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In the days following this experience John is elated.  He casually mentions to his neighbor, Susie, that he has had a vision of Jesus, but that it is not time yet to share any details.  All the while, his feeling that he must be a very important person, is growing ever stronger.  And because of his increasing spiritual blindness, the discarnate entity can now gradually begin diverting John from whatever worthwhile sacred paths he was on in the first place, and on to a path of pseudo-divine activities that promises much, but which leads nowhere, gets him into trouble, and even worse, causes greater enslavement to further suggestions from the astral realm.  But John is now so completely convinced of the authenticity of his experiences that he ignores the concern that his friends are starting to express towards him regarding strange changes in his behavior.  As a result of subtle psychic projections, a form of “spiritual arrogance” has been gradually growing within him so that he now feels, “Nobody can tell me what to do, I’m getting this stuff straight from Jesus!”


One thing is starting to worry him though.  When the visions and voices first started, they tended to be fairly clear and direct.  But once in a while they seem to be blurred, dark, and confusing and he sometimes has a hard time figuring out exactly what it is that they want him to do.  His resulting confusion and anxiety is “yummy food” to the astral entity who still gives him enough “clear,” yet fraudulent experiences, in order to keep him hooked.


But what is more “fun” to a discarnate entity than leading one person around by the nose?  It is misleading lots of people.  So this phony “Jesus” now starts laying the foundation for John to become a “channel.”  It does this by prompting him to tell his friend Diane that the company she works for is planning to eliminate her position at work, and “let her go.”  Diane checks into the matter and sure enough she finds it is true.  So she quickly finds a new job before it happens.  It is not hard for a discarnate human being to discover something like this – all it has to do is “listen in” on Diane’s supervisor’s conversations with other officials in the company.  But Diane, not knowing how this all works, starts to feel that John must be very holy to be receiving such “accurate divine guidance.”  He is now prompted to tell other things to other friends and most of the time at this early stage his “revelations” turn out to be more or less correct.  John also tells Susie that they have had some previous lives together.


So now he has a group of friends and acquaintances including, Susie, who are starting to come to him for this seemingly “heaven-sent guidance.”  Occasionally the false “Christ” actually gives a “dictation” through John to the delight of his assembled friends.  The malicious entity tells them that they are all going to become Ascended Beings in the very near future and many other thrilling things.  But with all of this excitement and “divine assurances,” there is no emphasis whatsoever on the necessity of calming and purifying their feelings, thoughts, and desires, through self-effort and self-discipline.  There are a lot of amazing promises, but this deceitful being completely glosses over the fact that we must go through the hard work of gradually attaining the purity and selflessness required for mastery and the Ascension, through our own determined effort in a step by step manner throughout our life.  Because they are all relatively new to these ideas, it does not dawn on them that if it were as easy as that - we would have all become Arisen Masters millions of years ago.


In fact, in very subtle but sneaky ways, this fake “Jesus” is prompting them all to do just the opposite.  He is encouraging them to become involved in activities which lower the frequency of their sacred vibrations, deplete their energy, fill their feeling worlds with fear and doubt, eventually create misery and ill health, and cause them to use hard-earned money and resources in foolish ways.  It is also about this time that John reveals to Susie the “truth” about them being Twin Rays and their need to work together.  Susie is both confused and elated at the same time.  She is confused because she loves her husband and children and wonders how this will affect her marriage and yet she is elated that she gets to work with someone who is “channeling Jesus” and who just might be her Twin Flame.


As the months go by, the discarnate human being now begins showing John that he has become such a “pure channel” that he can begin charging money for his channeled messages.  And Susie by now is so completely hooked into all of this deception, that she has left her distraught and loving husband in order to fulfill her “divine mission” co-teaching with John.  But she does occasionally wonder, “if we are really Twin Rays, then why do John and I argue so much?”  After a year of channeling “professionally,” John is shown to write a book describing how to “get in touch with your own ‘spirit guides.’”  In reality it is simply a recipe on how to open up to discarnate entities in the astral realm.  Unfortunately, this books sells fairly well in the “new age community” and in turn many more people are beginning to be fooled by sinister beings posing as “spirit guides” of one form or another.  A great many books in new age bookstores fall into this category.  The purpose of the sinister force is to have so many people channeling fake discourses and false messages mixed with some truth, that the worthwhile books in metaphysical bookstores are simply “swamped out” by the psychic-astral ones.  This makes it very difficult for sincere, well meaning, spiritual aspirants to find books that contain reliable teachings and information.  It also causes the news media, as well as people from other spiritual paths, to “make fun” of the “new agers.”


With John’s renown as a “successful channeler” he is now in demand for leading expensive “Ascension” workshops and study groups.  These cause people whose “zeal exceeds their wisdom” to deviate even further from simple, but effective paths of truth, humility, kindness, and lives of pure intention.  They also pay John a lot of money for this dubious privilege.


Finally, John is shown in a “vision” that he and a small group of his followers are to buy thirty-five acres of land in the middle of a desert, eighty miles away from the nearest town.  The phony “Jesus” assures him that the spiritual vibration of this land is so high, that it will make it possible for Jesus to materialize himself to them, so that he can walk and talk with them in person.


In order to buy the “special” desert property, various ones of the group are asked to contribute the necessary funds.  Some of them start getting a little nervous about this, but John reassures everyone that “Jesus is never wrong.”  And after they all move out to their newly acquired land, other things start happening that do not bode well for the future.  John is now “shown” that everyone must turn over to him all their wealth, property, and personal belongings, so that they can pass the test of “nonattachment.”  John is also beginning to sleep with various women in the group in order to supposedly “balance his energies,” and his “Twin Ray” Susie is becoming very upset with him.  Meanwhile, Jesus hasn't "materialized himself", there is no water on the land, life has generally become absurdly difficult, and everybody is getting pretty fed up with John.  Discord then erupts between various members who still support John, and those who are disenchanted with him.  Finally, some people start realizing that somehow they have been “had” and start leaving the fold.  Then the whole thing breaks down and John is left alone wondering how he could have gotten into such a mess when he has always been so sincere.


John Begins to Understand


A deep shift is now occurring within John.  He is feeling very discouraged and now realizes that he better start being much more careful of the so called “divine messages” he is still receiving.  It's starting to dawn on him that they probably are not coming from Jesus after all and in fact they are probably coming from a source which does not wish him well at all – the dark side!  So now that John is starting to realize that the sinister force really exists, and that it seems to be capable of fooling him with phony, but seemingly real “sacred” visions, voices, feelings, and energies, he is on his guard and is no longer falling so easily for their tricks.  Thus, the dark forces come up with plan “B.”  They try to trick him into thinking that everything he has gone through thus far has just been a test, and that now that he is refusing to accept the false messages, he has actually developed true spiritual discernment.  It is really quite simple for the sinister force to do this.  First, the phony “Jesus” reappears to him and tries to prompt him to do something that does not seem quite right.  John instantly declares, “In the name of the true Christ be gone!”  As a “result,” this fake “Jesus” slowly changes into a horribly fiendish looking being who is angry that John has discovered its ruse.  Then it fades away from his sight completely.


The next moment, the very same sneaky discarnate human being reappears to him in the form of Beloved Mary, (or some other trustworthy divine being).  She is absolutely gorgeous to look upon and pours down to him a reassuring feeling of fake peace and love.  Then speaking in a lovely musical voice of great encouragement says, “My son be at peace.  You have been sorely tried, but it was necessary for you to go through these difficult experiences in order to develop true discernment.  Henceforth you will no longer be fooled by devilish beings pretending to be Arisen Masters and I will personally teach you the finer points of true discernment.  Be happy.”  So now John goes back and forth in his mind trying to figure out whether this is really Beloved Mary or not.  Using shallow reasoning, he thinks to himself, “Why would a bad being teach me true discernment?  Therefore, it must really be Beloved Mary.”  Also he does not like the idea of going back to living a seemingly mundane life with no public adulation whatsoever.  Thus, his ego gets the upper hand and sure enough he once again feels that he has developed reliable discernment.  So for a few weeks the phony “Mary” is able to get him to be involved in some questionable activities that seemingly are teaching him the finer points of spiritual discernment.  But before long he’s figured out that he’s simply being fooled again and no longer listens to the being’s advice.


Now let us imagine that at this point in John’s life, one of his friends gives him a book that illustrates the authentic teachings of our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, and Sai Baba, and carefully explains the deceptions of the astral realm.  And as he reads it, he begins to learn the truth about “the ‘light side’ of the dark side,” and all the pseudo-spiritual experiences that have been perpetrated on him.  He is both amazed and distressed.  He is amazed at what a thoroughly convincing job the dark side can do in creating believable, but false visions, voices, and sensations.  He also realizes that he never would have fallen for these tricks if he had stayed more humble and had not gotten so excited.  And he sees that by being more serene, careful, and taking the time to “feel things out” he would have avoided a lot of pain and sorrow.  He now also understands that most of his friends are being fooled by similar psychic deceptions.  And he is shocked as he begins to realize how many of the so-called “new age” workshops, books, magazines, and activities are being produced by sincere, well-meaning people who are also being duped by astral-psychic forces.


Meanwhile, as he learns about the real Arisen Host and their truly wise teachings, a newfound hope is awaking within him.  And he is delighted to discover the reality of Sai Baba, the Avatar of this Age, and how he has come to bring this planet from darkness into Light.  So he makes a mental note to study more of Baba’s teachings.  And as John learns more about how the astral realm works, he is realizing that it is really quite simple to become free of this horrible psychic trap.  He now realizes that all he needs to do is ignore all the crazy astral-psychic things going on, including the deceitful voices, false visions, misleading feelings, deceptive bodily sensations, and treacherous astral energies.  One of the main benefits of this plan is that now he is no longer feeding the entity by having his “ray of his attention” on it.  Thus, if he does this, sooner or later the malicious discarnate human being will run out of ammunition and go find someone else it can abuse.  As he learns more, he also discovers that once he stops paying attention to all the psychic nonsense, things might seem to get worse for awhile before they get better.  But if he continues to follow the teachings of the Great Ones, everything will work out fine.  The most important thing is to simply ignore the various astral manifestations as they are occurring, and instead affirm to himself, “There is only GOD,” or something similar.  If he follows this simple plan, then he would cease giving additional psychic power to the entity.  Once the discarnate begins running low on energy and sees that it can not get any more from him, it will go in search of someone else whose life force it can drain.  Somehow, as John reads these reliable teachings they “ring true” in his heart and so he gratefully begins applying them.


But this does not mean that he is instantaneously free of astral interference in his life.  Now the sinister force comes up with plan “C,” which for some people is the most terrifying part.  Since John no longer has his ray of attention focused on this astral being or its clever psychic phenomenon, it can no longer steal John’s life force.  And since it was using John’s misqualified energy to become ever more powerful, it begins plotting how it can regain control of John’s attention so it can continue to sap his power.  It decides to do this through a thoroughly time-tested trick – fear!  So now, instead of using John’s stolen life force to help create and energize the false visions, voices, feelings, and sensations, it tries a different tack.  It knows that if it can gain John’s attention through fear, then John’s life force would still be pouring into the astral realm, but this time it would be qualified with fright – a quite useful energy to discarnate entities.  Then it can continue to steal this power and use it for its nefarious purposes.  The entity is also aware that it only has enough “stored up” stolen energy to antagonize and terrorize John for about a month or so before it runs out of “ammunition.”  Thus, it has to act quickly or John is going to get away.


So now the discarnate human being takes on the form of a devilish fiend, or perhaps appears as “Satan,” in order to deliberately give John the impression that he is now facing the full power of the sinister force.  And now that its vileness is apparent, this cunning dark force tries every trick in the book to convince him that it has taken complete control of John’s faculty of freewill, and therefore he has no choice, but to do its heartless bidding.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  Yet, they are now telling him to do appallingly evil things!  Also, a new and startling phenomena is now taking place.  It seems as though some strange force is painfully squeezing his physical heart, and the “satanic beings” are telling him that they are going to kill him if he does not do what they want him to do.


At first this is all very frightening for him, but as a result of reading the helpful book, he is starting to figure out how these things work.  So he steadfastly ignores the threatening voices; the physical heart pain; the gruesome, shocking visions; and quietly says to himself, “It has no power.  There’s only GOD.”  He now knows that if he stops paying attention to the psychic phenomenon and places his attention on his Higher Self, his I AM Presence, he will be gradually, but powerfully filled with GOD’s strong, peaceful Light, rather than losing his life-force to the entity and its tricks.  And of course, once he starts ignoring the dark force and all its illusions, he begins to calm down.  So, with growing hope, he begins to realize that these vicious beings can not really make him do the terrible things they are telling him to do.  They can only try to make him think they can.  Naturally, at this point, the astral manifestations begin to get even worse, while the psychic-astral realm is trying every trick in the book to regain its influence over him.  But, gradually over a few weeks time, the threatening “inner voices,” and the devious, frightening psychic interference diminishes in frequency as the discarnate begins running low on fuel.


Finally, John begins to see that the real Ascended Masters know what they are talking about, and he starts to realize that as he is practicing their teachings he is indeed becoming free of these horrible forces.  So for the first time in weeks he finds himself letting out a sigh of relief.  Gratefully, he realizes that he can just be himself again.  And after a month or two the frustrated discarnate entity finally leaves him alone entirely and goes in search of more fruitful fields where it can find someone else to fool and whose energy it can drain.  It knows only too well that there is no shortage of sincere spiritual aspirants whose “zeal exceed their wisdom,” whom it can now begin to fool instead of John.


John is now a little humbler and wiser as a result of all his experiences.  And it is starting to become more apparent to him how his ego attachment to his so called "spiritual experiences" had kept him from seeing how he was being deceived.  Consequently, the importance of humility and patience on the spiritual path is becoming ever more apparent to him.  Now he just wants to live a humble, simple life focusing on devotion, humility and pure spiritual intentions while being kind and helpful to others.  Thus, John is beginning to feel a newfound peace expanding within him and he's becoming a happy, natural, normal, healthy member of society once again.


He also wants to cut himself completely free of all the activities the astral forces had lured him into.  He considers giving away the extra copies of the book he had written entitled, “How to Contact Your Own Spirit Guide.”  But he does not want anyone else to have to go through the agony he has gone through, so he wisely just dumps them into the book bin at his recycling center.  Now, as he begins to sincerely study and apply Sai Baba’s and the Ascended Master teachings, the newfound peace continues to grow within him.  And he is starting to notice how different it is from the fake psychic “peace.”  He is also discovering that as he reads the genuine discourses of our Arisen Friends (including those contained in the Saint Germain Foundation’s books, Pearl’s Step By Step Books, and in the book, I AM the Open Door), that a deeper inner peace is continuing to expand within him.  And he is pleased to discover that this is a far happier activity than reading the pseudo-truths found in the huge variety of phony “Ascended Master” discourses being “channeled” by people whose discernment is no better than his had been a few weeks earlier.


Gradually he is beginning to appreciate one of Sai Baba’s sayings, which he had heard before, yet did not quite understand.  Baba says, that it is best to start on the spiritual path early in life; that we should be steady, sincere, methodical, and patient in our application of the required disciplines; and that we should avoid the many tempting, but hazardous “short cuts” promised by various unillumined “teachers.”  He sums this up by saying:


“Start early, drive slowly, and arrive safely.”


John now wants to take this safer, saner, more balanced path to divine freedom and mastery, rather than to chase after the false promises of the astral-psychic realm with all of its supposed shortcuts.


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As was stated in the beginning of this section of the website, the preceding story about John is just an imaginary one, yet it gives a clear example of the kinds of psychic-astral deceptions being perpetrated on sincere, but naive people.  It is also helpful to realize that the particular scenario depicted in “John’s story” is only one out of thousands of possibilities.  Some people’s actual experiences with false “divine” guidance are milder and less dramatic, but others are far worse, with quite tragic endings.  And still others are simply different than the above story.  There are many variations on the theme and the discarnate human beings in the astral realm are not shy about using them.


These clever psychic deceptions are the precise reason why the real Ascended Masters so rarely give visions to people, talk to them via an inner voice, or even appear to them in their tangible Arisen Master bodies.  This is because as soon our Ascended Sisters and Brothers do this, then these dear ones usually want additional divine experiences and start “trying” to have them.  And of course, this “seeking for manifestation” often ends up opening them to the astral realm and they get into a lot of unnecessary trouble.  Saint Germain makes this point quite clear in the following quote:


[The] tremendous desire for manifestation is what interfered with the Theosophical Society, and that is one reason why I do not come forth in My tangible body any more than I have, because just as sure as that begins, with most there is a tremendous desire for manifestation, and that desire will move individuals into the psychic realm just as soon as there is a sun and stars. 7


People often wonder why the Great Ones are so discreet in their workings with humanity.  The above quote gives one excellent reason.  After this book, "My Happiness and Your Happiness", is published and more people become aware of Pearl’s service to humanity, (this web article has been an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I am writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris), I would not be surprised to hear that some people are now claiming to “channel” Pearl.  Hopefully with this information you will use discernment and not be fooled.


Why does the Psychic-Astral Realm want to fool us?


One might wonder what motivates discarnate human beings to cause all of this fear and misuse of our time, energy, money, and even our bodies?  We can look at this question from three different perspectives.  The first is the point of view of the psychic thought-forms.  The second is the point of view of the discarnates.  And the last is our own enlightened perspective given to us by the Arisen Host.


The temporary thought-forms that we have created as a result of our discordant emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds, are aware of an important fact.  The Golden Age of Peace and Universal Love will only be able to become a reality as each one of us human beings becomes free of fear and doubt, as well as the selfish human cravings and habits caused by fear and doubt.  As we begin to free ourselves, step by step, from these enslaving desires, we will gradually become such powerful outpourings of love, kindness, mercy, humility, and selfless service that the Sacred Light pouring through us will begin rapidly dissolving the darkness from the earth.  The dark, sinister thought-forms can see that if GOD’s Light continues to expand in this way, the astral realm and the “evil force” which dwells there will soon cease to exist.  So these humanly created thought-forms of anxiety, irritation, unhappiness, and so on are literally fighting for their very existence.  But since these thought-forms are humanly created, rather than divinely created, they sooner or later will cease to exist anyway.  Nevertheless, because they want to extend their “life spans” as long as possible, they are trying their best to prevent, or at least delay, the coming Permanent Golden Age by deceiving the very people who want to consciously assist in bringing it forth.


Naturally if the “dark force” is successful in its endeavor to delay or prevent the coming Golden Age of Peace it will be very pleased with itself.  Thus, it provides pseudo-divine paths which dazzle the individual with tempting promises, but which in actuality simply delay the individual’s spiritual attainment by causing them to get caught up in silly, nonsensical, unnecessarily complex phony “spiritual” type activities.  These various activities, including channeling, distract them from the very real and simple, yet harder and more challenging task of purifying their intentions and self-mastery through self-discipline.


The second point of view – that of a destructive discarnate human being who is temporarily trapped in the astral realm – sees things a little differently.  This is because since these unfortunate ones are to a some degree addicted to hate, anger, lust, violence, and so on, they are able to be controlled to a large extent by the vicious, humanly-created, psychic thought-forms which dwell in the astral realm.  Plus, they are to some degree often influenced or controlled by those students of the black magicians who still remain in this unhappy plane.  Thus, they are more or less the temporary slaves of their own desires and the horrible thought-forms they themselves helped to create while living in former human embodiments.


The third point of view is the illuminating perspective provided by the teachings of the Arisen Ones.  We now know that the “sinister force” is nothing more, or less, than humanity’s own self-destructive emotional/thought-forms coming back to us to test the strength of our spiritual purity, gentleness, wisdom, humility, commitment, and so forth.  In order to become perfect Ascended Beings, we need to have any shortcomings within us pointed out to us so that we can consciously begin to replace them with the necessary sacred strengths.  These human faults might be a “puffed up” ego; lack of confidence; uncontrolled desires; ignorance; anger; or something else.  Since these various weaknesses can temporarily “blind” us, we are unable to discern the difference between astral hoaxes and genuine sacred experiences.  Thus, we “give in” to their temptations and accordingly get into lots of trouble.  Of course this “trouble,” with all its pain and suffering, ends up really being our perfect divine lesson of the moment.  And little by little, over long ages of being tempted; giving into temptations; and slowly learning from our trying, painful experiences; we gradually develop the level of divine wisdom and obedience required to become Arisen Masters.  Why did we choose to enroll in such a difficult, challenging program as becoming Ascended Masters in the first place?  Because we could see how much good we could ultimately do.


Pearls of Wisdom


· Our zeal can exceed our wisdom.


· The “dark side” can simulate “divine” light, peace, love, and energy.


· Discarnate entities can appear as “angel’s of light.”


· Humbleness, patience, the feelings of the heart, and common sense are our protection.


· While it is possible to have genuine divine experiences it is important to not seek inner voices, visions, or other manifestations.


· Neither should we try to contact “inner guides.”


· Instead, we can just be natural, normal, healthy, happy people.


· It helps to continually strive for greater purity of intention in our thoughts, feelings, diet, and lifestyle.


· Do not be fanatical.


· Be unconcerned about who our Twin Ray might be.


· Be unconcerned about who we might have been in former embodiments.


· Hallucinogenic drugs can open us to cunning psychic-astral influences.


· To break free of psychic interference, ignore all the psychic phenomenon and just say to ourselves, "There's only GOD" and keep on living normally making decisions using common sense.   The phenomenon usually gradually stops after a few weeks.



This is the end of this 4 Part Article on the "John's Story".


I hope it was helpful and a blessing to you.  - Bill Gaum


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