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The following is a continuation of an article about the dangers of "trying to hear" inner voices or "trying to see" inner visions, as well as the dangers of "channeling".  It is an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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Now this discarnate human being begins to tighten the noose even further by expanding John’s ego attachment to the feeling that not only is this a heaven-sent experience, but that he must certainly be far more spiritually progressed than any of his friends who have not had any such experience.  So, in a sweet, gentle voice, dripping with emotional love and attachment, the fake “Jesus” says to John, “The reason you are now permitted to have this vision is because you were none other then King Kazoo during the Garbanzo Civilization,” or some such thing.  As John discovers this “magnificent truth” about himself, he is so “touched” that he begins to cry with even more joy than before.  He thinks, “I’ve always felt so close to the ancient Garbanzo Civilization, but to think that I was King Kazoo!”  The phony “Jesus” now observes that this is the perfect time to plant some seeds that will later complicate another person’s life with a lot of unnecessary pain, suffering and confusion, so he adds “And your neighbor, Susie, was none other than Princess Ping Ping!”  As John hears these words a shivery energy begins pouring down through his back and spine.  Not realizing that this is just another trick of the astral realm, he thinks, “This shivery feeling surely is a divine confirmation!”


Then, as a result of some thoughts projected to him by the entity, he finds himself thinking, “I wonder if Susie and I are Twin Rays?”  More shivery energy pours through him causing “goose bumps” on his arms and back.  As a result of the “goose bumps” John is now certain that they are Twin Flames and begins to wonder if they have a special work to do together.  The false “Christ” replies to his unspoken thought, “Yes indeed!  It is vital that you work together with your Twin Ray, Susie.  Otherwise, neither one of you will be able to make your Ascensions for another twenty-thousand years!  You both must be together in order to rectify certain karmic conditions that you each incurred during the Garbanzo Civilization.”


The only problem is that his kind, attractive neighbor Susie, who also happens to be interested in “New Age” things, is not really his Twin Flame.  Nor was she Princess Ping Ping.  Neither is it the Divine Plan for them to be together.  Plus, she is already happily married and the mother of two children!  This is a good example of how the psychic realm loves to take a spiritual truth and then distort it in order to cause problems.  As shared earlier, the genuine Ascended Masters tell us that each one of us really does have a Twin Ray.  We also know that on rare occasions the Great Ones do bring them together in order to render important services.  Godfre and Lotus, and Pearl and Bob, are both examples of these instances. (Please Note: This is a different "Pearl & Bob" than described  in Godfre's book, "The Magic Presence" - in that book they were brother and sister.)  But in general these are extremely rare occurrences.  And as the reader may recall, the Arisen Ones warn us not to look for our Twin Ray here on Earth, or on the “inner realms.”  They also caution us to be wary of anyone who claims to be our Twin Flame, or of individuals who think they are able to identify our Twin Ray for us.  It may be helpful to remember that the Great Ones tell us that the quickest way for us to be with our real Twin Flame, is to work on spiritual purity, humility, and so on, so that we can make our Ascensions.  And if our “Twin” has not yet made the Ascension, we can then help them from the Ascended Realms.  Once they Ascend, we can then begin working together at Cosmic Levels.  It was precisely these very same warnings which caused Pearl to be so cautious when she was first presented with the idea that Bob might be her Twin Flame.  In this particular case, she had sufficient spiritual discernment that she was able to feel the reality of it in her heart.  Yet, it was good for her to be cautious.  The Great Ones would rather have us “be safe than sorry.”  Thus, it is not surprising that, Pearl warned her students to be very careful about these things.


Unfortunately, John is not calling to his I AM Presence for greater clarity, nor does he know how to “feel these things out” in his heart.  But taking compassion on him, the real Jesus, Goddess of Wisdom, and Sai Baba are now pouring into John a genuine divine assistance whose energy is so high and pure that he is unaware of it with all the astral excitement going on.  In this way, they are expanding an activity of Divine Mind through him so that he starts thinking “Maybe I should be a little more humble about all this.  And maybe, just to be on the safe side, I should pray to be shown the truth as to whether this is indeed an actual divine experience.”  But John’s ego loves the new sense of power it has.  So the cunning astral-psychic being, who does not want to lose control of him, takes advantage of his continually inflating ego and says, “And you never again have to worry about being humble or being fooled by pseudo-divine experiences perpetrated by the sinister force – you attained perfect humility and spiritual discernment during your embodiment as Saint Alfred.”  Now John’s ego is so puffed up that the assistance pouring to him from the Great Ones is hardly able to penetrate his illusion of self-importance.  As Pearl would say: John is now pretty much a victim of the “light side of the dark side.”


In some people’s emotional worlds the feeling of self-condemnation tends to be stronger than the feeling of self-importance.  For these people, instead of using the “puffing up the ego trick,” the false “Christ” might try to overwhelm them with some form of self-condemnation.  One way the psychic entity might do this is by giving the person a phony “vision” showing them as a gladiator in ancient Rome during a supposed former “embodiment” or some such thing.  Then, this fake “Jesus” indicates some course of action that they must take to supposedly work out the karma from that particular lifetime.  Of course this whole idea not only depresses them, but the prescribed activity gets them into more trouble with other people “with whom they are supposed to be balancing their karma.”


But back to our example.  Now that this discarnate entity is gaining more control over John, what might it do to start causing problems for him?  Usually it begins a gradual process of spiritually weakening the person so that additional astral forces can gain a better hold of them.  This might be done by encouraging him to use hallucinogenic drugs in order to gain "spiritual insights"; or prompting him to eat so little food that he can't think as clearly as before; or prompting him to sleep so little that again he's not thinking very clearly; or causing him to get very anxious and worried about "doing the right thing".  After all you would not want to "disobey Jesus".  As a result, the lack of mental clarity and increased level of anxiety expanding within him makes him ever more “attached” to his phony “sacred” experiences and opens the door of his solar plexus even further to dangerous psychic influences.


Of course, the discarnate human being who is pretending to be Jesus is very pleased with all of this because it is continuing to absorb all the misqualified energies radiating from John and thus growing ever stronger.  This resultant weakening of our life force is precisely why Sai Baba and the Great Ones warn us not to use narcotics (except as prescribed by a physician of course), hallucinogens, ayahuasca or similarly dangerous drugs of abuse.  Sincere spiritual aspirants often do not realize that the so-called “spiritual” or “exploratory” use of hallucinogens like LSD, often open them to different kinds of deception from within the psychic-astral realm.  Ayahuasca is particularly effective at opening people to deceptive lower astral beings.


Of course there are many individuals who are unwilling to make the kind of patient, determined self-effort which is required for actual progress on our spiritual journey to freedom.  These ones are often looking for the “easy way” or some kind of “shortcut.”  And usually it's only after a great deal of pain and suffering that they will awaken to the reality that they have simply been the victim of lower astral-psychic forces.  If we think about it a little bit, we can see the foolishness of supposed “shortcuts” like hallucinogenic drugs.  True mastery comes as a result of overcoming our human weaknesses and selfishness, step by step, through self-discipline and self-effort.  That is what mastery is all about!  Yet drugs promise the same results without the need of improving our thoughts, feelings, or actions; without the necessity of any kind of self-discipline; in fact without making any effort whatsoever to become a better, kinder, more caring and compassionate human being.  If attaining mastery was as easy as all that, then Krishna, Quan Yin, Buddha, Jesus, and Anandamayi Ma, all would have been “drug pushers.”


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