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The following is a continuation of an article about the dangers of "trying to hear" inner voices or "trying to see" inner visions, as well as the dangers of "channeling".  It is an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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The Arisen Master known as the Great Divine Director explains the “power of our attention” in the following manner:


Whatsoever your attention is upon, that you shall become.  Your Attention is a great lens by which you focus your energy and control your being.


In all, is that Power of Attention active at all times – whether consciously or unconsciously.  What you are, what you experience at any given moment, is simply the result of what you have allowed your attention to be focused upon.  If you allow your attention to be attracted by things of the senses, you will live in a world of the senses, a captive; while if you direct your attention to the Light within, you will find freedom and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  You have within you every moment the choice. 2

- from, "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta


But John does not yet understand the enormous power of his “attention.”  So now, in meditation, he is trying to “see” or “hear” something with his inner sight or hearing.  In this process, the ray of his attention extends out from him; moves through the “Wall of White Light” which is surrounding and protecting him; and opens him to the astral-psychic realm.  Unfortunately, as has been explained, this is the realm which is filled with all the misqualified energy, and destructive thought-forms, that we human beings have created and released through our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions of irritation, resentment, anger, hatred, jealousy, and so on.  And, over many centuries, some of these “emotional/thought-forms” have built up into enormously powerful, sinister “thought-forms of mass consciousness,” which in turn direct the horrible activities of the astral realm.  This includes controlling, to a large degree, the cruel discarnate human beings who are temporarily stuck in this unhappy place.  The reason why John can open to this destructive, lower plane of consciousness without realizing it, is simply because he has not yet purified his feeling world of all selfish desires.


As John is trying to “see” with his “inner vision,” and “hear” with his “inner hearing,” an unexpected thing happens.  A beautiful, dazzling “being of light” appears before his “inner sight.”  And to his delight, it looks and feels exactly the way he expects Jesus to look and feel.  But unfortunately, and unknown to him, it is actually a “discarnate entity” who is pretending to be Jesus.  As has been explained, a discarnate entity is simply a human being who has lived a very destructive life and who upon “dying” has temporarily gotten stuck in the treacherous darkness of the psychic-astral realm rather than moving into the higher, heavenly, Etheric Realms of Light, until it is time to reincarnate for his or her next physical embodiment.  These beings are particularly dangerous because being human, they are divinely created, and thus have certain creative spiritual powers which they are now deliberately misusing in the form of “black magic.”  One of these “powers” is the ability to mold the astral substance that surrounds them to take on any shape or appearance they desire.  So it is quite an easy thing for them to look like Jesus, Beloved Mary, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, Sai Baba, or any other Divine Being we might love and trust.  In fact, they often mold themselves to look exactly the way we would subconsciously expect Jesus to look like, rather than the way Jesus would actually look and act.  Thus, it is the “perfect” deception.  Unknown to John, this is what now confronts him.  And of course, in his excitement of having what he thinks is his first “genuine spiritual experience,” he is happy beyond belief!


One may wonder why the real Jesus or Sai Baba allows this sort of deception to take place.  The answer is a simple one – we human beings have ignorantly and inadvertently created the astral realm as a result of our disobedience to the Light whenever we have felt, thought, said, or done things that were less than perfect.  And since humans are the ones who created the destructive thoughts and energies which dwell in this unhappy realm – humanity suffers the consequences.


Therefore, it is helpful to remember Saint Germain’s warning that just because something comes from the inner realms does not necessarily mean it is an authentic divine experience:


Another thing which I feel it would be wise for Me to give you a little reminder upon, is the activity of turning your attention to the inner realms.  Never forget that at the inner realms all things are possible, all things good, all things bad.  Yes dear ones, the inner realms are far more vast than the outer, and sink lower and rise higher.  Therefore, just because you have learned to turn your attention to the inner realms does not mean that you have made contact with the Arisen Masters’ Law of Life or the radiation of the presence of a Master  . . .3 


But John is unaware of just how subtle and clever psychic deceptions can be.  So now this “discarnate being” begins to close the snare.  John is already convinced that this is truly Jesus, but why risk any “doubts” arising in him.  So this fake “Jesus” starts pouring into him a coarse, but powerful energy.  John is practically shaking with the “power” now filling him.  Little does he realize that this apparent “sacred radiation” is nothing more than the discordant energy we human beings have released into the astral realm whenever we were vengeful, angry, selfish, or in some other way misqualifying the transcendent Christ Light continually flowing into us from our I AM Presence.  Since the psychic-astral realm is full of this discordant, but powerful energy, it is an easy matter for this false “Jesus” to channel some of it into John.  And because John does not know the difference between the psychic energies, and the finer frequencies of the Ascended Host that are so high and pure that we are just beginning to learn to feel and attune to them, he is fooled once again.


In a discourse given through Bob via the Letters of Light, Saint Germain explains some of the differences between genuine Ascended Master radiation and activities and those that have historically been known as “spiritualism” such as “seances” or similar psychic or spiritualistic activities.


There is nothing psychic or spiritualistic that takes place from the Arisen Master’s standpoint.  Remember always, the Arisen Masters come from an octave where everything is wholly Pure and Perfect, and coming from that octave of Perfection there is nothing psychic, hypnotic, or spiritualistic about anything they do.  However, in coming into the atmosphere of Earth it is necessary for every Arisen Master to come through the psychic realm.  Now a great percentage of that [psychic realm] has been removed, due to the sincere calls of the [I AM] students in the past few years, but there is still a very great part of the psychic realm left which can act in the world of the individual.  This, the Arisen Master must penetrate, coming through in His own Wall of Protection in order to reach the student with His radiation or His own tangible presence.


Many times individuals are misled, oh so seriously, by the psychic forces because mankind unillumined longs very much to receive the tangible presence of the Masters, if only to satisfy their own curiosity and disbelief; and longing for that, turn their attention many times to the psychic realm, which has nothing whatever to do with the Arisen Masters or the Pure Light of the Christ.  Your repudiation of the powers of the psychic realm can only come about when you turn sincerely to the I AM Presence for then you are enfolded in your own automatic protection, which is established when you call directly to your own I AM Self.


When the Arisen Master comes to the individual, He comes through a Ray of Light similar to, and corresponding with, that same Ray of Light from the Presence which enfolds the individual who is sincere in calling to the Presence.  Thus you will see that there is nothing at all of the psychic or the spiritualistic activity going on . . .


Use, use, use, the motto of the Great White Brotherhood: “TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO DO, AND TO BE SILENT.”  Listen to that motto.  Let it speak in your hearts.  Mold your actions accordingly, and know that no harm can befall you, and you will see that the Light, when understood, without fanaticism and without pressure, always protects its own.  Be the fulfillment of that motto and you will be the fulfillment of the Law. 4


But John has not yet learned to tell the difference between real Arisen Master Radiation and psychic energies.  And of course by this time his zeal and enthusiasm is definitely exceeding his wisdom.


Meanwhile, and unknown to him, the real Ascended Master Jesus, in great compassion, is now pouring into John a certain divine assistance to help protect and illumine him.  But John, who is thrilled with the dazzling, but fake “being of light” who is flooding him with what he thinks is “sacred energy,” is in no mood to learn discernment.  In fact, he is pretty excited – after all, it is not everybody who gets to have “Jesus” come to them!  John’s ego is not only starting to get puffed up, he is also now becoming more and more “attached” to the idea that he is somehow “special, better, or more spiritually advanced” than those that have not had an experience such as this.  The pseudo-Jesus, knowing that “ego attachment” is one of the psychic-astral realm’s greatest weapons, can see that John is becoming more and more ensnared in its web of deceit.  This discarnate entity knows that as John’s “ego attachment” grows stronger, that it will be just about impossible for John to be able to admit to himself that he has been fooled.  And this will be true even when things start going drastically wrong with his life as a result of following false “divine promptings.”  In fact, this ego attachment can become so strong, that even when friends and family start questioning his sanity, or someone like Pearl cautions him that he is being fooled by malevolent astral beings, he will refuse to consider the possibility that this could be the case.


This evil-minded being wants to ensure that John “doesn’t get away” so it begins to further strengthen the illusion by fooling him with a false feeling of peace.  It is not the “peace of GOD, which passeth all understanding,” as is spoken of in the New Testament in Philippians 4:7 (KJV), but rather it is a psychic trick which simulates that serene, transcendent state of consciousness.  The lack of peace, which we human beings experience from time to time, comes about as a result of discordant psychic emotional/thought-forms and vibrations impinging on our feeling worlds.  This is why when we are particularly worried or anxious about something, we often feel as though the “world is closing in on us.”  The fact is that terrible thought-forms of worry and anxiety, which dwell in the atmosphere about us, actually are closing in on us when we are filled with fear and doubt.  On the other hand, when we are filled with the sweetness of selfless devotion, the White Light of the Christ becomes so powerful in our feeling worlds that it literally pushes back these menacing emotional/thought-forms and energies, and we thus experience true peace and serenity.  Understanding this process, it is easy to see how the astral realm can simulate a feeling of divine peace.  All it has to do is to pull back from us the insidious thought-forms of anxiety, and so on, in order to trick us with some other attribute of the psychic realm.  And this of course is exactly what this sinister being does with John.  So now John is feeling a hollow, empty, feeling of “peace,” and thinks that this must be the “peace that passeth understanding.”  Meanwhile, the discarnate entity is continuing to expand the feeling of ego attachment within John by projecting into him thoughts and feelings of how very, very special he is in order to be having this experience.  Combined with the “dazzling being of light,” and the powerful, coarse energy pouring into him, it all is rather convincing.


What else is in this sinister being’s bag of pseudo-spiritual tricks? – the false feeling of love.  We human beings rarely have a clear feeling or understanding of Divine Love.  We tend to equate Divine Love with romantic love.  Divine Love is an expansion and outpouring through us of the Universal Love of the Christ.  It is a feeling so high, pure, and sweet that we are usually unaware of it when it is pouring to us from Sai Baba or our Arisen Sisters and Brothers.  It is completely selfless and impartial as it pours out to everyone and everything.  There is nothing of the “lower fear-based selfish self” in it.  In fact, as we learn to consciously let it flow from our I AM Presence – our Atma – and then out through our hearts to bless the world, we become so filled with the fullness of peace and bliss that we cease to have any “needs.”  This is because Heavenly Love already contains all that we require, and the resulting force-field of Light which begins radiating from us prevents feelings of “lack” or selfishness of any kind from “getting in” to bother us.  So our only desire is to be a greater outpouring of this selfless, sweet, blissful energy to all life everywhere.  Our Ascended Sisters explain that the divine forms of love in human relationships can often be seen when flowing from a parent to a child – especially from a mother to her little ones and from a child to its mother.  And of course there are plenty of other examples of divine love in action in our relationships with one another.  We just need to keep moving more and more in the direction of spiritual purity, kindness, selflessness, and integrity.


Romantic love on the other hand is usually a complicated mixture of divine love and selfish love.  It typically possesses the tender caring, kindness, appreciation, and so on, associated with the higher, selfless forms of love, and yet it is also intertwined with a whole host of seeming “needs” and emotional cravings including possessiveness and perhaps the desire to “control”, etc.  Fortunately, the Great Ones assure us that we can gradually turn our relationships with our sweethearts into ones of selfless, sweet, divine love, rather than the lesser variety.  Like anything else it just takes practice and patience.  Pearl always stressed that the more we master and overcome our selfish habits and desires, and replace them with kind, selfless, thoughts, feelings and activities, the more we naturally become an outpouring of the pure Love of the Christ Consciousness, which is the same towards everyone everywhere.  And likewise, the more we learn to relax “inside” and allow GOD’s love to flow through us in natural, happy ways, the more we will gradually experience the sweet happy feeling it brings.  Sai Baba summarizes the difference between Divine Love, and the false pseudo-love of the ego, by saying:


“Love lives by giving and forgiving,

ego lives by getting and forgetting.”


Thus, because most romantic relationships contain a great deal of the selfish emotional form of “love,” we end up misqualifying a lot of the pure Light flowing into us from our I AM Presence.  The misqualified energy radiating from us during this process has to go somewhere, and since it has nowhere else to go, it becomes a part of the astral-psychic realm.  Because many of these lower emotions are the very ones we tend to equate with love, it is a simple matter for a discarnate entity to pour some of this human emotional “love” energy directly into us, in order to fool us with a false, feeling of love.  And this is exactly what the phony “Jesus” now does for John.  And as John’s feeling world is becoming filled with this counterfeit form of “love,” he is so “touched” that he starts sobbing.  Of course as John becomes more emotional, he unknowingly is further opening his solar plexus – the human body’s door to the astral realm – to more of its dangerous energies and emotional/thought-forms.


So John is now seeing the “dazzling being of light,” and feeling a tangible energy or “power” pouring into him.  He is also experiencing the empty, fake feeling of “peace,” and sobbing with pleasure because of the false emotional “love” pouring into him.  All in all, from John’s unenlightened point of view, he is convinced that this is a marvelous sacred experience.  Meanwhile the sinister being is becoming ever more powerful because John is literally pouring his own divine life-force into this discarnate entity simply by having his “ray of attention” on him!  This energy is what the entity feeds on, because it is being misqualified with egotistical feelings, desires, and thoughts.  It is also this same energy this malevolent entity will use in order to create more false visions and other psychic phenomena to fool John and others in the future.


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