Angels & Nature Spirits:


Divine Roles They Have In Our World


by Cheryl


Sprites, Fae, Elven and Wee Folk work very hard at keeping all living things alive.  Each one of them have a specific role in the Divine, “Big Plan”.  GOD, as well as the Spiritual Masters, (or whatever names you prefer to use for them), over see our world.  Then come the Angels who are divided into categories with ranks amongst them.  Each have specific duties - tasks they perform daily.  Some Angels take care of humans and over see their needs.  Now sometimes they can only observe and not intervene, because it is not meant to be.  It is not in the Divine Plan, nor GOD’s wishes.  So, they observe.  Sometimes however, they do intervene, and provide assistance to the humans, Fae, Elven, and Wee Folk by providing loving guidance.  For example, if someone is dying and is scared and fearful of passing on, the Angel will provide insight, loving kindness, empathy, and compassion while giving calmness and understanding to that person to help comfort them in their time of need.


Other Angels work closely with the Fae, Elven and Wee Folk and oversee the duties and tasks that these Celestial Beings of the forest, water worlds, deserts and so on are undertaking.  The Angels make sure the wise Wee Folk Elders are also doing a diligent job in raising the young’uns.  The Angels and Wee Folk Elders love to please GOD and the Ascended Masters by doing their jobs, duties and tasks properly, and the same goes for each Fae, Elven, and Wee Folk.  Each one has a purpose and they are to fulfill it with utmost care and precision.


The natural course of our world revolves around evolution as nature unfolds through time.  For example, Angels, and the Wee Folk do not have much control over earthquakes and hurricanes.   They cannot change evolution.  It is part of the natural course of events on this planet for the time being.  In fact, one of the biggest challenges to the benevolent work of the Angels and Wee Folk is all the dark, destructive emotional energies released by human beings who are expressing violent, self-destructive emotions like hate and anger.  This negative emotional energy remains in the subtle energy fields of the earth for a long time and hinders the expression of the Divine Plan for Nature.  Plus, toxic chemicals, nuclear waste and other forms of humanly created pollution interfere with the healthy growth of plants and animals and the natural expression of the Divine Plan.  We humans have to change this dreadful state of affairs.  The Angels, Fae, Elven, and Wee Folk are trying their best to educate us, but a lot of humans don’t want any help.  They are naïve and egotistic in their lower vibrational state of consciousness.  They are letting the self-destructive, dark, negative vibrations take over their lives and rule them.  They need to see the “Light”, embrace loving kindness, and let all that is good shine through them so they can help themselves and all other living things on this planet.  They need to embrace life in all the infinite good, positive, happy ways so they can gradually become Enlightened, become aware of the Higher Realms and most importantly help to protect our beautiful planet we call home: Earth.


So, the Angels' duties and tasks are to help the humans, Fae, Elven, Wee Folk and all living creatures of this world to lovingly work together to fulfill GOD's Divine Plan.  In an almost infinite variety of ways the Angels and Wee Folk work to improve our world, nurture all living creatures and help everything to grow and flourish in the natural and healthy way that it is meant to be.


There are other ways that the various Fae, Elven, and Wee Folk also  take care of all aspects of this world.  For example some take care of balancing the Etheric Energy currents within the mountains, the rocks, crystals, coal, diamonds, rubies and so on.  Other Elves, and Fairies take care of the forests as they help to nurture the seeds so they grow into healthy seedlings and eventually grow into huge trees.  Still others take care of the water and all the living creatures that live in the water, such as the fish, water lilies, and other under sea creatures and plants.  In summary, the Angels, Fae, Elves, and Wee Folk tend to the growth of each living thing to the best of their abilities.  Even in the dry, hot deserts there are creatures that survive and need a helping hand.


Sometimes nature takes over if there is a volcanic eruption, floods or something similar.  The Fae, Elves and Wee Folk can’t control that, but they can help clean up afterwards, and fix what they can in the forests, or oceans, and deserts.  The Angels of course come and help them - overseeing to make sure they are not overburdened - especially when there is a natural disaster.  They provide a helping hand and guidance as needed.  So, one can see that all these wonderful Diving Beings, great and small, lovingly work together as a community effort to help everything to grow and thrive.  We need to help them succeed in their Divine Mission by being kind and loving in everything we think, feel, say and do, and in treating our natural environment with the loving care that GOD intended us to do.


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