Christian Larson's 12 Spiritual Insights


From the book, "On the Heights"

Written by Christian Larson


Christian Larson begins his book by giving us a feeling for what we will experience as we enter the Higher Realms.  Then in a beautiful, touching, heartfelt and yet practical way, he gives us 12 wonderful spiritual insights to aid us into awakening into a very high spiritual consciousness.


Here are his words:


“When we transcend the world of things and begin to live on the borderland of the splendor and immensity of the cosmic world, we discover that the vision of the soul was true.  Those lofty realms that we have dreamed of so often and so long are dreams no more; we find those realms to be real, the prophetic visions of our sublime moments are fulfilled, and our joy is great beyond measure.


The soul no longer dwells in the limitations of personal form, but is awakened to the glory and magnificence of its own divine existence.  The mind is illumined by the light of the eternal sun, and the body becomes the consecrated temple of the spirit.  The ills of life take flight, the imperfect passes away, and we find ourselves in a new heaven and a new earth.


Beautiful beyond description is the new life we have now begun to live; every moment is an eternity of bliss, and to live – simply to live – that is sufficient.  We can ask for nothing more; we have received everything that the heart can wish for; we are in that higher world where every prayer is answered, where every desire is granted, where every need is abundantly supplied; we are ON THE HEIGHTS, where God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” 1


And then Christian Larson also gives us those 12 wonderful guidelines to help us gradually attain this happy  transcendent consciousness in solid practical ways.


Here is the course of action he suggests in his own words:


Steps To The Heights


"When we proceed to ascend to the mountain tops of the spirit, we find a number of steps leading to those sublime heights, and if we follow those steps as they appear in succession upon the rising pathway of life, we shall surely reach our lofty goal. But we must observe that the steps are many, that they are all necessary parts of the path, and that each step must be taken as it appears before us whether it appears in the same manner to-day as yesterday, or not. All of those steps are met many times on the upward path; sometimes they appear in one order, sometimes in another, because there must be no monotony in the ascending life, and all the elements of the soul must be unfolded in actual expression.


1. Give your best to the world, and give in greater and greater abundance, regardless of what the world may give to you. This giving will awaken the soul, because everything that is to be given must come from the soul, and the more the soul is called upon to come forth with its precious treasures, the more will the soul live in the unfoldment of the richness of its divine life. The soul that gives much becomes much; it gives expression to much, and through this expression unfolds every element of divine being. The beauty of the spiritual life comes forth, the soul is awakened, and it is only the awakened soul that can ascend to the heights. But this giving must come from the heart; it must be the giving of love, for love gives because it loves to give, and for no other reason whatever.


2. Live in the world of the good, the true and the beautiful, and think on these things. Whatever is lovely, beautiful, perfect, lofty and sublime, let the mind dwell with these things, and let the mind choose such alone for its ceaseless companions. The mind becomes like its constant companions, and it is only the mind that is true and good and beautiful that can ascend to the heights. The mind that would ascend to the heights must “think beautiful thoughts and send them adrift on eternity’s boundless sea”, and must surround itself completely with a mighty host of angels—good thoughts, created in the image and likeness of Infinite thought. The ascending soul thinks God’s thoughts after Him, and it is upon the wings of such thoughts that the soul is carried to the shining glory of the cosmic realm.


3. Know that you are a spiritual being, and that you live and move and have your being in an infinite sea of pure celestial spirit. Know that you are surrounded, here and now, by the radiant elements of the cosmic world, and in that sublime realization, live, think and act eternally. To give constant recognition to the spirit in which you live is to place the elements of your life in closer and closer touch with the spirit. Thus your body, mind and soul will be spiritualized more and more, the material elements of your being will be removed from your senses and your visions, and your eyes will be opened to the splendor of “another and a better world.”


4. Live in the constant recognition of the great truth that God is with you, that He is nearer than your very life, because He is the very Life of your life. Keep this thought before the mind always and draw so near to His nearness that you can feel the glory of His divine presence. This will awaken your own spiritual nature which means that you will begin to live with God and walk with God; and those who are walking with God are 'On the Heights' because God is always on the Heights.


5. Keep the eye single upon the Light of the Great Eternal Sun, and open your mind to the endless influx of that Light. Thus you become full of the light, you will actually live in a sea of light, and to live in the light is to be on the heights. When the mind is illumined with light from above, all the elements of mind and soul will turn towards that light as the flower turns her smiling face towards the light of the sun; and when the soul turns towards the Infinite light, it will begin to ascend, drawing nearer and nearer to that light. In like manner, all the elements of human life will begin to look up, and that which is looking up will rise. Body, mind and soul will begin to ascend, and, in harmony, will shortly reach the lofty goal.


6. Live in the spiritual understanding of the truth. Open the mind to the truth as it is in all things, and know that every creature in the universe manifests truth in its own individual measure. Recognize the truth as the source of all orderly expression, and live perpetually in that consciousness that discerns the reality of absolute truth—the truth as it is in the Mind of God. Thus will your own mind find its true state of being, its true relation to God, to man, to all that is; the mind will be true to itself, it will be truth in itself, it will know that it is, within the reality of itself, the divine perfection of truth. This truth will make the mind free, and when the mind is free the soul ascends to the heights. To know the truth is to live on the heights where all things are created in the beautiful likeness of the Infinite.


7. Dwell eternally in the highest spiritual touch with the divinity that is in every living creature. Live only with the divine, think only of the divine, look only for the divine, and know that the divine is everywhere. On the heights everything is divinity in expression, and only those can ascend to the heights that recognize the divine that lives in every form of expression. To consciously recognize the divine in all things, and live in spiritual touch with the divine everywhere, the mind must live in that atitude where boundless love is wedded to that realization that knows the spiritual nature of all things.

Think of all things as they are in the perfection of divine spirit, and in that thought love all things with the infinite tenderness of boundless love.


8. Merge yourself with the universal. Come out from the cramped world of limitation and enter the freedom of the limitless. There are no limitations on the heights; we must therefore eliminate every thought of limitation before we can ascend to the heights. The mountain tops of the spirit are in the sublime world of the boundless, where the soul is free to stretch forth its wings and soar wherever it will. There is nothing in the way; everything is free to be all that it is, and in being all, it unfolds the universal, the limitless, the endless, thus living what it is—the likeness of God.


9. Live by that faith that is ever on the verge of the great beyond—the infinite sea of unbounded life; the faith that knows that the unseen is real, that the seeming void is solid rock, that the great beyond is a more marvelous universe inseparably united with that which seems real now. This faith knows that all is real, that God is everywhere, that the soul may press on into the vastness of limitless worlds and still be ever in the presence of the Most High. This faith removes the veil that seems to separate the world of sense from the universal sea of spirit; it reveals to the mind the great truth that all worlds, visible and invisible, are one world, and in this one world may be found the many mansions of the soul. is faith takes the soul out of the material into the spiritual and when the soul awakens to the spiritual it begins to ascend to the heights.


10. Dwell constantly in a high spiritual touch with the master minds of the ages. Feel that you are one with these in the spirit and that by virtue of that oneness, the secret of their sublime existence is also being revealed to you. Nourish the mind constantly with the inspired thoughts of these great souls, thus preparing the mind to realize and express in real life, the same oneness that already exists in spirit. Live, in spirit, with the Christ, and the true spiritual followers of the Christ, in whatever times or places these may be found. Let these be the constant companions of the soul, for they constitute the great white throng that is living on the heights. Whether they be in the form or not, if they are in the spirit they are on the heights, and to live in spiritual touch with such exalted souls is to ascend to the heights.


11. Pray without ceasing, and pray with all the power of heart and soul, that you may ascend into God’s own beautiful world. Ceaselessly desire the highest, and inspire every thought with the soul of this desire. The action of every desire, whether of the body, mind or soul, should be animated with a strong ascending life. The whole of life should be made a prayer—a beautiful prayer of faith—a prayer for the spiritual life on high. And whatsoever we desire, pray for, or ask for, we should ask it in the name of the Christ; not simply in the verbal expression of that name, but in the spiritual understanding of that name. To enter the spiritual understanding of the name of the Christ when we pray is to enter into that spiritual world where everything that we may pray for is already at hand for us to receive. Whatsoever ye pray or ask for, believe that ye have received it and ye shall have it. It has already been given; it is already at hand in the kingdom waiting for us to come and take possession; and I AM the door; we may enter the kingdom and receive our own providing we enter in the name of the Christ, in the pure spiritual conception of the divine significance of that name.


12. "Thy will be done." To place the whole of life in the power of Infinite Will, is to go with this will, and the Will of God always wills to go to the highest. The Infinite Will is ever ascending, therefore when we choose to accept this Will as our will, we shall also ascend. When we will to do what God wills, we shall go and live in His own beautiful world, because that is His Will. It is His Will that all should enter His Kingdom now, and His Kingdom is ON THE HEIGHTS."