filling [their] entire consciousness . . . body and world.  This is the “Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world,” and there is no human being in existence who has not some of this “Light” within [them]. 


Shame, Guilt, and Self-Condemnation


Another psychic ploy and joy-stealer is the self-destructive habits of shame, guilt, and self-condemnation.  Pearl warned us that these three activities are just another form of emotional and mental violence, only in this case it is aimed at ourselves rather than others.  Thus, even though it is imperative for us to honestly evaluate our own shortcomings – so that we can begin affirming the divine strengths we want to replace them with – we should avoid any feelings of self-condemnation.  “Being true to ourselves” does not mean beating ourselves up.  Of course if we have injured another in some way, then it may be quite appropriate to apologize for our mistake.  It is amazing how good we can feel after apologizing for an error, and how much quicker relationships can often be healed.


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