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In order for me to further improve this website and make it more helpful to you and others, please let me know what you think about it as well as any ideas you might have to improve it.  Please respond using the English language, but don't worry about grammar or spelling - I'll figure it out.


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• And if you feel comfortable with it, please share whether you are male or female. Oftentimes, women and men see things from different spiritual perspectives and it is helpful to us to better understand those wonderful insights and perspectives so we can write more effectively.




"Hi, I am a middle aged man from Korea who's particularly interested in the similarity between Buddha's, Jesus', and Krishna's teachings . . ."




"Hi, I'm a fourteen year old Catholic girl from Belfast, Ireland where we've had a history of religious conflict . . . "




"Hi, I'm a grandmother from Botswana, Africa and I'm interested in . . ."




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• How did you hear about us?  This would really be helpful for me to know!


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We only include articles written by Doug or Bill Gaum, or my friend, Cheryl.  We don't publish third party articles, so no submissions, please.

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Naturally this information, including your e-mail address, is just to help us improve the website and will be treated as confidential.  I promise not to share it with anyone else, including any other website or any businesses.  I will read your e-mail and carefully consider what you have share.  I apologize that I may not always be able to use all of the ideas and suggestions you may share, however insightful they may be.  But, rest assured that all good ideas will, at the very least, help me to see what is possible in the years ahead, and may in some way help me to shape the website’s future. So, thank you very much for all your help


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