The Council of Nicaea


How Did the Erroneous Idea that "Jesus & GOD Are the Same Being", Become So Widely Accepted?


One of the things that Jesus made perfectly clear through his teachings, his prayers and his life, was that he was a Child of GOD - just like the rest of us.  But Jesus' own words were later discarded and contradicted

by the First Council of Nicaea which was convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.  Basically Constantine and the top Bishops didn't really understand Jesus' true nature.  Plus, they were worried that there were so many varieties of Christianity floating around at the time, that people were going to be confused, and their "authorized church" wouldn't be able to govern the situation.  So, in order for them to be able to guide the rapidly expanding early Christian movement, and eliminate competing doctrines to their own, they felt that it was necessary to declare that Jesus, GOD & the Holy Spirit to all somehow be the same thing.  In other words that Jesus was GOD.  They called it the "Holy Trinity".  The ironic thing was that in one sense this was true, but not in the sense that they were promoting.  Our Ascended Sisters and Brothers explain that there really is such a thing as the Holy Trinity, but it is part of the Triune Aspect of GOD, rather than having any thing to do with a particular human being - no matter how spiritually advanced that being might be.


Plus, even though Jesus was a human being just like us, (although of course, much more spiritually advanced than the rest of us), through sincere spiritual practice he actually gradually did become "One in Consciousness" with GOD: ("Jesus One With GOD").  Plus, he's now an Ascended Master and all Ascended Masters are completely “One in Consciousness" with GOD.  At any rate, the Council of Nicaea's erroneous version of Jesus' Divine Nature was included in an official issuance of Church doctrine called the "Nicene Creed", and from that day forward, anyone who was a part of the Roman Catholic Church was required to accept and believe in it.  But, since it didn't really make any sense to say that GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were the same thing, (because Jesus in his ministry constantly taught otherwise, plus he often prayed to GOD), people often questioned the doctrine.  So in order to defend their ecclesiastical pronouncement, the Council said that it was such an advanced and inherently mysterious spiritual concept that the average person could never understand it.  Thus, it was better to just accept it on faith.  In order to better achieve this goal, they referred to this concept of the "Holy Trinity" as one of the "mysteries" of the faith that did not need to be understood, but just needed to be believed.


It's Best to Believe Jesus' Words, Rather than Erroneous Church "Authorities"


So, as in all things like this, it is better to take Jesus' word on these things, rather than the Council of Nicaea, who despite their sincerity, were using an inaccurate concept in order to prevent confusion in the diverse and rapidly expanding early Christian movement.


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