What is Compassion?


Compassion is simply caring about other people's suffering.  It's that simple.  In its deepest form, it's almost as though we are feeling their suffering too, just by seeing them going through it.


So compassion is one of our most divine qualities. It is one that brings us very close to our Mother-Father GOD's own heart. And in the end, when we become Masters and Lady Masters, we will be perfect outpourings of our Mother-Father GOD's compassion towards all humanity.


In fact, there is a great Ascended Lady Master  known as, "Quan Yin (also "Guan Yin" or "Kuan Yin") - the Goddess of Mercy", who is a cosmic outpouring of compassion to our planet and its humanity.  In Asia, in the Buddhist traditions, Guan Yin is known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion or "The one who hears the cries of humanity".


 ‚ÄčThis is a statue of Quan Yin in the SouthChina Sea.  It is similar in size to theStatue of Liberty and show's the Chinesepeople's deep devotion to Quan Yin. 

Becoming More Compassionate


So, how do we increase that "inner radar" that tunes into the suffering, needs, cares and hopes of others and knows how to kindly and diplomatically "bridge" to that person so we can help them, without them feeling that we are being "superior" to them?


Spiritual Empathy


Spiritual empathy is simply becoming more caring and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.   It is one of the most blessed things we can do. All of the great master teachers had a deep form of spiritual empathy for all life.  Whether it was the Buddha, Jesus, Blessed Mary, Krishna, or the great saints and sages, their hearts went out to those who were suffering around them.  One of the most important things we can do for our own spiritual growth and for the blessing of humanity is to become ever more sensitive to the spiritual needs and feelings of those around us. And with deep joy and compassion help them in whatever ways feel right.


Using Affirmations to Become More Compassionate


One of the best ways that we can increase divine qualities within us is by using affirmations.   Affirmations are just a simple easy way to intune to our own divine creative powers.




A crucial part of our personal spiritual growth and service to humanity depends on us becoming ever more caring, compassionate and spiritually sensitive to the needs of others.


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May Your Life Be Filled With the Bliss of Loving Kindness and May You Spread It Far and Wide!!!


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