The Dangers of Channeling


"John's Story"


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This is a fascinating fictional story that I have created which shows the dangers of channeling and how anyone can be easily fooled by sneaky and deceptive lower astral beings, whose sole purpose is to lead us astray, while tricking us into thinking that we're getting genuine divine guidance and experiences. For one's own safety on the spiritual path, it is extremely important to read!  There are a few introductory paragraphs - if you think you might get bored by them, then please just jump to the beginning of The Dangers of Channeling: "John's Story".


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The following article is about the dangers of "trying to hear" inner voices, "trying to see" inner visions, the dangers of "channeling", as well as the dangers of following many of the so-called "spiritual teachers" that claim to be receiving this kind of inner guidance.  (Here and there, there are actual saints who can experience genuine versions of these inner spiritual gifts - but they are far rarer than one might expect.)  It is an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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Pearl taught us that in order to walk the path of mastery in a balanced, safe, and happy way, we must all learn to develop divine wisdom, including “spiritual discernment.”  This is because of the many dangerous pitfalls that can be encountered on our journey to freedom.  Among the various warnings that Pearl shared concerning these numerous “traps,” perhaps none are so valuable as her caution against trusting in the subtle and fascinating, but false “divine” experiences perpetrated by the psychic-astral realm.*  These cover quite a wide spectrum and include fake, but convincing “visions;” deceitful “inner voices;” and different “feelings,” “sensations,” and “energies,” that in cunning and subtle ways gradually lure us into very treacherous and tragic situations.  And unfortunately, within this little understood category of alluring pseudo-spiritual deceptions, fall most of the so-called “new age channelings” coming forth.


One might ask, “If there are such serious hazards associated with “channeling,” then why did Saint Germain and our Ascended Sisters and Brothers train Godfre Ray King, and later Bob, to receive the ‘Letters of Light’ and give them their discourses?”  The explanation is quite simple.  The humanity of Earth needed the Ascended Master teachings in order to survive.  So even though the Great Ones knew that many people would try to imitate Godfre and get fooled by the astral-psychic realm, our Arisen Friends went ahead and gave forth these vital teachings.


Clarifying the Different Definitions of the Words:

"Astral" & "Psychic"


Before we go any further it might be helpful to remind the reader that the Ascended Host use the words “psychic” and “astral” to refer to the realm in which the humanly created “sinister force” dwells.  These two words also indicate the deceptive energies and activities that originate from this plane.  Since the two words are interchangeable, often times the Great Ones will link them together as either the astral-psychic realm, or the psychic-astral plane.  As has already been explained, some spiritual teachers and authors assign benevolent meanings to these two terms.  Our Arisen Friends, however, always use them to denote destructive influences and activities.  Thus, it is extremely important to determine which definition is being applied.  It is also essential to determine if a particular teacher really knows what they are talking about, since a shallow understanding of this topic can be the open door for painful deception in their own lives as well as those of their students.  Also, some spiritual teachers refer to the psychic realm as the “lower” astral plane, which sometimes implies that the “upper astral” is constructive, while the “lower” is destructive.  Saint Germain assures us that in reality the plane in which the forces of darkness dwell is all bad.  There is nothing good in it.  (Also, sometimes the term "upper astral realm", which is dangerous and deceptive, is confused with the genuinely benevolent, wonderful, transcendent Etheric Realms.)


An Illustrative Example:


Perhaps the best way to explain how we can be fooled by the astral realm is with an example that contains the various elements of deception.  The following imaginary story is a compilation of a few of the very common psychic ploys encountered by few of the large number of people who came to see Pearl.  Yet even though they were suffering from these sneaky deceptions to a lesser or greater degree, they often did not realize they were being tricked.  For some of them, this lack of discernment arose in an unexpected way.  Since they had already had genuine divine experiences in their lives, they consequently had become over-confident in their ability to distinguish between the “real” and “unreal.”  Others had simply begun to have “psychic experiences” and were not aware that pseudo-spiritual forces were fooling them.  So I (Bill, the author of this website) created this story to help these precious ones see how the “dark side” was deceiving them.  Pearl often asked me to share it with those coming to see her, because simply by explaining how these cunning practices operate, many of them were able to escape the trap, and live much happier, spiritual lives.  Do not be surprised, if you are surprised.

A Typical Deception:  "John's Story"


Let us say that a young man named John, is just beginning to learn the happy truth that GOD is real.  He has also discovered that all the world’s religions are simply different paths leading to the same divine destination, and that our earth will soon be entering the Golden Age of love, truth, and peace.  Consequently, he is filled with hope and joyous enthusiasm.  So far, so good.


As a result of these new understandings, John is anticipating marvelous miracles in his life.  This feeling of expectation can be a good thing if done patiently, wisely, and humbly.  But unfortunately, it can also be a wide open door to many pitfalls if we are not careful.  Pearl particularly warned us never to be so impatient, that we try to force sacred experiences to happen.  Nor should we ever “seek manifestations” by trying to “hear inner voices” and “see inner visions.”  She always urged us to simply apply the Higher Laws patiently and humbly, and then if it is the divine plan for us to have a vision, or some other similar kind of holy experience, it can happen naturally and safely in the right way at the perfect time.


Let us imagine that in John’s life this feeling of anticipation, and the desire for “phenomena,” is heightened by the fact that many of his friends are having what they assume are genuine spiritual experiences.  And some of these are quite dramatic.  They are often hearing audible “inner voices;” seeing what they assume are authentic, sacred “visions;” and perceiving a great variety of so-called “spiritual feelings” and “divine energies.”  But unfortunately because they have not yet developed wise spiritual discernment, they do not realize that they are often being fooled by what Pearl called the “light side of the dark side.”  They are unaware that they have inadvertently opened themselves to a treacherous realm that deliberately perpetrates “pseudo-divine experiences” in order to divert the sincere spiritual aspirant from the valid progress which they are making.  Not understanding this precarious situation which exists with his friends, John admires them and wishes that he too can begin having such “sacred events” in his own life.


Now let us say, that as a result of some of the constructive teachings that he is studying, John has wisely started to live a purer, healthier, cleaner, more spiritually uplifting lifestyle.  In addition, for several months he has been sincerely applying newly learned divine laws in his life.  But John is feeling “left out.”  He has not had any of the so-called “divine experiences” his friends have been having.  Nor has he heard a single “inner voice.”  He has not even had one “vision,” or felt any “unusual energy.”  It just does not seem fair to him.  So he begins thinking, “Where’s the justice?”


John may have read one of the genuine Ascended Master discourses warning against “seeking manifestation,” but as yet he does not understand its meaning or its importance.  He simply wants to have a divine experience.  In addition, let us assume that John now has to make a very important decision in his life.  And in his heart he just wants to do GOD’s will.  But he is confused, and thinks, “What is GOD’s will?  This is a serious matter!”  So now he is agonizing over what he should do.


Because this is such a critical decision, John decides that he has to get the answer straight from his I AM Presence, Sai Baba, or from one of our Arisen Friends.  Going into his bedroom, he sits down in his meditation area, visualizes the protective white light of his I AM Presence around himself, and says a prayer or affirmation of protection.  Visualizing the “White Light” and affirming divine protection is an excellent thing to do.  But then he makes a very foolish mistake that “undoes,” or “pokes a hole in,” the very protection he has just called forth – he starts “seeking manifestation.”  Since he has a vague feeling for what it must be like to “see” something with his “inner sight,” or “hear” something with his “inner hearing,” he now starts trying to do this very thing.


Sai Baba and the Great Ones beg us not to do this.  Consider this advice which was given to Pearl and Bob and their little group in the 1940’s from an Arisen Master known as the Lord Maitreya.  This Great Being is a tremendous outpouring of Universal Christ Love to our solar system and he “over-lighted” Jesus during his ministry:


Do not seek manifestation, dear ones, it is the open doorway to disaster for you.  O how many times, I think perhaps more than any other one thing, the desire for manifestation has been the downfall of various students.  Of course they are not lost, they merely drift around for a while for more manifestation until they learn that is the way of sorrow.  Do not seek it!  Seek the Kingdom of GOD, the Light within you, and all else will be added.


Most of these [spiritual] things which take place you do not see.  Can one of you here tell Me the rate of vibratory action of your physical body?  Would one of you know if it were increased?  Of course not!  Then why be concerned?  Just be natural, normal, healthy, happy people.  Do not seek the thrill of feeling Light course through your body.  It will happen and you will feel it, but don’t seek itDo not seek the manifestation.  Let your love and adoration go to the Light itself.  Turn your attention to your [I AM] Presence and recognize what It is.  That is your eternal obligation to life. 1


But John is at the stage of spiritual growth where his “zeal exceeds his wisdom” – a very common situation with so-called “new age” people.  And not understanding the true meaning and significance of the Lord Maitreya’s warning, he continues trying to “hear” or “see” something on the “inner” as he meditates.


John does not realize that by “seeking manifestation,” a ray of light goes forth from him that passes through the wonderful protective White Light with which he has surrounded himself, and opens him to the deceptive influences of the psychic plane.  How does this activity occur?  Pearl taught us that each one of us has a divine attribute called the “ray of our attention.”  Whenever we focus our attention on someone, something, or some place, we are actually connecting ourselves with that particular thing through a ray of light.  This ray of light or “ray of our attention” allows an exchange of light energy, or consciousness, to take place with whomever or whatever we are focusing upon.  For example, when we are gazing at other people and talking with them, we are literally “connecting” with them via an unseen ray of light.  It might be focused on only one person, or it may enlarge to include a whole crowd.  Likewise, when we think of another country we are literally connected with that nation through the “power” of our attention.  This is why our Ascended Sisters and Brothers and Sai Baba caution us to be very careful about what we allow our thoughts and feelings to dwell upon.  We are literally becoming one with whatever we are thinking about, and thus its energy begins pouring into our consciousness.  This is why we sometimes experience a sinking feeling in our solar plexus, or get sick to our stomach, when we are watching a disturbing television program which millions of other people are simultaneously viewing.  We are simple “tuning-in” to the “mass consciousness” of all the other viewers.  It is no wonder that the Great Ones urge us to learn to see the divinity that interpenetrates all things!  In this way, we will allow only perfection to expand in our “worlds” or “consciousness.”


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