Two Inspiring Poems


by Christian Larson


From his book: "On the Heights"


*     *     *


Walking with God


My God, my Father, I am Thine;

Thy heavenly riches all are mine;

Thy spirit reigns within my heart,

From thee my soul can not depart.


Wher’er I go, I walk with Thee,

Upon my path,

Thou leadest me;

In all my ways Thou art my guide.

For Thou art ever at my side.


I live in Thee, and think Thy thought,

In every deed Thy power is sought,

I consecrate my life to Thee,

And all is ever well with me.



*     *     *


Onward, Souls Eternal


Onward, Souls Eternal,

Rise and walk with God;

Come and tread the pathway

That the saints have trod;

Ever upward, onward,

Soar to heights sublime.

Live on spirit’s mountain

All the days of time.


Onward, souls eternal,

Rise in spirit’s might.

Rise to realms supernal.

Realms of endless light;

Live the life of spirit,

Perfect life divine.

Live where God’s great glory

Evermore shall shine.


Onward, souls eternal

Sons of God to be;

Rise to endless glory,

Power and majesty.