How to Create Your Own Affirmations,

Decrees, and Calls


(Affirmations Part 5)


The following is an excerpt on this subject from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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The Difference Between an “Affirmation”, “Decree", and a "Call.”


In an “affirmation” we are usually “affirming” some divine quality or desired result for ourselves.  For example: "I AM GOD's peace filling me and my world."  In a “decree,” we are generally “decreeing” for perfection of some kind to come forth for other individuals, or for some situation, or for the world in general.  For example: "Beloved Infinite I AM, bring forth peace in the Middle East."  In a "Call" we are usually "calling" for some beneficial thing to happen to us.  Example:  "I AM the Presence of GOD's love bringing abundance into my life."


There are basically three parts to every affirmation, decree, or call:


1. The first part, which is the “invocation,” invokes the power and authority of our Higher Self, our I AM Presence.


2. The second part is the “desired result,” in other words that which we want the affirmation or “call” to accomplish.  This might be calling for world peace, perfect health, masterful humility, and so on.


3. And the last part is when we ask one or more of the Arisen Host to amplify the affirmations or “call” we have just made.


An Example of a Typical Affirmation:


"I AM the Presence of GOD filling me with peace and happiness.  And I AM the Presence of Jesus amplifying this call."


The “invocation” in the above example is: “I AM the Presence of GOD”.


The “desired result” is: “filling me with peace and happiness”.


And of course the phrase: “And I AM the Presence of Jesus amplifying this call,” is the part where we call to one of the Arisen Host to amplify the call for us.


As one can see, even though there is a basic format for an affirmation, we still have an infinite number of options available to us when creating an “affirmation,” decree,” or “call.”  In short, we can choose whatever words and phrases feel right in our hearts for invoking the power of our I AM Presence and for accomplishing the desired result.  At the same time we want to be sure that we are affirming only something that is constructive and pure; and which will not hurt anyone, or interfere with their free will.


Below are some examples on how to choose appropriate wordings for an affirmation or decree.


Examples of useful “invocations:”


I AM the Presence of GOD . . .


Mighty I AM Presence . . .


Beloved I AM Presence . . .


I AM . . .


Examples of desirable results:


. . . expanding peace throughout the world.  (a decree)


. . . bringing forth divine justice in all situations.  (a decree)


. . . making me masterfully sensitive to the promptings of my I AM Presence and the Ascended Host.  (an affirmation)


. . . pouring love (light, peace, joy, healing energy, forgiveness, hope, etc.) into this situation.  (a decree)


. . . providing for my every divine need.  (an affirmation)


An example of how to ask one of the Ascended Ones to amplify the call for us:


I AM the Presence of Saint Germain (Quan Yin, Jesus, Mary, or whomever) amplifying this call.


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