Dangers on the Path


There are little known dangers on the spiritual path that are absolutely crucial for us to understand and avoid for our own personal safety and spiritual progress!  To avoid disaster, heartache, and regret, please read each of the following crucial and extraordinarily helpful explanations that currently are not found on any other website.  And may you always be protected by the Angels and the Ascended Host.


The Dangers of Channeling

"John's Story"


This is a fascinating fictional story that I created which shows the dangers of channeling and how anyone can be easily fooled by sneaky, deceptive lower astral beings and thought-forms, whose sole purpose is to lead us astray, while tricking us into thinking that we're getting genuine divine guidance and experiences.  I strongly urge everyone to read it, as well as the accompanying articles in the "Dangers on the Path" section.  To begin reading it please go to: "The Dangers of Channeling".




This is a brief explanation of how each one of us creates powerful emotional-thought-forms whenever we feel strongly about anything.  And this includes the horrible thought-forms we create whenever we are sad, discouraged, irritated, resentful or angry, and how these are the very same thought-forms that have created the evil, sinister force on this planet.  It also explains how and why these thought-forms try to influence or control us, so that we release even more of this discordant energy which they can use to become ever more powerful.  Plus, it explains how these dangerous thought-forms can trick us into destroying our most precious relationships, including friendships.  To begin please go here: The Dangers of Thought-Forms.


The Blind Leading the Blind


Most "New Age" type teachers are doing a beautiful job and are a great blessing to their students.  But a few are unintentionally harmful.  This four part article explains how a few of the sincere, well-meaning teachers in the "New Age" community, as well as many of the "channelers", are actually "the blind leading the blind."  These teachers and channelers are honest and have good intentions, but they simply don't realize how they are being cleverly deceived by lower astral deceptions.  The various kinds of deceptions encountered are carefully explained so that you can have better discernment sorting out the reliable New Age teachings and activities, from the fraudulent ones. This article also touches upon the role of lower astral forces in causing some illnesses, including aspects of some mental illnesses, as well as their role in distorting religions.  To begin start here: The Blind Leading the Blind.


Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment


Acquiring wise discernment on the spiritual path is one of the most crucial things we can do. It can make the difference between a happy successful spiritual life and an absolute disaster.  The following describes many of the so called "spiritual activities" which actually involve lower astral deceptions or at the very least misguided attempts at becoming more spiritual. These include: the dangers of many forms of astral travel; most modern versions of "Tantra"; trying to awaken one's Kundalini; unnecessary feelings of self-condemnation, guilt or grief; inviting "walk-ins" or lower astral beings to "possess" us - (that's really dangerous!); seeking all sorts of magical powers instead of humility and self-discipline; getting too concerned over who we might have been in former lives; giving our power and money away to crystal-ball gazers, psychics, aura readers, trance mediums, and so on; and giving our power away to “tarot” or other forms of “prophetic” cards, Ouija boards, runes, pendulums, and so on.  So you can see it's quite a mixture!  Shall we begin?:  "Learning Wise Spiritual Discernment"


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