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The purpose of this section is to help young parents, grandparents and friends to effortlessly find fun, safe, entertaining, uplifting, inspiring books for their children.  As usual we emphasize quality, rather than quantity, but more will be added as we find them. Eventually we expect this section to become quite huge.  We do not sell any books through this website, because we try to have as little to do with money as possible.  So please just purchase the books from your favorite bookstore or online. The books are separated into various categories and the appropriate age range for each book is given after each book's title.



Children's Books Categories:


Kindness Books

(Books that encourage children to be kind.)


Books with a Spiritual Message


Inspiring Stories


Nature Appreciation Books


Separation Anxiety Books

(Books that help small children feel safe

when they can't be with Mom or Dad.)


Learning to Be Responsible Books


Developing Self-Confidence Books


Nurturing Family Fun & Affection


Anti-Bullying Books


Miscellaneous Children's Books


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