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New Age Albums:


Rosie Lovejoy's Albums:

The following two albums are really sweet and kids will love them!


Album: I Claim a Miracle, by Rosie Lovejoy/Charley Thweatt


Album: Wings to My Heart/Songs for Kids, by Rosie Lovejoy/Charley Thweatt


"For a Child's Heart"

The following album is one of the sweetest children's spiritual songs albums ever recorded.  It takes a universal devotional approach that is perfect for all children from all spiritual paths:


Album: For A Child's Heart, sung by Timmaris McDowell & Diane Bardwell


The only place I've been able to find the above album is from the following website:


Kira Willey's Albums & Songs:


Kira Willey has a sweet gift for composing, happy "dance-able" songs for children about nature, life & happiness.  They simply exude kindness and goodness.   Each of her songs come in two versions.  The first version has the music with Kira singing the cheerful lyrics, while the second version has the same song and words playing softly in the background while she gives the yoga instruction appropriate for that particular song.  She also has a wonderful YouTube Channel with lots of videos for kids in including some from her 12-part series PBS Television Show, "Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids".  She's like an angel!  Here are two of her albums followed by some of my favorite songs of hers:





Album: Kings & Queens of the Forest, by Kira Willey











Album: How to Be a Cloud, by Kira Willey








Some of My Favorite Kira Willey Songs:


Namaste Song

Just Be

The Mixing Bowl

Underneath the Rainbow

Kings & Queens of the Forest

Dancing With My Daddy

Surfer Mama

When You Get Bigger

Roller Coaster

Gotta Lotta Happy

Let the Sun Shine In


My Favorite Day


How to Be a Cloud

I Will Be Here

Great Big Starry Sky

Kindness Mantra


Christian Albums for Children:


The "Praise Baby Collection":


The following 3 albums were originally recorded to sooth babies and toddlers, but they are wonderful songs for all ages, including adults!




Album: Praise Baby Collection: God of Wonders


Album: Praise Baby Collection: Born to Worship


Album: Praise Baby Collection: Praises & Smiles


Misc Christian Songs for Children:


A Gift to You, sung by Melany Evans

Better Is One Day, from "My First Praise CD - Praise Him Praise Him"

Breathe, from "Kid Hitz - 15 Top Christian Songs Performed by Kids"

Look from Heaven, sung by Hillsong Kids   * * *

Let Your Light Shine, sung by Hillsong Kids

Michael, Row the Boat Ashore, sung by Cedarmont Kids   * * *

Super Strong God, sung by Hillsong Kids

Superhero, sung by Hillsong Kids

This Little Light of Mine, sung by The Wonder Kids

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace), sung by Cedarmont Kids

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace), sung by Mark Imboden & Tammy



Misc Children's Songs from Various Spiritual Paths:


I Am the Earth, composed by Glyn Lehmann

Kumbaya, sung by ICE (The Island Choral Experience) & Friends


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